Tizanidine is a relaxer for muscles. It relaxes the spasms in the muscle. It helps in treating different muscle pains. It is a powerful drug used in making the muscle relax with the body. If the person is facing muscle spasms, then Tizanidine can be used.

It makes the muscle relax and cure spasms. It works on different muscles and acts as a solution to resolve the muscle issue. It works on tightness in the muscles, stiffness, and pains. It also treats issues such as brain injury, stroke, or any spinal problems.

The drug class of Tizanidine is skeletal muscle relaxants. The brand name for Tizanidine is Zanaflex, whereas Tizanidine is a generic name. The FDA approved tizanidine medicine on 29 August 2002. You can buy Flexeril online from certified online pharmacy but recommended to get doctor’s advice before consuming any medications (Wagstaff, A.J. and Bryson, H.M., 1997. Tizanidine).

Tizanidine And Alcohol Together

Alcohol (ethanol) and Tizanidine cannot be taken together. It has different side effects which can affect the person.

If both are taken together, there are symptoms such as dizziness, Drowsiness, Creating confusion scenarios in the mind to which the person cannot focus, and concentrating power gets low to which the person can't talk or react to anything or have a proper mindset for a thought.

As per the data collected by ehealthme.com based on FDA data, study about the Tizanidine hydrochloride and Alcoholism, this study shows that it has various effects of Tizanidine taken, Alcohol is one of it.

Tizanidine and Alcohol have various side effects if taken together. Only a few people show side effects by taking Tizanidine and Alcohol. It differs from person to person; it has normal effects if Tizanidine and Alcohol are taken.

Side Effects

Normal effects can be seen after consuming Tizanidine

  • Your vision might get blurred
  • You might get flooding nose
  • Your urination might get changed in color.
  • Your speaking senses would get low, and you might not be able to talk properly
  • You might feel anxious about things around you
  • Your mouth would lack of saliva; you might feel your dry mouth
  • You might feel puking every time
  • Your muscles might lose control over your body.

These kinds of normal effects should be informed to the doctor for not getting severely affected. Getting advice from the doctor and its treatment accordingly if needed.

Severe effects can be seen after consuming Tizanidine

  • You might have a feeling of fainting or collapsing.
  • You might feel breathlessness, or your breathing level gets too low.
  • You might feel losing your mind and being in a totally confused state.
  • You might feel the things that are not available around (hallucination)
  • You might feel burning when urinating

Severe effects should immediately get into the doctor's notice and not get onto the person's nerves severely. You should take the necessary treatment as soon as possible.

Side effects (If Tizanidine and alcohol taken)

  • Your thinking capacity is getting low
  • You might have a low blood pressure
  • You might feel a headache
  • Your body might feel weak
  • You might fall off or be unable to stand.
  • Your heart rate might differ or fluctuate a lot.

Who Should Avoid Taking Tizanidine?

Some people should avoid not taking Tizanidine unless and until the doctor prescribes it, after telling you other medications or other issues.

  • If the person is having fluvoxamine (this drug is used in treatments for obsessive-compulsive disorder)
  • If the person is having ciprofloxacin (This drug is used in treatments of infections)
  • If you are in the process of making your muscle tone
  • If you are using antidepressants
  • Not using heavy machines or lifting heavyweights
  • A person should inform the doctor about previous health conditions such as:
  • Kidney related issues
  • Liver related issues
  • Heart-related issues

There are two different side effects that can be seen before or after taking medicines.

  • Blood levels can increase if Tizanidine is taken after food consumption
  • Blood levels can decrease if Tizanidine is taken without food consumption.


You should be aware of taking Tizanidine, which can be harmful if taken more than the prescribed form. You should have a proper prescription and dosage for taking this medicine under the doctor's guidance. Tizanidine can also take the patient's life if taken more than prescribed.

Tizanidine can differ from person to person and different body types. It's necessary to tell the doctor about all the medications, even its herbs or vitamins, for safer medicine usage (Wagstaff, A.J. and Bryson, H.M., 1997. Tizanidine).


Taking Tizanidine and alcohol can lead to side effects that you can feel through your body. Tizanidine and alcohol don't work together. However, you can use Tizanidine alone as a medicine for muscle relaxation.


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