Editorial Policy


Painosoma endeavours to prioritize the medical and editorial integrity of the website's content. In doing so, the Company has set up strict standards regarding how content is created, how the content is reviewed, how brand partners are evaluated, and the language of the content.

Editorial Process

Painosoma's editorial and medical teams are committed to creating quality content and experiences by upholding the highest journalistic standards. The Company strives to provide honest, unbiased, comprehensive, timely guidance and actionable next steps.

Medical Review

Painosoma's clinical and drug content is reviewed and fact-checked by professional journalists or a team of medical professionals to ensure accuracy. Painosoma.com medical team covers various medical specialities, with extensive experience in clinical research, practice, and patient advocacy.

Assessment of Authors

Painosoma carefully assess all potential mental health and wellness writers. The Company sets its content creators for subject matter expertise and relevant life experience. Painosoma also undertake to train such Writers on research and sourcing best practices, and the Company provides regular feedback and ongoing coaching to its Author


5.1. Painosoma has strict sourcing guidelines, and its Writers rely upon academic research institutions, peer-reviewed studies, medical associations, and government agencies. Every encounter is made to ensure that the content on the Company's website, i.e., Painosoma.com (hereinafter "Site"), is properly referenced and all relevant sources are cited in accordance with best academic and research practices. 5.2. Every article is thoroughly researched, and sources are vetted to ensure they are recent, authoritative, and objective. Primary sources, including studies, scientific references, and statistics, are linked within each article or can be found in the reference section at the bottom of the articles.

Update Policy

6.1. As new research emerges with the time, the Company aims to monitor and update its Content to ensure that the information available on the Site is medically up to date, compassionate, and inclusive. 6.2. To achieve the objectives mentioned above, Painosoma editorial board and experts focus on identifying and updating inaccurate, outdated, or unclear information. 6.3. Painosoma editorial board is composed of several clinicians working in the mental health space who endeavour to ensure that the Content is new and based upon emerging and contemporary research. 6.4. Painosoma endeavours to keep tabs on changes in standards of new clinical guidelines, care, drug approvals or recalls, and major practice recommendations to ensure that the Content on the Site is the most accurate, latest, and most useful information. 6.5. Painosoma took various steps to ensure the content's currentness, integrity, and relevance of the content are detailed below: 6.5.1. Each piece of Content is given a 'published on' date when it is originally written and published on the Site. 6.5.2. Every Content is portrayed with the name of the Author and the medical expert who has reviewed such Content.

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