Shakespeare said What’s in a name? it was back in the old ages. Thou name plays an important role in this modern century. Every thing is called by name or especially brands. There also pet names, close names given for many things in our life.
Medicines too are named as per the many factors like the ingredient, famous street names ( Explicit), doctors name or celebrity endorsers such as the medicine Apo ti-4 Pill which is no other our best muscle relaxer Tizanidine.

Apo ti-4 pill (another name used is Tizanidine) works as a muscle relaxer. The drug treats muscle spasticity due to muscle tightness, aches, stiffness, multiple sclerosis, or injury in the spinal cord, headaches. Some nerves in the nervous system send pain sensations to the brain; the pill blocks those nerve impulses and relieves the pain. 

The treatment with this pill usually starts with oral consumption of a 2mg dose three times a day. The period must be 6-8 hours between taking the doses.

Why Is Tizanidine Also Called As Apo ti-4?

Tizanidine is also called an Apo ti-4 pill because it comes in a white round tablet that has the imprint APO TI-4 on it. The number 4 represents the amount of Tizanidine hydrochloride, which is 4mg, present in each tablet. Just like the Apo ti-4 tablet, the dose of the 2mg pill has also imprinted APO TI-2, which identifies the quantity of

Tizanidine hydrochloride in the tablet (i.e., 2mg). The size of each tablet is 8.0mm, and it belongs to the skeletal drug relaxants class. So due to the formation of the pill, the drug is also named like this. (Med broadcast)

In What Conditions Should You Not Take Tizanidine?

If you are already suffering from any of the disorders mentioned below, you should avoid taking Tizanidine, otherwise, you will start having other medical issues. The conditions are:

  • Itching
  • Shortening of breath
  • Allergy
  • Low blood pressure

What Are The Side Effects Of Apo ti-4?

Intake of several medicines more than required or taking the wrong doses can be harmful to health. These medicines can cause ordinary and serious side effects on your body. Some serious side effects are:

  • Anxiety (Death fear, feeling you might pass out)
  • Difficulty in taking a breath
  • Disturbance and deliriousness
  • Burning when you urinate
  • A few common side effects caused by taking this drug may include:
  • Insomnia and weakness
  • Feeling lethargic and dizziness
  • Diarrhea, vomiting, and constipation
  • Problems in the movement of muscles
  • Sore throat, dry mouth, and flu
  • Blurred vision
  • Urination pains

If you ever feel disturbed and notice these common side effects in your body, contact your doctor ASAP. He may prescribe you other medication or change the dose of Apo ti-4. But do not take any steps yourself and let the doctor decide what will suit your condition.

Can Pregnant Women Take This Drug?

This drug is not recommended for pregnant women. Apo ti-4 may cause congenital disabilities and create many pregnancy complications. If you're taking medicine and get pregnant, stop taking it and ask your healthcare provider first. The drug will not be prescribed to pregnant women unless they must take it (in that case, only a low dose, i.e., 2mg, will be prescribed)

What Is the Right Way To Take Apo ti-4 Pills?

To fully recover from the disease without getting any side effects, you must set a routine and stick to it. You can take Apo ti-4 with or without food. For instance, if you took the pill with food for the first time, it will be mandatory for you to take the drug with food until the end of treatment.

Switching between the timing and way of taking medicines may reduce the drug's effectiveness and affect recovery. Similarly, if you take the Apo ti-4 pill and switch to capsules, your treatment will be affected, and your body will stop showing any improvements.

How Much Time Will Tizanidine Take To Show Its Effects?

Tizanidine usually takes 1-2 hours to show its effects after taking the dose. The results will last in your body for almost 6 hours. If you suffer from normal muscle pain or stiffness, your body will fully recover within three days of taking the medication.

Is The Drug Addictive?

The drug has some constituents which prove it can be addictive if taken without taking care of prescription. So, if you are taking this medicine, you must take a gap between consuming the pills; otherwise, Tizanidine will get you addicted.


Apo ti-4 is the best muscle relaxer, but you should always take it with doctors prescription after discussing all your symptoms. Please do not take it yourself in high doses to get relief; talk about your body's reactions after taking the first dose. Just as some factors implies the name of the object thus Tizanidine is also called  Apo Ti-4.


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