Pain O Soma US-US Shipping Information

We provide you a hassle free delivery of your ordered products to any corner of the US. We are known for error free delivery and send in your products with safe hands. We tend to focus on-time delivery and take responsibility of delivering it in professional standards.

We allot all our means of delivery within the United States through various modes of transport. We undertake all hassles on our end to ensure your delivery in the promised time. We provide you with a unique tracking identification for safety and assured guaranteed delivery of your package.

Painosoma has two delivery options with safe and assured delivery.

Pain O Soma Shipping Options Available:

We provide multiple shipment options from standard to international delivery. However, the prices may differ based on the options selected. We do offer US-US delivered medicine.

Here is the definitive guide of generic options available:

US to US Shipping:

If you are ordering a product within the US we assure you a guaranteed delivery within 5-7 days to any corner of the United States.  We send a revised order if the shipment is damaged or lost in transit.

Overseas Shipping:

If you are ordering the product from outside the US we provide you a delivery within 10-15 days from the date of your order. A safe shipping pass is guaranteed with sometimes the order being delayed for other formalities of clearance. We reship the order in case the shipment has not reached within the allotted time.

Other Information / Option

Overnight Shipping Option : When you place the order at 10 pm, you may receive the delivery the next day before noon. You can avail of this option in case of emergency or save your time.

Note: The shipment method also depends upon the days working.

  • Business days
  • Non – Business days

It is advisable to refer to the website to get to know the company’s shipment policy. A few of them follow the business days’ cycle, and some may follow non – business days’ process, which includes holidays: Saturday and Sunday.

Moreover, If you want to know the benefits of soma or how can you use this medication to treat backpain check the content to get a detailed guide.

Handling Time

We initiate our promise with sincerity and handle your shipment with care. We work towards commitment and fulfilling our delivery with user satisfaction. We care about smiles more than the miles we go for our customers.

We care about our customer satisfaction and value their patience while we ship their order with discreet packing to maintain confidentiality at all times. We believe in trust as a virtue and built it over the years through successful shipments in the US.

Pain O Soma Shipping Restrictions

In case of delivery to a particular remote region of the US or undisclosed location is not possible as it restricts us to comply with federal rules and regulations of the company.

The time required for shipping a particular order will be different across the different regions depending on the centrality of the location.

The delivery time might differ during weekends and national holidays as per US calendar.

Pain O Soma Refund and Return Policy

In case of damaged goods the buyer can initiate a request for return or refund. The ordered product will be returned or refunded within 15 working days from the time return has been initiated.

We follow a smooth return and refund policy depending on the buyer. If products were not delivered in a proper way we reship the order if requested by the user. The span of getting this delivered is 15 working days.

Shipment Fee Policy

The shipment fee might differ from region to region depending upon a number of parameters such as weight, length, and quantity of the package.

In the case of local areas in a particular territory, we provide the shipping free. For areas beyond the territory, a minimal shipping fee is charged.

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