vanadom for muscle pain

Vanadom is a muscle relaxant available at doctor’s prescription. It primarily helps in relieving pain instigated through damaged nerves. This medication is applicable in treating medical cases like post-operative surgery, cancer patients, osteoarthritis, and other muscle-related injuries. Also, with the support of this drug, you may participate in alternative therapies improving the tenure of recovery.

The drug is supplied by Sallus Laboratories, LLC, located in Birmingham, Alabama, and is a supplier of specialty pharmaceuticals. The unique properties present in the drug do not directly work on the underlying cause. Instead, it performs on the central nervous system by blocking the painful signals transmitting between the nerves and the brain. Vanadom is composed using the generic component Carisoprodol which acts as a leading agent in relaxing muscle pain.

Strength and Dosage information

Vanadom comes in the form of Tablet (250mg -350mg). The Carisoprodol dose varies from person to person depending upon the factor like age, gender, medical history, etc.
(Never overdose. Always follow your doctor’s advice while dosing)

Usual adult dose for muscle spasm
• 250-350 mg orally – 3 times and at bedtime.
• Duration of medication- 2-3 weeks.
However, please follow your doctor’s recommendation before choosing the dose for your health situation.

Side effects of Vanadom

Every drug may not have only favorable reactions in your body; hence it is better to know some sort of ill effects that you may go through while on the muscle relaxant course.

Serious side effects that need immediate medical assistance are:

• Chest pain
• Chills
• Cold sweats
• Confusion
• Cough
• Dizziness
• Fever

Common side effects

• Drowsiness
• Anxiety
• Dry mouth
• Heartburn
• Irritability
• Insomnia

Visit your doctor if any of the side effects gets worsen or do not go away quickly.
If you experience any other side effect not mentioned in any of the above lists, visit your health care provider for complete health assistance.

Precautions while taking Vanadom

vanadom precautions

• Keep visiting the doctor for regular check-ups.
• Make sure you are taking proper medications and monitoring yourself to identify any abnormal behavior.
• The medication can make you sleepy, so make sure you do not involve any physical activities that require you to
• be mentally alert, like driving and any machinery work
• Avoid consuming Carisoprodol with alcohol or smoking unethical stuff.
• Do not stop taking the drug suddenly; talk to your doctor first.
• If any of the side effects do not improve within 2-3 weeks, check with your doctor. Your doctor will slow down your dose before stopping it completely.
• Do not take medicine if your doctor has not suggested it..

Drug Interaction

Combining Vanadom with any over-the-counter tablet may result in twice the intensity of side effects. It may influence the central nervous system performance making you slow down at your daily chores. So, inform your doctor if you are medicating with any drug or have a history related to opioids. Providing precise information will help you in preventing any unwanted outcomes. For further information, ask your doctor for the complete and updated list of interactions.

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

The drug falls into category C; however, a physician may give a pregnant woman after outweighing the possible risk and the underlying benefit. One should take proper care and precautions. It is good to discuss it with your doctor if you have any doubts regarding it.Ideally, Vanadom is not healthy for pregnant women as the drug may excrete in the breast milk reaching the infant while breastfeeding. It may have adverse effects on a nursing infant. Please discuss with your health care provider as they are the best people to answer your questions.