Does Soma Cause Constipation?

does soma cause constipation
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Seriously you don’t wanna start your day with blocked guts. It is very frustrating and disturbs the overall vibe of the day. Muscle relaxers obviously are useful medicines that relieve pain but if it causes constipation and other gut wrenching problems then the medicines should be stopped under medical supervision.

Constipation induced by medications has increased in the US since people depend more on medicines. There are 2.5 million visits in the USA alone for constipation and digestion problems. Muscle relaxer Soma (Carisoprodol) usage is increased due to increased muscle pain through various reasons.

People are more likely to consume meds for quick resolution of pain. However, these same pain relievers or muscle relaxers can sometimes block your bowel tract, make it hard to move out of the body, and cause constipation.

How Does Soma (Carisoprodol) Cause Constipation?

From a broad perspective, Soma (Carisoprodol) is involved in constipation differently. As per FDA-approved papers regarding Carisoprodol, constipation as a direct side effect is not mentioned in it. However, it can upset the stomach and cause diarrhea which is the severe effect of constipation. 

As a muscle relaxer, it depresses the CNS. It has weak anticholinergic properties, thus indirectly helping in constipation by slowing down bowel movements.

It makes the stool hard and less soluble and causes more effort to push the anus muscles. Soma affects the stomach, and there is also a combination medicine known as Soma Compound, which causes constipation.

Does Soma Compound Cause Constipation?

Soma compound medicine is a combination of two effective meds i.e Carisoprodol and aspirin. It is more effective and in common language stronger multiple pain reliever medicine.

Soma Compound is a combination medicine used to treat adults’ acute and painful musculoskeletal conditions. It is a mixture of two ingredients known as Carisoprodol and aspirin. 

As it is a mixture of two active ingredients, the side effects merge to form other effects. Soma Compounds cause constipation. It is a common side effect of Carisoprodol.

It has other intestines or gastrointestinal side effects, promoting diarrhea and severe constipation. So we can state that Soma Compounds can cause constipation.

How To Identify Constipation Caused By Soma?

In constipation, it becomes hard to push the stools, and the cologne in the intestines or bowel becomes solid by absorbing all the water. You can identify it by observing.

  • You started having difficulty in the toilet after consuming Soma or Soma Compounds.
  • Heavy and high-fat fast food consumption is frequently consumed with medicines.
  • Gastrointestinal problems arise after the consumption of Soma.
  • Thick, or watery stools etc

There are several ways to taper off this side effect in these circumstances without completely stopping your Carisoprodol or Soma compound course.

How To Tackle Constipation Caused By Soma Or Soma Compounds?

Eating leafy or fiber can work up to an extent but have chances of interactions with the medicines. Laxatives are preferred for the resolution of constipation. Laxatives make it easy for the stool and assist in bowel movements. Experts can advise types of laxatives:

  • Stimulant Laxatives: It stimulates the intestine muscle, helping to move stool at a pace for natural bowel movements.
  • Osmotic Laxatives: Osmotic laxatives bring more fluid to the intestines to make the stool soft and easy to move, directly improving constipation.

List Of Stimulant Laxatives

  • Dulcolax
  • Codulax
  • Alophen
  • Ex Lax maximum/regular strength
  • Modane
  • Senna Plus
  • Senna Smooth

List Of Osmotic Laxatives

  • Osmotic
  • Polyethylene glycol
  • Lactulose

Other Laxatives Options

  • Stool Softeners- Contains Docusate Sodium and Docusate Calcium to help make the stool soft and quickly move through the tract.
  • Fiber-based laxatives: It forms a gel-like structure in the stool. It helps hold more water and becomes quite large to signal bowel movements.
  • Saline laxatives: Mainly used in short-term constipation, they contain highly charged salts that don’t affect the intestinal wall. It retains the water through osmosis, increasing the bulk of the stool and stimulating the muscles to do their action.


Soma causes constipation, a concern for muscle relaxer users has been raised to a quite large extent. 

In a broad perspective, Soma indirectly leads to constipation through an upset stomach and in the form of diarrhea hence we cannot imbibe Soma cause constipation, despite its combination of Carisoprodol and aspirin, and as a side effect Soma compound causes constipation.


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