The meds world is full of various abbreviations, hard to spell words and of course sometimes the terms like drug class, pharmacology confuse us a lot. Meanwhile in this tongue twisting stuff many times the medicines understanding remains a question.

Sumatriptan, a medicine mainly used for migraine or cluster headache, is confused with Nsaids ( Non steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) due to some obvious reason.

Difference Between A Sumatriptan And Nsaid

Medicines are different on many basic factors like its working, pharmacological actions, shape, active ingredients. Talking about sumatriptan , it belongs to a group of medicines called triptans or serotonin agonists. The drug class of Sumatriptan is called selective serotonin receptor agonist. It does not come under Nsaids. The other difference can be compared with the working mechanism of same

Nsaid works by stopping the production of prostaglandin with the help of COX 1 and COX2 enzymes It thus stops the pain hormones.

Sumatriptan as a migraine medicine works by narrowing blood vessels in the head which helps in inhibition of pain signals from being sent to the brain and also blocking the release of certain natural substances that cause pain.

Summing up with the above things we got to know both the meds differ at the very basic level i.e its working. So why did the differentiation confusion occur.

Why Is Sumatriptan Mistaken As Nsaid?

The answer to the question varies as there are many people with different points of view, but in health related cases a proper proof is taken as the last call. Sumatriptan hypothetically mistaken as Nsaid because nsaid like Naproxen for migraine is also used.

As Nsaid has many uses, secondly there is also a proven study for acute treatment of migraine attack i.e combination method of Naproxen And Sumatriptan.

Lastly, we cannot control the perception of people but we can show the way of correctness through a proof and the proof is below.

Naproxen And Sumatriptan - A Effective Way To Treat Migraine

Just the combination of various spices in food make it fingerlicious. The same as some combination of medicine helps in treating and healing the condition in a more stronger way.
Naproxen and sumatriptan work together with maintaining their respective working mechanisms of action.

Migraine leads the user into throbbing pain and sharp pain. In simple terms to explain this , Sumatriptan calms through serotonin or blood vessels, and Naproxen covers the inflammation pain caused by Migraine.

There is also a combination medicine named Treximet.

(Smith, T.R., Sunshine, A., Stark, S.R., Littlefield, D.E, 2005.)


Is Sumatriptan an Nsaid? Now you got the answer that it is not an Nsaid although there is a combination available to treat migraine but it does not change the essential difference of drug class. Purchasing sumatriptan has become more easier you can buy sumatriptan online from several certified pharmacy just check the medicines they are supplying are FDA approved check the bottom of the websites OR you can get over the counter sumatriptan through prescription only.

There may be perception but a proof is always nice to get your doubt cleared right


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