Hala Hosni

Dr Hala Hosni is a doctorate in Medicine from Cairo university. Hala is currently making efforts as being the part of UN-held conferences in Egypt to enhance and optimize the health of women across Egypt. Driven by the motto to provide healthy life to everyone, Dr Hala Hosni is running a big-time government organization to raise awareness of malignancy and early diagnosis of diseases in Egypt via community development scientific seminars, workshops, and conferences. She enjoys doing things like e-reading, internet browsing, playing gems, tennis, and swimming.


She has time-honored expertise in thoroughly analyzing patients’ clinical, radiological, laboratory, and microscopic examinations, and thus, the timely diagnosis of diseases and benign or malignant tumors. Within this frame of reference, she is experienced in accordingly integrating discussions, seminars, and workshops about the case. Moreover, her dynamic work history as a lecturer for undergraduate and postgraduate students also involved the supervision of master and doctoral degrees of students. During her career as head of the department in one of the biggest educational military organizations, he developed leadership expertise in managing a team of professors alongside publishing national and international journals.