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What is Carisoprodol? Can I Buy Soma Online ?

order soma online credit card ukBefore you make a decision and buy soma online, you must know that Pain O Soma, also identified by the trademark name Carisoprodol, is a prescription skeletal muscle relaxant.

It is mostly prescribed to alleviate pain generated by muscle injuries like tensions and injuries. This prescription appears in tablet form and is taken orally, often several times a day, when handling a wound.

This medicine is mostly coupled with physical treatment and other therapies for treating muscle pain.

How to Administer Pain O Soma?

SOMA (carisoprodol) Pills are available as pain o soma 350 mg and 500 mg large, white pills. This pill is a white, crystalline particle possessing a light, characteristic smell, and a sharp taste.

It is lightly dissolvable in water; freely soluble in alcohol, chloroform, and acetone; its solubility is virtually free of pH. Pain-o-soma is known as a racemic compound. Generally, Pain O Soma has to be administered orally.


SOMA is utilized for the alleviation of distress connected with severe, sharp musculoskeletal ailments in adults.

Limitation Of Use

Pain o soma should be utilized for short periods, mostly up to two or three weeks, because sufficient proof of effectiveness for extended use has not been authenticated. As acute, painful musculoskeletal conditions are generally of short term.

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How does Carisoprodol Work?

soma for sale overnight usaCarisoprodol is adopted for the short-term to handle muscle pain and distress. It is mostly utilized simultaneously with rest, physical treatment, and other therapies. It operates by assisting to relax the muscles.

Its definite mechanism of operation is unexplained. It may work by fixing information between nerves in parts of the brain that manage pain and the spinal cord. The FDA authorized pain o soma in April 1959.

Dosages of Soma During Pain

Pain-o-soma is found in tablet form and is consumed three times a day and at night during bedtime, with or without meals. It is advised that pain-o-soma should be taken for a culmination of 2 to 3 weeks.

Carisoprodol Genetic Information

CYP2C19 is a protein in the blood liable for breaking down pain o soma and other medications in the body. Some sufferers have less of this protein in their bodies, affecting how much of the drug gets reduced. Levels of CYP2C19 can fluctuate significantly within people, and the ones possessing less of this protein are perceived as “poor metabolizers.”

CYP2C19 examination is done to discover whether you are a poor metabolizer. If you are a poor metabolizer, the levels of pain o soma in your blood can grow too much. As a consequence, you may be in enhanced danger of holding more major side effects from carisoprodol.

Your doctor may settle your dose of carisoprodol in case you are a poor metabolizer.

 Is it safe to buy Soma Online ?

Soma is the perfect remedy if one is aching from sore muscle dilemmas or similar injuries. Soma is a carbamate that occurs to be a small grouping of medications generally applied to treat pain.

Although soma effectively treats pain like other opiates, they do not have serious adverse effects. The principal side-effect is drowsiness, which may include anything from moderate to severe.

Where to Find Soma For Sale?

You should find a reliable source of Soma for Sale as there are many options available online.

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On 1 June 1959, many American pharmacologists gathered at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, to present a new medication.

The medication, formerly believed to have antibiotic qualities, was determined to have fundamental muscle-relaxing qualities. It had been produced by Frank Berger in Wallace Laboratories and was called carisoprodol.

Carisoprodol was an alteration of meprobamate, which was thought to have better muscle relaxing qualities.

Keep these points in mind if your physician directs pain o soma for you.


  • Use this medicine at the time(s) prescribed by your doctor.
  • You can use soma with or without food. Using it with diet may assist in reducing upset stomach.
  • You can cut or smash the pill.


  • Store pain o soma at room temperature within 20°C and 25°C.
  • Store this medication away from light.
  • Don’t stock this medication in humid or damp areas, such as bathrooms or washrooms.
  • Store this pill in a tightly sealed vessel.


A formula for this medication is refillable. You should not require a unique direction for this medication to be refilled. Your doctor will record the number of refills approved on your medicine.


 If traveling with your prescription:

  • Regularly carry your prescription with you. While flying, never place it into a checked bag. Could you keep it in your carry-on bag?
  • You may require to reveal to the airport staff the store label for your prescription. Regularly carry the original prescription-labeled case with yourself.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How did Soma Originate

Soma was originally developed to treat anxiety and hit the market within the 1950s. In 1957, over 36 million prescriptions for Soma was written; it had been the highest selling minor tranquilizer that would allegedly make menopause and pregnancy a “happier experience.”

Is Soma a muscle relaxant?

No, a real relaxant specifically targets the striated muscle fibers or nerves that control the muscle. Carisoprodol may be a blanket sedative that affects the whole central systema nervosum. consider it as a “mental relaxer,” not a relaxant.

Does Soma relieve pain?

Taking into account that carisoprodol was developed to manage anxiety; then yes, carisoprodol can help to alleviate pain. Anxiety, fear, and stress are the most important amplifiers of pain severity. Relieving anxiety, fear and stress can most certainly help to alleviate pain too.

Can Soma Be Brought Online?

Yes, Soma can be brought online through trusted pharmacy stores.

At What Temperature can Soma Be Stored?

It can be stored within 20°C and 25°C. - - - - - - -