Tizanidine for back pain

tizanidine for backpain
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Tizanidine is a medicine used as a muscle relaxant. It works on different muscle pains. It tends to make the drug more powerful to use it. Muscle spasms are more painful for people; they act as a reliever for them. It has a drug class of skeletal muscle relaxants.

Tizanidine is a Generic name, whereas the brand name is Zanaflex that you can also buy Tizanidine online from certified pharmacy, it is also recommended to get doctor’s advise before consuming medication.

The drug is a muscle relaxant; it works as a pain reliever and is the cure for the pain. It works by obstructing the sensation of pain, which creates and passes to the brain. It helps block the pain through the spinal cord and makes the person more comfortable in the senses of pain (Wagstaff, A.J. and Bryson, H.M., 1997. Tizanidine).

Study on the Effectiveness of Tizanidine for Back Pain

Study: A study was conducted by H Berry et al. to observe the back pain relief with Tizanidine and placebo with ibuprofen.

Aim: The study aims at observing the process of medicines and their safety and effectiveness for back pains.

Method: This study was conducted for 7 days, including 105 patients., They were divided into different groups to observe the effectiveness of Tizanidine and placebo with ibuprofen. Half the patients were given 4mg tizanidine 3 times a day and 400mg of ibuprofen 3 times a day. This process was observed on the 3rd day and the 7th day to strictly observe the reliever’s comments on the process of getting them cured. This was followed by giving a daily diary to the patients to note down their pain levels. Patients who were there as volunteers were already having back pains, which helped the researcher know efficiently.

Results: After the two intervals of observation, the outcome came as Tizanidine working more efficiently and quicker than ibuprofen and placebo. This study shows that Tizanidine is more effective and works well on back pains. It can rely on curing back pains from moderate to mild (Berry H, Hutchinson DR)

How and When to take Tizanidine for Back Pain?

As Tizanidine comes in two forms: capsules and tablets, both have the same similarity of taking medicine orally. Medicine can be consumed without food and can be taken with food.

Tizanidine is a medicine that can be consumed at any time. But with a time gap of at least 6-8 hours. Tizanidine should be consumed as per the doctor’s recommendation (Wagstaff, A.J. and Bryson, H.M., 1997. Tizanidine).



  • At the Start of the dose- The doctor may prescribe you to take 2mg at every 6-8 hours of interval.
  • Continuity of dose- The doctor may prescribe you to increase the dosage by 2 to 4mg. Until the symptoms are controlled, you need to be under the doctor’s guidance.
  • Highest dose- A person should not exceed 3 doses within 24 hours


  • People below 18 years should not consume Tizanidine. It may cause side effects if consumed.

Senior citizen (65 years and more)

  • The doctor does not always recommend it to consume Tizanidine as it is a powerful drug that might affect the kidneys more than the age of 65. It is a risk to give it to people who already have kidney issues that cannot be worked as other normal adults. Their kidneys might get weak to process the medicine.
  • If required, only after the doctor’s consultation, the doctor might prescribe to take the dose at the lowest power possible.

Every medication should be taken under the doctor’s guidance only. Otherwise, there could be worse situations build-up would not be suitable for health (Wagstaff, A.J. and Bryson, H.M., 1997. Tizanidine).

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What if I Skipped a Dose or Overdose?

It is ok if you skip the dose or miss a dose. An important thing to keep in mind, you should not have two doses at one time to cover up the previously missed dose.

There would be some of the effects found within you, such as fainting or having lightheadedness which can lead to headaches or getting confused about what you are doing, your body can get weak, and the biggest reason could be slow heart rate.

Who should avoid taking Tizanidine?

These people should avoid taking Tizanidine

  • If the person is already using fluvoxamine (medicine which is used for treating obsessive-compulsive disorder)
  • If the person is consuming ciprofloxacin (medication which is used in treating bacterial infections)
  • If the person is in the process of toning the muscles
  • If the person uses antidepressant medicines.
  • Before consuming medicine, you should inform the doctor about
  • If the person has any kidney-related issues
  • If the person has any liver-related issues
  • If the person has any heart-related issues

Pros and Cons

  • It helps in curing the muscles
  • It helps in making the muscle lose
  • It helps in taking off spasms
  • It helps in curing the spinal problems
  • People below 18 are not recommended to consume Tizanidine.
  • There might be a liver injury.
  • Psychotic symptoms can make the person more brain drained.
  • There might be allergies to the body.


There are different medicines that affect the body if you take Tizanidine with it. There are possibilities of Tizanidine acting as a tool for death if taken with other drugs. Tizanidine make the person feel sleepy a lot, which can also be unsuitable for body function.

You need to inform the doctor if you are using medication like:

  • Acyclovir: This medicine is used to treat different infections, as it’s an antiviral medicine
  • Ticlopidine: – This medicine is used to treat strokes and coronary stents.
  • Zileuton: This medicine is used in the treatments of asthma
  • Birth control pills: this medicine is used for not having babies and to control the birth of a child.
  • Antibiotics: These medicines are used for treating different bacterias in the body.
  • Blood pressure: These medicines are used to control blood pressure problems.
  • Heart rhythm medicine: These medicines are used for treating when the heart causes slow blood flow
  • Stomach acid medicine: These medicines are used for treating stomach-related issues.


Tizanidine works more efficiently for the back pains and cures them in the safest way possible. There are side effects too, which always have to be kept in mind; it might get a reaction if consumed without the doctor’s prescription. It works well for curing muscles and pains.

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