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Soma, also known as Carisoprodol, is a powerful muscle relaxant designed to treat musculoskeletal pain. Still, the intensity of its rapid action can give users a high, euphoric feeling known as soma exhilaration. As for whether it is a good idea to snort the drug, no, it is not a good idea to snort Soma. Thinking of doing this is an indication of addiction, as Soma is a prescription drug, and control substance abusers are the ones who tend to snort classified drugs. Rather, Soma can be taken through other safer methods which are professionally advised.

Recreational users snort Soma for the wrong purpose majority of the time. Snorting this drug will only cause damages to the body, both mental and physical. Simultaneous disorders or a combination of mental illness and the diagnosis of substance abuse problems are likely in Soma.
Usually, the recommended dose of 350mg of Carisoprodol is unlikely to result in any side effects and can cause mild and tolerable euphoria and short-lived dysphoric feelings. Due to its potent effect, doctors usually prescribe taking Carisoprodol for three weeks.

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Why Would One Think to Snort Soma?

One would think of snorting Soma only when they have formed a drug addiction and want to achieve the Soma-induced euphoria effects quicker and more intense or want Soma to reach their system faster through the bloodstream.

As Soma causes various unintended side effects, many people tend to misuse and form an addiction. Patients who become addicted to Soma are prescribed the drug by doctors to treat injury or other muscle pain. Some people who become addicted to the drug use it for purposes other than what it is intended for.


People can switch to faster and more dangerous methods of drug abuse as their addiction develops. A person who feels the need to stop taking drugs for recreational purposes can build up a significant tolerance and lose control of their drug use. People also include other  combinations when abusing prescription drugs, such as using benzodiazepines, Xanax, and other Carisoprodol alternatives.

How is Snorting Soma different than taking it orally?

Snorting Soma is different than taking it orally as it might prolong and intensify the drug’s effects while at the same time worsening the side effects, the duration it requires to enter the body, and conditions it causes.

When users take Soma orally (250 or 350 mg), it dissolves and breaks down into meprobamate in the body. The effects start showing after 30 minutes and last for 4 to 6 hours.
Whereas, if the user snorts the drug, the effects start taking place within 15 minutes. When Soma is snorted, it enters the bloodstream through the mucus membrane in the nose.

What are the Risks of Snorting Soma?

Snorting soma causes:
• damage to the nasal cavity
• epistaxis (nosebleeds)
• acute sinusitis
• wheezing
• overdose potential.

Although Soma has calming properties, its side effects when taken excessively mirror those of other sedatives. This medication causes drowsiness, dizziness, and relaxation when taken at doses higher than those recommended by the doctor. The long-term effects of Soma are usually reserved for those who have prolonged abuse or addiction to the drug.

Teenagers and adults are more prone to drug addiction as they tend to misuse Soma and other drugs for different purposes like pleasure, coping mechanisms formed by their depression, stress, anxiety, or other mental illnesses. They consume Soma in dangerous doses through inappropriate administrations, resulting in overdosing and addiction, which puts their lives in danger.

Soma addiction or overdose happens when:

• Soma is consumed for an extended period of time (Soma should not be consumed for more than three weeks).
• Soma is combined with other drugs such as narcotics, benzodiazepines, pain relievers, or alcohol (such a combination enhances effects).
• Soma is misused and taken in large doses.
• Soma is recreationally consumed in dangerous methods such as snorting, smoking, or injecting.

Soma misuse can lead to dependency, which later on causes physical and mental complications.
If you decide to stop abusing Soma suddenly, you should know that it will cause you to experience withdrawal symptoms.

Treating Soma Addiction

Treatment for soma abusers who want to stop abusing Soma for good should seek assistance from professional medical facilities or rehabilitation centers.
One can recover from soma abuse by seeking therapy from any nearby hospital or center specializing in therapy and rehabilitation. They will admit you either as an inpatient (patient has to stay at the hospital for longer than a day in the ER) or an outpatient (patient can pay visits to the hospital and go through procedures then leave). Gradual steps and procedures will take place to help you heal from soma abuse. Therapy can extend to months and years. In this treatment, the professional medical team will make you detoxify. To remove traces of Soma in the body and strengthen the immune system.


The doctors will conduct various therapies to help bring awareness and serenity to the patient; they might include:

• Counseling: doctors will hold counseling sessions for you to talk about your addiction and problems. This will heal you mentally.
• Support team: this will help you form connections with similar people, so you don’t feel lonely.
• Adjuvant care: adjuvant therapy is provided along with initial therapy to help a patient be active and in tune with their emotions. Adjuvant therapy includes painting, drawing, music, physical activity, sports activities, etc.

Your addiction doesn’t define you, and therapy will help you recover healthily. After the therapy, the professional team of doctors will provide you with schedules and things to keep in mind for a smooth recovery from soma abuse.


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