What Is Toradol?

Toradol is an (NSAID) which is also known as a Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug. Toradol is a brand name, whereas the generic name is Ketorolac. It is used in relieving various pains, fever, and inflammation.

What Is It Treated For?

Toradol is a Non Steroidal anti-inflammatory drug used to treat different kinds of pain ranging from mild to severe, for fever which causes various issues and even swelling. Its mainly used after or before the surgery. It is used in medical procedures too. It helps reduce the pain for the person suffering so that he can get back to everyday life (Sadeghein, A., Shahidi, N. and Dehpour, A.R., 1999).

How Does It Work?

It works as an obstructing tool that blocks the production of prostaglandins and some natural substances which cause inflammation in the body. It targets different compounds of pain, fever. It plays an essential aspect for the body in decreasing swelling and pain, but it should not be used for long-term issues unless consulting a doctor. You can order Toradol over the counter online from a certified online pharmacy (Rogers, M.J., Johnson, B.R., Remeikis, N.A. and BeGole, E.A., 1999).


The study was conducted by Fricke et al. to observe the pain relief after dental surgery, including two medicines. Toradol and Hydrocodone were the drugs used in the comparison.


To observe pain relief after a dental surgery using medicines in comparison.


The study was conducted, including 207 patients who had been from dental surgery. It shows how the medicines work. These people were divided into groups with two different drugs, Toradol and Hydrocodone or placebo. It analyzed the pain intensity with various observations made accordingly with the medicines. Few patients were given 1000mg Hydrocodone, whereas others were given 10mg Toradol. Patients were observed for every 3-6 hours of intervals.


Researchers proved the medicine intensity and how it responds to the different body types. Many disadvantages were seen in those who consumed the Hydrocodone drug, whereas the Toradol was very effective. Toradol was more effective and was safer in pain relief.

Forms And Strengths

There are two types of medicines in Toradol. One is a tablet form, and the other one is an injection.

Tablet Consists Of 10mg. The Injection Consists Of 30mg

Ways to take medicine?

For consuming the medicine, you need to follow all the guidelines given in the label and as per the doctor's guidance.

There are two types of intaking forms, such as tablets and injections.

  • Toradol medicine is an oral form.
  • Toradol injections are given through the veins and muscles by the doctors themselves.

There might be kidney failure if the tablets or the injections overdose. Only five days of intake is advisable. Otherwise, it will be affected to the kidney.

When To Take Medicine?

Toradol can be taken at any time, but somethings you need to keep in mind:

  • Take at every 4-6 hours of the interval with a glass full of water
  • Take medicine after food, milk, if it's affecting your stomach


Before taking the dose, keep this in mind, such as

  • The person might not exceed his intake more than 5 days
  • Use the lowest amount of quantity to heal quickly so that it won't harm your body.

Who Should Avoid Taking Toradol?

Caution: You should not consume Toradol if Ketorolac is allergic to you.

There are others such as:

  • A person suffering from stomach ache
  • A person suffering from any Internal bleeding
  • A person suffering from a severe kidney issues
  • A person has any asthma issues before
  • If the person has any plan of surgery
  • A person suffering from any internal head injury
  • If there is any reaction to the medicine before
  • Drinking alcohol

If a woman has any late pregnancy or breastfeeds a kid, then Toradol should be avoided.

What Are The Side Effects?

There are different forms of side effects on the body if you take Toradol, But situations can be even severe to which the person has to consult a doctor on an immediate basis. These issues can be if the person feels like they have been allergic to Toradol, such as swelling of face, throat, skin rashes, redness on the body, and even the peeling effect of the skin.

Effects such as heart attack or chest pain caused by Toradol should be immediately taken to the hospital. Adding to that, if the person is feeling the insensibility on one side of the body or shortening of breath has to be taken to the hospital.

  • If you have any problems after Toradol consumption, stop and inform the doctor.
  • Issues such as:
  • A person might feel that he is not able to breathe properly
  • The person starts to gain weight or swell in the body parts
  • Rashes on the skin throughout the body
  • Coughing blood or the, it feels like having a problem in the stomach
  • Problems like liver aches, which tends to lose appetite, or jaundice
  • Issues in the kidney, the feeling of breathlessness, or the arms and legs getting swollen up
  • Feeling tiredness throughout and mild headache caused by low red cells in the body


Yes, the study shows that every dental problem can be solved with the help of Toradol. As per the study, after surgery which causes more pain than usual, then this medicine can be recommendable for tooth pain to get relief.


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