A combination of Methocarbamol and Tylenol can be taken as per the doctor's advice. It doesn't have many side effects, but to be in a safe zone, a person should consult a doctor before having it. This might have side effects such as a feeling of headache, feeling of having a deep sleep, fainting, and maybe lightheadedness.

Methocarbamol is a drug used for making the muscles relax. It is used in treating pains more effectively on body muscles. It treats various issues in the body like injuries, spasms, and different muscle-related problems.

Methocarbamol is a generic name, whereas the brand name is Robaxin; muscle relaxers are a drug class. It is not an over the counter medication though you can get Robaxin over the counter from a certified online pharmacy but it is recommended to get doctors advise first.

Tylenol is used in treating various aches in the body, which causes pains. It helps in lessening the pains and fevers. Tylenol has a generic name as Acetaminophen, whereas Tylenol is a brand name.

It is mainly known in the USA. Tylenol is an over the counter drug, which can be readily available from certified pharmacy.

Why is Methocarbamol used for?

Methocarbamol is a relaxer for muscle pains and spasms. It is used in the treatment for getting the muscles cured. Spasms and muscle pains happen for overusing weights or any aches which are caused due to various reasons.

Why is Tylenol used for?

Tylenol is a medicine used for mild pains; it even cures fevers and colds in the body. It helps cure different aches and works for headaches, period cramps, and even arthritis.

Study: J Clin conducted this study from the Korean Society for Clinical Laboratory Science.

Aim: To observe the relaxation of pains after taking Methocarbamol + Ibuprofen compared to Methocarbamol + Acetaminophen.

Method: There were patients involved in the study who were facing different issues. This study was made for 7 days. Pains varied from mild to high. People were divided into 3 groups; the first group was given the combination of Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen consisting of 325mg tablets and 200mg tablets. The second group was given Acetaminophen, methocarbamol, and Ibuprofen which consisted of 325mg+500mg+200mg tablets. The third group was given methocarbamol and Acetaminophen consisting of 325mg+500mg, including body stretches 3 times a day.

Results: After all the completion of observing patients, the conclusion was like; Body pains were similar to every other combination included in the study. In other senses, Consuming Methocarbamol and Tylenol (Acetaminophen) showed the same results in curing pains by stretching the body parts and managing the pains.

How does Methocarbamol work?

As Methocarbamol is a muscle relaxer, it works by the feeling of pain, which can cause many aches to the body and muscles by stopping it and obstructing it to send signals to the brain. It helps in curing the pains caused by various reasons.

What is Tylenol treated for?

Tylenol is a drug used in treating different body pains ranging from mild to moderate. It helps cure issues such as headaches, toothaches, fever, and cold.

Forms and strengths





Tablet form

500mg, 700mg


Injection form

100mg, per ml


Tablet form

325mg, 500mg, 625mg


Liquid form


How should you take Methocarbamol?

For taking methocarbamol, a person should take all the required guidelines from a doctor or read the package. It is said that a person can take medicine with food or without food intake.

How should you take Tylenol?

Before taking medicine, you should keep in mind the procedure and how to have it by the doctor's consultation. It is said that a person can take the medication with or without food intake, but the person should have enough water intake. 

Ways to take Methocarbamol

There is one type of medicine, whereas the other form is an injection

  • Tablet form can be taken by swallowing with a water
  • The doctor can only give the injection form of treatment.

Ways to take Tylenol

There are two forms of taking a medicine

  • Tablet form which has to be swallowed with water
  • The liquid form has to be placed at the point of pain.


Methocarbamol (Tablet)

Adult (18-64 years)

Pediatric (16-17 years)

Senior Citizen (65 years and more)


Dosing at the start-

It has to be taken 1500mg per dose (6000mg per day)

Starting dosage-

It can be taken (6000mg dose) 1500mg per dose

As per the age

Senior citizens have a weaker body, It leads to kidney issues

Continuation of dose- A person can take 4000mg -4500 mg per day (Dividing as per the doctor's recommendation)

Continuation of Dose-

The person is recommended to have 4000-4500mg per day

Kidney doesnt work fast Due to the age, which will make the medicine in stomach stay for a longer time

In severe cases- 8000mg can be used.

It might vary from patient to patient.

Doctor would recommend it as per the patient's condition.

Doctor might recommend only if needed, that too at a very low dose.

Methocarbamol (Tetanus)



Dosing at start-

1 to 2g followed by 1 to 2g

(should not exceed 3g)

Dosing at Start-

At every interval of 4-6 hours, 15mg can be given

It can also be given by diluting into water and inserting into the body

Maximum dose can be continuously taken at 1.8 g/m2/day IV for 3 days.

24mg should be the maximum dose according to the body reaction

If needed further, a doctor's recommendation is mandatory.




In every 4-6 hours, 2 medicines can be consumed of 500mg

In every 4-6 hours 325mg to 650mg can be consumed

Max Dosage should not increase 4000mg per day

Max dosage should not  increase 3250mg per day

Only 10 days advisable

(Consult a doctor)

Dosage may vary from their age and weight

Side effects (Methocarbamol)

Usual side effects which can be seen after consuming Methocarbamol

  • The person might feel having a mild headache
  • The person might feel sleepy or out of energy
  • The person might feel their head getting a little heavy
  • The person might feel sober

Serious side effects which can be seen after consuming Methocarbamol

  • The person might feel breathlessness, and even chest might pain
  • The person might feel specific areas getting swollen up
  • The person might feel having a heart attack or low blood pressure
  • The person might get the place swollen where the injection was inserted.
  • The person might feel things in yellow, maybe eyes and body
  • The person might think that his memory is getting lost or forgetting things
  • The person might have visionary issues, such as blurring

If the person faces any issues within them, the first duty is to consult a doctor for immediate guidance. Mild matters can be ignored but not up to the mark till you get those things to worsen for yourself. Get a medical emergency. It is always good to consult a doctor for a better purpose and health.

Side effects (Tylenol)

Usual side effects which can be seen after consuming Tylenol

  • The person might face allergic issues
  • The person might see rashes on their body
  • The person might feel itchiness in the body
  • The person might think that their mouth and throat are getting swollen up
  • The person might feel sleepy all day and tired
  • The person might face urinating dark in color
  • The person might get pains which have never been caused before
  • The person might think that the body and eyes are getting yellow

Severe effects which can be seen after consuming Tylenol

  • The person might feel unstable in their stomach
  • The person might start getting a feeling of kidney issues
  • The person might feel reduced in blood count because of insufficient oxygen flow into the body.

Severe effects should be first consulted to the doctor, to which it can get into control. Normal effects also be known to the doctor to prevent more issues on the person's body.

What if I Overdose on Methocarbamol?

Overdose can result in panic and getting drowsy. If it happens to you, you should first consult a doctor for a proper dose.

What if I overdose on Tylenol?

Overdose can result in a person's life and death. As it's a pain reliever, it has many issues if you overdose on it. It's good to consult a doctor immediately.


According to the study, there are no interactions with the medicines if combined. This tends to be safe, but the person might visit a doctor before consuming a medicine. Every drug can be good, but only after a doctor's prescription.


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