About Us

Being a legitimate website, we strive to provide information in the simplest form. What do we mean by simple? In terms of understanding, we break down every possible information through research and analyze it to present it to our readers in layman terms. Painosoma is an informational website, but our end goal is to make every user understand the importance of pain medication as it can be taken in the right way and not misused in other manners.

We protect every user from the perspective of taking all information to the simplest level as much as possible. There is a lot of inappropriate medical information available on the internet, which misleads people. To avoid this situation, we have a team of healthcare experts who verify the information we provide our users.

One of the major reasons for creating this website was to provide exact information about pain medication and help our users choose a suitable medicine according to their condition. We research and choose the content regarding the viewer's point of view and present it in an engaging way with our updated blogs, FAQs, medical news, etc.

We offer Soma and other pain medications at an affordable price and deliver them worldwide to help users live pain-free lives. Being in the digital era, we believe that information regarding pain can be managed effectively by having the right information along with the medication.


Painosoma focuses on making the world a better place by providing medically relevant information that is accurate and trustworthy. With the research-based content, we aim to become a well-known name and the best in terms of providing medical information. No matter how long it will take, but will try to publish as much content covering topics on which there is uncertainty.



We see ourselves in our customers and want to make Painosoma a wide and trustworthy platform where people can get as much information that is relevant to them. We saw a dream to make this website more accessible, which can only be achieved with our efforts and customer trust. After all, we believe in them.


Product reach

We are providing truthful information based on pain medication, especially about soma. As soma is a fast, effective pain medication, we are delivering Soma to many countries to make a pain-free world; we aim to provide soma to every corner of the world.


Product Quality

Being your partner, we understand that product Quality matters a lot in terms of health. We aim to reach information regarding authentic medicines to our users. Offering genuine medicines with proper packaging at the doorstep is one of the reasons our customers trust us.


Customer-centric approach-

Painosoma is one of the trusted sources. We provide accurate medical information in a simple way so that viewers can understand the content easily. We promise our viewers that we will continue publishing even more medical-relevant information regarding several drugs.



Currently, we are standing in a market where we have covered most information regarding several drugs but reaching one position doesn’t mean you are successful. Painosoma now has all the information that a customer needs, but taking a step ahead, we aim to provide important updates related to Soma. This will definitely help us to get into the new market of information.



Painosoma is an online platform that has the purpose of providing pharmaceutical information based on scientific and well-researched data. In this world of medical rumors, Our mission is to give high-quality content related to the pharmaceutical industry because we know that Every mission comes with a responsibility that should be accomplished properly.



The Painosoma website starts with the word pain but ends with soma, a medication that is used to manage pain & that’s what our mission is. Along with offering medications at low prices, we have been providing medical information through our content for the last four years so that our customers can manage their pain along with the proper piece of information.



We have a doctor and physiotherapist who check our entire content because presenting genuine and accurate information to the viewers is the main motive of our website. Being loyal is not a choice; it is a responsibility.



As a leading website, we work on our content and other fields to reach the maximum number of customers who are lacking in medical information. We believe connecting a good customer helps us be in this industry.





Most users do not follow complex medical terms. We, as your trusted source of information, wanted to give you needful information in simple words to address how you can tackle pain. Because Painosoma believes that information should be shared rather than keeping it to ourselves, once the people understand our motto, the objective of reaching every user to help them with their information regarding pain in the world would be achievable.