Businesses provide a shipping policy to identify the transfer of the goods from the shipper’s premises to the receiver’s address to understand their medicine’s status.

The means of transport may include a truck, a combination of truck and train or airway, which depends upon the hours of duration as per the geographical distance.

Keep reading the below information to know more about the generic shipping policies of

Pain O Soma Shipping Options Available:

Many of the websites provide multiple shipment options from standard to international delivery. However, the prices may differ based on the options selected. We do offer US-US delivered medicine.

Here is the definitive guide of generic options available:

  • Standard Option – You can expect the delivery of your medication within 48 hours after the shipment confirmation.
  • Domestic Option – You may expect the delivery within 3-4 days after the order is out for shipment.
  • International Option – You may expect the delivery within 7 – 14 business days after the order has shipped.

Other Information / Option

Overnight Shipping Option : When you place the order at 10 pm, you may receive the delivery the next day before noon. You can avail of this option in case of emergency or save your time.

Note: The shipment method also depends upon the days working.

  • Business days
  • Non – Business days


It is advisable to refer to the website to get to know the company’s shipment policy. A few of them follow the business days’ cycle, and some may follow non – business days’ process, which includes holidays: Saturday and Sunday.

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handling time

Handling Time

Handling time indicates the time between the order placed and the time for the arrival of your order.

For instance: if a person places an order of his medication around 9 pm using the overnight shipping option and expects to get the delivery the next day in the morning, this can lead to misassumption as you would ship the product by same day in the night.

The medicines will be out for shipment once the customer has successfully made the payment overnight.

To get the live update about your medicines, you can access the information using a unique tracking identification number.

Pain O Soma Shipping Restrictions

Shipping restrictions are nothing but limitations in the company’s shipping mechanism and policy; it is advisable to inform your customers to avoid delays.

It is better to provide information regarding a few locations or regions where you do not offer delivery so that your user can make a free-handed decision.

Here are the few examples that may be termed as a shipping restriction such as:

  • Orders shipped only between the business days
  • Orders not delivering to few addresses.
  • All payment options not available.
Pain O Soma Shipping Restrictions
Pain O Soma Refund and Return Policy

Pain O Soma Refund and Return Policy

You may be liable for the return policy if you have received the wrong medicines. Even in the case of a damaged product delivered, you can ask for a medicine return or refund.

You may receive the desired medicines within 15 working days after the return process is initiated.

A few cases, where the customer is not available at the mentioned address, nor does the society management have a mailbox to drop any official letter. In such cases, the package may be sent back to the nearby warehouse, and the customer needs to collect the parcel within 4-5 working days. If he/she fails to collect from the warehouse, there would be no refund available in such a situation.

Shipment Fee Policy

The shipment fee may differ depending upon the distance, weight, measurement, and shipment type. The local addresses will not be charged for shipment fee, whereas locations across the territories will be charged accordingly.