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Soma Vs Valium

Soma is used as a muscle relaxant and is one of the primary choices of physicians for treating their patient’s chronic pain. On the other hand, Valium is effective in relieving anxiety and muscle – ache, also it is one of the few prescribed medications by physicians for decades.

The active agent incorporated in Soma is known as Carisoprodol and is metabolized by meprobamate scheduled under control substance IV. It is majorly used as an antidepressant.

Whereas Diazepam is the active ingredient of Valium, which is responsible for producing a calming effect amid chronic pain, it also has fewer adverse withdrawal symptoms in comparison with other drugs. The mechanism of Valium is faster than that of other opioids.

Pharmacists recommend the above medications depending upon the patients’ need & intensity of the pain. However, the crucial concern of health-care providers is to protect their patients from harm or oil-effects of medicinal drugs.

Soma helps in relaxing your muscles, whereas Valium helps you to calm. Both Carisoprodol and Diazepam has their own sets of mechanism, for more information keep reading.


For patients using Soma, may experience improvement in body functioning and mobility. Also, it is reasonably effective in blocking the pain sensations from multiplying. 

On the other hand, Valium is efficient in comparison with different medicines. It helps to relieve the pain generated from muscular disorder, and also helps the person suffering from a panic attack and anxiety. The generic medications are available for both Valium and Soma online.

The strength of Soma is in two distinct varieties, whereas Valium has three varied strengths. The side-effects of Soma are more than Valium.


The above two medicines have their varied nature of downsides, however, Soma develops the feeling of drowsiness, due to which it is not considered as the first choice of physicians for treating muscle spasms. Soma is more efficient in relieving chronic back pain.

Usage of both the medication may cause drowsiness, memory problem, sleepiness and confusion, again it differs from individual to individual. Both may cause withdrawal symptoms if stopped abruptly.

Soma shows its efficacy within 2- 3 weeks, however, if you consume for a long-term duration it may lose its efficiency and healing properties. The same applies to Valium, it may turn into a habit-forming substance if consumed for a longer duration.

(Medications tend to get adapted to your body’s metabolism if you happen to consume for a longer span, which may ultimately lead to an increase in dose to achieve or match the existing effect).

Usage and Dosage

Usage may be nearly similar to both the medications, but the doses differ as per the individuals.  However, for more precise information discuss with the physician.

Generic Guidelines

It is advisable to read the medicine label before starting the intake and if you have any doubt, do discuss with your health physician.

Before oral consumption, discuss with your doctor whether to have with or without a meal. Also, do prefer to use the same measuring spoon or cup for each dose to avoid disproportion. Also, if you are using the concentrated soluble mixture, make the fresh mixture every time.

The dosage of Soma and Valium are prescribed on the basis of age, gender, medical history, current condition, and response to treatment. It is advisable to follow the exact duration and dose of medication mentioned in the prescription, do not exceed or decrease the proportion without your doctor’s concern.

If an individual happens to make the change in dose consumption, it might result in risk and uncertain situations. During such cases, it is better to stop the medication in accordance with the doctor.

Interactions between Soma and Valium

Physicians are always worried about the drug interactions during the diagnostic process, as it may affect the patients’ health. It has been observed in the year 2002, that Soma and Valium were the commonly abused drugs.

If a person is taking both the medications in combination, it may lead to change in behavior such as sleepiness, irregular breathing, lack of concentration. Although side-effects differ on the basis of age factor, for example, elderly people might experience difficulties in thought process, memory, coordination, and judgment.

Patients irrespective of age specification should avoid consuming alcohol, as it may react with these medications. Also be careful and alert, while driving or riding to avoid accident or fall. Also, it is vital to inform your physician regarding past medical history to avoid any ill effects.

Does Soma interact with food?

Carisoprodol has no evidence of interaction with dairy and food products, although if consumed with alcohol it may interact. Alcohol increase the side-effects such as drowsiness, numbness, or lack of concentration, again it varies from person to person. You should seek professional help if observed an uncertain change in body reaction.

Does Valium interact with food?

There are few cases that showed the interaction of Diazepam with grapefruit leading to unwanted effects on health. It is advisable to take your doctor’s advice before having products mixed with grapefruit flavors. Also, avoid drinking alcohol when you are on medications for better results. Speak to your doctor, for a change in body notion or reaction.

Further Information

The combination of Soma and Valium may be unsafe, due to its immediate-release formulation. It has been suggested that Valium and Soma should be considered as last-line measures or therapy due to their high abusive potential and moderately effective muscle -relaxants. Although it is directed to use all the skeletal relaxants wisely, especially Valium, it should not be prescribed for the elderly to avoid risk factors.

One of the fair-analyzed studies explained that Soma was better than Valium for improving muscle spasms in patients with lower back pain. Hence, it is suggested to consume these medications only after the prescription from the healthcare service provider and if you observe any change in body reaction, immediately seek professional help.






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