Skelaxin is a muscle relaxant with a generic name, Metaxalone. It works by blocking the pain-sensitive nerve impulses in the brain. It is generally prescribed with physiotherapy and rest. Skelaxin is used to treat the symptoms of pain erupting in the skeletal muscles. It was approved by FDA in 1962.

Skelaxin cannot be used to relieve menstrual cramps. This is because, unlike other cramps, during a menstrual cramp, there is an inflammatory reaction that could only interact with an anti-inflammatory drug such as Ibuprofen to relieve the sensation of the contractions happening in the uterus to pass out the broken blood lining.

Half-Life and How long does it take to work?

The average half-life of Skelaxin extends from 4.4 to 14 hours at peak. The average concentration reaches about 9.2 hours.

The effect of Skelaxin starts to show within an hour of consumption. However, the peak concentration is reached after about 3 hours of consumption.

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How To Consume Skelaxin?

Swallow the tablets. Avoid chewing, crushing, or sucking on them as it might irritate your throat. Make sure you consume plenty of water to make swallowing easier.

Do NOT increase or stop the dose abruptly without the consultation of your doctor. It is advised to consume Skelaxin on either an empty stomach or a light meal.

Who Should Not Take Skelaxin?

Do NOT consume Skelaxin if you suffer or have suffered the following conditions:

  • Anemia
  • Severe liver infection
  • Severe kidney infection

Side Effects Of Skelaxin

The common side effects of Skelaxin include:

  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • Upset stomach
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Nervousness
  • Fatigue
  • Weakness
  • Headache
  • Irritability


Your doctor must track your progress. It is NOT advised to consume Skelaxin while pregnant or breastfeeding as it would severely affect the fetus and infant, respectively.

Do not consume Skelaxin right before you are about to drive or do something which requires a lot of attention as it could lead to accidents. Consult your doctor if you face any doubts or confusion (Poklis, J.L., Ropero-Miller, J.D., Garside, D. and Winecker, R.E., 2004).

What To Do If You Missed A Dose?

Skelaxin is used only when needed unless prescribed otherwise. Skip the dose that is missed if you are close to the next dosage. Do NOT consume a double dose to even it out.

What Happens If You Overdose?

Seek emergency attention in case you overdose or call the poison helpline. Overdosing in the case of Skelaxin could be fatal (Poklis, J.L., Ropero-Miller, J.D., Garside, D. and Winecker, R.E., 2004).


Skelaxin is a type of muscle relaxant used to treat the symptoms of pain erupting in the skeletal muscles, prescribed with physiotherapy and rest. It is NOT suitable for menstrual cramps. However, it could be used for the skeletal muscle cramps that erupt along with menstrual cramps.


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