What is the White pill Dan 5513?

White pill Dan 5513 is a muscle relaxer that performs centrally to treat musculoskeletal pain. Patients identify this medication by the name Carisoprodol, mainly available in 350 mg. Dan 5513 is anatomically and pharmaceutically related to meprobamate. It is one of the prospective active agents known for providing pleasure and eliminating the feeling of discomfort.

The vital characteristic of Carisoprodol is to treat muscle spasms and cramps as it belongs to the skeletal muscle depressant class of drugs. Other than meprobamate, Soma has two preliminary metabolites known as hydroxymeprobamate and hydroxycarisoprodol. These agents are potent to create dependency if used for a longer time span. Therefore, it is advisable not to use it for the prolonged chronic purpose may lead to adverse drawbacks such as seizures, coma, or other fatal issues.

Does Dan 5513 Get You High?

Any medication may get you high if used unethically. The use of pharmaceutical products must be used for medicinal purposes only under your physician’s supervision to prevent unwanted effects.

Although Carisoprodol is a well-known muscle relaxer, its mechanism is not directly associated with the disorder’s physical aspect. Instead, it performs on the psychological behavior and attempts to make the person feel calm and relaxed by blocking the pain sensations from entering the peripheral nervous region.

Dan 5513 contains soothing properties which work their way on the central nervous system. It results in delivering the feeling of pleasure and comfort, making the patient feel numb towards the pain signals.

However, some individuals make inappropriate use of this medication to attain soothing sensations. Also, few people combine Soma with alcohol or other substances, which might turn a person high.

A few trusted sources have said that there are a group of abusers who turn to Soma as an alternative to their usual drugs in case of unavailability.

Dan 5513 Side Effects

The curative benefits of Soma may show its efficacy in 30 minutes after consumption. And its effects stay up to four to six hours:

  • Calmed muscles
  • Reduced muscle cramps and pain
  • Drowsiness

On the other hand, If consumed at higher doses might lead to adverse reactions such as:

  •     Boosted confidence
  •     High energy
  •     More socialization
  •     Magnified mood
  •     Hallucinations.

Immediately seek professional help if you are experiencing irregular breathing, swelling, or flushing of the face or lips. Pause using Soma and contact your physician if you observe:

  •     Seizures
  •     Stare look
  •     Fever
  •     Stomach up set
  •     Nausea
  •     Fast heart rate
  •     Muscle twitched

Mixing Carisoprodol with other drugs or substances may intense the effects of nausea, confusion, head-pain, lack of concentration, dizziness, and others.

Dan 5513 and Other Carisoprodol Suppliers

There are numerous suppliers of Carisoprodol, which produces medication with a similar active agent and proper composition. The only difference is the packaging and the number engraved on it.

For instance: Teva Pharma is the official supplier of Carisoprodol; they provide a round-shaped, white pill imprinted with DAN 5513 on one side of the pill.

The other suppliers include:

  •     SG 109 – ScieGen Pharma
  •     WP 5901 – Wallace
  •     446 – Sun Pharma
  •     OP 35 – Jubilant Cadista
  •     2410 V – Vintage Pharmaceutical 

Where can You Find Top Quality Carisoprodol?

In recent times, it is improbable to envisage our life without the internet. It is a universal center of information and knowledge for all your problems. You may earn, learn, shop, serve and do multiple activities online. Verbal and written communication has become much more accessible and convenient through the web.

Also, it is considered to be a large-scale platform to commence business online. Even pharmaceutical industries have geared up their mechanism of serving their patients online with medication and consultation.

E-pharmacy offers you a broad spectrum to fill your stack and stay healthy.

Advantages of e-pharmacy:

  •     Convenience
  •     Time-saving
  •     Affordable price
  •     Top-quality
  •     Range of choices
  •     Multiple payment options

You may find top-quality Carisoprodol online through an easy and convenient option. You may place the order by submitting the prescription and get them delivered at your door-step. They are an enormous hit, and numerous people choose online shopping rather than meandering to local pharmacists.

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