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soma compound vs soma
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Muscle relaxers are proving their efficacy through their effective working technique. It has become a familiar and valuable aid to all patients. Soma or Soma compound such an example of a musculoskeletal relaxant. Both the medicines treat pain. However, differences lie in their elemental composition. The main ingredient remains the same in soma and soma compounds. The Actual differences lie in their other components and their potential of it.

What is the Actual Difference Between Soma Compound & Soma?

Medicine differs in terms such as the use, shape, size, strength, etc. Here the main difference lies in the composition of the tablets. Soma has an active ingredient called Carisoprodol, whereas Soma Compound is made up of two main components, which is 

Carisoprodol itself and an anti-inflammatory ingredient known as Aspirin. These two medicines are used for pain relief. Soma is used mainly for muscle pain, and the Soma compound is used for acute pain relief. Soma compounds have two main compositions, which help treat specific muscle pain and the inflammation caused by injuries. However, the Soma compound is not associated with rest, exercises, or other therapy.

Composition Of Soma Compound Vs. Soma

As a single medicine, Soma is made of Carisoprodol, a soothing muscle ingredient.

Soma Compounds are made up of Carisoprodol and Aspirin. The measures are as follows: Soma compounds consist of 200 mg of Carisoprodol and 325mg of Aspirin.

Mechanism of action (Soma Compound Vs. Soma)

Mechanism of action refers to the actual working of the medicine, how it works, and how it creates effects on specific parts.

Soma (Carisoprodol): Soma works on relaxing muscles by sedating the Central Nervous System. When your CNS is sedated, it blocks the pain signals caused by forces from reaching the brain. It can be called a pain halter.

Soma Compound: The Soma compound, a combo medicine, works in a certain way. Active ingredients Soma And Aspirin have their course of action. Due to this quality, the drug works in synergy. 

In Soma Compound, the Soma relaxes muscles by cutting down the pain signals arriving at the brain. Aspirin heals the inflammation and fever caused by muscle pain or injuries.

From the above mechanism and observation, notable things consist of combination medicines working in synchronicity, as per their healing qualities compared to Single active ingredient medicine.

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Dosage Differences Of Soma Compound Vs. Soma (Carisoprodol)

Soma and Soma’s compounds are available on a prescription basis, and the dosages are guided per the pain examination. As per the FDA guidelines, for a general idea or awareness of the medicine, the dosage is as follows:

Soma Dosage:

Soma is a white round convex tablet consumed with water and milk. According to FDA, 250mg to 350mg three times a day is prescribed. The dose is limited up to 2 to 3 weeks.

Soma Compound Dosage:

Soma compound should be used for short periods as it is used for acute pain that lasts several times.

The recommended dosage is 1/2 tablet four times a day. The dose contains about 200 mg of Carisoprodol and 325 mg of Aspirin. It is a short course limited to up to two or three weeks.

How Long Does Soma Or Soma Compound Stay In Your System?

Carisoprodol takes about 10 hours to get eliminated from the system. Soma compound can have mixed elimination time as it is a mixture of Soma and Aspirin and thus works in synergy. Hence, the elimination time differs as we know Soma gets eliminated in 10 hours. Aspirin takes about 11 days to get out of the system completely.

Is Soma Or Soma Compound A Controlled Drug?

According to the Drug Enforcement Administration published on January 12, 2012. It states that the forms of Carisoprodol like Soma, soma compound, and all other salts and isomers of it are declared Scheduled IV controlled drugs. Every medicine provider should be licensed, and the user should have a prescription from a certified doctor.

Which One Should Be Used For Pain, Soma Compound Or Soma?

A straight answer to this question is that pain medicine is preferred according to your condition. Soma is used for musculoskeletal pain, and soma compound is used for pain and inflammation or fever caused by pain. Fortunately, these medicines come under schedule IV drugs. Therefore, it is available after examination and prescription.


Comparing two medications having few similarities makes the user confused between choosing the proper treatment. Here, in this case, Soma or Soma compound has Soma as a common ingredient but is prescribed according to the pain condition. There is no comparison between medications having the essential difference, i.e., the second active ingredient.

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