Questions and doubts are an essential part of human curiosity. When it comes to medicine, many questions generally appear.

A medicine made for the same purpose can differ in its factors or usages. Rizatriptan and Sumatriptan go into the same case, to clear your doubts and cater to your curiosity.

Let's read, but first, let's glance through the actual meaning of both medicines.

What Is Rizatriptan?

Rizatriptan is a medicine utilised for migraine and headache-related problems. It is a serotonin receptor that uses blood vessels to effectively treat migraines.

Maxalt is the brand name of this medicine. Rizatriptan is not for chronic migraine, and it cannot stop the upcoming headaches.

It treats the headache that has begun and is a widely used medicine. Now, let's put a light on Sumatriptan. (Dooley, M. and Faulds, D., 1999)

What Is Sumatriptan?

Sumatriptan is under a group of medicines called triptans, generally used to treat Migraines, same as Rizatriptan. It is also a serotonin receptor drug class that blocks the pain signals from reaching the brain.

Imitrex is the brand name. There are also other options available. Sumatriptan is not for children under the age of 6. These two medicines seem similar enough, so what's the difference, or which one is better to work?

You can buy sumatriptan over the counter well as from tele health service or  from a certified online pharmacy. (Plosker, G.L. and McTavish, D., 1994)

Rizatriptan Vs Sumatriptan

In a simple way to explain and prove the difference, Rizatriptan is faster and more effective than Sumatriptan. The difference lies in the quick mechanism at low strength.

A 10 mg of Rizatriptan starts its effect in just 30 mins, whereas a 100 mg of Sumatriptan takes about an hour or more to feel the changes. There are many studies cum experiments carried out to denote its differences. (Van der Post, J., Schram, M.T., Schoemaker, R.C., Pieters, M.S.M., Fuseau, E., Pereira, A., Baggen, S., Cohen, A.F. and Van Gerven, J.M.A., 2002)

Such a study is mentioned below.


A study conducted between Rizatriptan and Sumatriptan on acute treatment of migraine. The study took place in 10 US centres and four dutch centres.

According to the results, 46 percent of people felt relief after Sumatriptan and 67 percent for Rizatriptan (Tfelt?Hansen, P., Teall, J., Rodriguez, F., Giacovazzo, M., Paz, J., Malbecq, W., Block, G.A., Reines, S.A. and Visser, W.H., 1998)

Which Type Of Medicine Should I Prefer For Migraines?

Migraine can be excruciating and frustrating enough to ruin your daily life. A migraine is a type of headache that can cause a pulsing sensation and pain on one side of the head.

In migraine, the blood vessels in the brain contract causing pain. Rizatriptan and Sumatriptan work well in the treatment of migraines. The immediate effect of Rizatriptan makes it the most preferred medicine.

These medicines are available only on prescription. So, we can say that the medication is prescribed according to the examination of your problem.

How Should You Take Rizatriptan And Sumatriptan?

The best way to take medicines is under the guidance of your medical expert. Both medications come in different forms and, accordingly, are consumed.

Information Regarding The Dosage And Forms Of Rizatriptan And Sumatriptan

Rizatriptan comes in tablet form and also disintegrating tablets and taken with food and water. You have to swallow, and it works faster when consumed on an empty stomach.

For children, the dosage is on weight. One should not exceed 10 mg per day in 24 hours. The disintegrating tablets dissolve quickly in the mouth—no need to consume extra things.

Sumatriptan has several options in forms. It comes in tablets, Injections, and Nasal spray.

Tablet: It is easily swallowed with food and water and once in a daily dose after the migraine starts.

Injections: Injections are given by a medical expert. It is injected into the thigh. If your headache still persists, you can take another dose after 1 hour if the doctor instructs you.

Nasal Spray: Nasal Spray is a go-to option to drop migraine pain. Each spray contains 1 dose (10mg to 20mg). The nasal spray is easy to use.

You have to close one nostril with your finger and inhale gently in the other nostril. The doses are also limited, and you should not take more than two doses of nasal spray.

Things You Should Know About Rizatriptan and Sumatriptan Side Effects

 The term "Side-Effects" sounds so heavy and makes indefinite thoughts travel with pace in mind. Literally, every medicine has side effects.

It is a thing to be concerned about but should not have to be stressed when you have the best source of information right in your hand.

Rizatriptan Side Effects you should be aware

  • Mild headache( probably when you take more doses or the medicine doesn't suit you)
  • Chest pain
  • Tiredness
  • Dizziness or drowsiness

Sumatriptan Side Effects You Should Be Aware

  • Dry Mouth.
  • Tired feeling.
  • Mild Headaches.
  • Uneven Heart rate.
  • Redness of the skin.

How To Cope With Rizatriptan Sumatriptan Side Effects?

Side effects can be ridden with some basic things and practices. If you feel dizzy and tired, avoid performing mental alertness or driving-related activities instead lay down for a while and have a rest.

The side effects like dry mouth can be cured by chewing gums. Chest pain and skin-related marks should be taken care of under the guidance of a specialist.

Remember overdosing or non suitable medicines are reasons for side effects, and your physician is an excellent option to make you better.

What If I Experimented By Taking Rizatriptan Sumatriptan Together?

Experimenting with medicine is just like playing with your health. Many people mistake this and, in order to increase relief or any other purpose, faces unknown consequences.

It is not recommended to use both medicines at once; there is a risk of contracting blood vessels and decreasing the essential blood flow to crucial organs such as the heart, brain, and lungs.

It causes high blood pressure or even heart attack, so it is better not to try anything that can cost your health.


A great relief from medicine is backed by suitable instruction, and hence medications are prescribed. As per the above topic, it is clear that medications are different in many terms of their usages, mechanism of action, and related.

The primary cue in this is which medicine suits you the best and helps you to feel better. Side effects are an essential concern, but the most crucial is how we cure them. There is no such competition when it comes to health, and there is no better option than a physician's advice.


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