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Migraines are world wide and one of the most deteriorating nuances faced by the masses. As per the Migraine research Foundation, about 39 million Americans face migraine headaches in which the women are mostly affected.

Another report from Migraine Institute 39 Million people in the US affected lies in between the age group of 35 and 45. Some latest news indicated that migraine has become a common problem there, the most frustrating ones disturbing the life of peoples especially the daily ones.

Sumatriptan is a medicine specially for acute migraine pain. The result range is very positive, people experienced fast pain relief from migraine.

Sumatripatn works on the serotonin in a way to relieve the user. It is also widely prescribed and available under doctors Rx. The write up will answer your question regarding the medicine.

A Brief On Sumatriptan

Sumatriptan is one of the fast acting acute migraine medicines. A widely prescribed anti migraine medicine which belongs to the group called triptans. Imitrex is one of the branded versions for the generic.

Sumatriptan deals with acute migraine; it does not have a permanent solution to the chronic ones also it is also not meant for cluster headaches. The fast relief lies in the working mechanism of Sumatriptan.

How Sumatriptan Works?

Sumatriptan comes under the drug class called serotonin receptor agonist. In migraines, the blood vessels in the brain expand, leading to pain.

Sumatriptan reduces blood flow in the carotid artery while increasing blood flow velocity in the internal and middle cerebral arteries.

In simple terms, it returns the blood vessels to their normal size, making the blood flow and oxygen normal to the vessels and brain. Sumatriptan also prevents chemicals that cause inflammation.

Usages Of Sumatriptan 

Usages are on label and off label, on label consist of the actual labelled usage of the medicine or the cause for which the medicine has been made for. FDA approves the medicine usage as per their studies and identification.

Off label usages can be determined as the other use of the medicine which is usually not what it was made for. Many times a single medicine can be used to treat another disease or issue, and if the doctor feels the medicine can be used for other purposes.

The on label usage of sumatriptan is for migraine. There is less to no off label usage of sumatriptan, as per some resource migraines from menstrual cramps can be prescribed.

Dosages Of Sumatriptan





25mg, 50mg, 100mg

  • For Migraine in Adults: 25 mg to 100 mg as per the doctor advise not to exceed 200mg.


  • 65 And Above : Doctor consultation is necessary

Nasal Spray

20mg or 5mg/ Dose 

  • Adult: 20mg per spray.Do not exceed 40mg per day.


  • 65 And Above : Doctor consultation is necessary



  • Adult: Should not exceed 12 mg daily.


  • 65 And Above : Doctor consultation is necessary

Precautions To Be Taken For Sumatriptan

Before taking Sumatriptan, you should take the following precautions:

  • If you are allergic to Sumatriptan, avoid its usage.
  • Other selective serotonin receptor agonists should be avoided.
  • If you have heart disease or diarrhea, notify your doctor.
  • If you have renal problems, you should be prudent enough to take the medication.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcoholic drinks with Sumatriptan.
  • Do not use any other sleeping medication within 24 hours of taking Sumatriptan.
  • Avoid using medications for an extended period of time since they might be addicting.
  • Please have a word with your doctor if you tend to use Sumatriptan during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

Please avoid driving or operating any machinery or mental alertness activities.

Interactions Of Sumatriptan

Interaction takes place when one medicine or specific food is consumed with the medicine, some medicine combination creates positive results, else it can lead to side effects. Several medications interact with sumatriptan.

  • Linezolid
  • Cyclobenzaprine
  • Citalopram
  • Zolmitriptan
  • Naratriptan

Can You Buy Sumatriptan Online?

Sumatriptan is available online, you can get you with the comfort and ease of online sites. Various telehealth sites offer rewards, discounts, affordable prices and great deals like free home delivery, which indeed saves time and money. There should be some flags that should be observed while getting sumatriptan online.

The internet has many shades, getting sumatriptan online should be done with prescription, make sure they have certifications, licenses such as FDA. As it helps to identify the legitness of the website. Many sites also provide online doctor advice and prescriptions.

Where to Buy Sumatriptan Over the Counter?

Sumatriptan is also available as OTC. You can get it through your nearest pharmacy. People still submit Rx as the doctor well examines migraine conditions.

Accordingly, the medication dose or the course is prescribed to avoid any side effects or interactions hassles. Some generic versions also come with discounted prices or affordable ranges.


Sumatriptan a relief option for the peoples with acute migraine pain. Migraine surely a vibe breaker in masses. Too much pain in a sudden environment can destroy the whole movement of life.

There are treatments, medicines and many other holistic approaches too for migraines, sumatriptan is one of the working and result driven approaches towards decreasing migraine pain.

Sumatriptan is a safe medication to consume. As every medication deals with its side effects, Sumatriptan has a few that can be cured. It is best to take the medicine after the doctor's advice.

Sumatriptan is generally preferred for a short duration. Longer duration can create headache issues and rebound headaches. It will be prescribed to you according to the severity.

In terms of cost, it will differ according to the form of the medicine. Location and the pharmacy you choose also make a huge difference. As Sumatriptan is a brand-name drug, it will cost more than generic medicine.

No, Sumatriptan is not a painkiller. You can opt for this medicine if any other painkillers do not work on your condition. But it should be only considered after a doctor's prescription.

Affecting side effects to a person may differ according to the individual. The most common side effects of Sumatriptan are falling sick, Dizziness, irritation, vomiting, or feeling bad taste.