Alcohol has a long history which is difficult to remember because it makes the person lose consciousness and forget things after consumption. Alcohol is easily associated with recreational purposes such as partying. 

Fortunately, it is also used in medicines as depressants in cough drops, laxatives, etc. But there is a significant difference between consumption for health and recreation, and you know excessive use of Alcohol can cause migraines.

36 Percent of the population undergoes migraines caused by Alcohol. Itis a significant trigger of Headaches. That’s a short glimpse of Alcohol moving on to Sumatriptan.

Sumatriptan is a great option for overcoming migraine (Fowler, P.A., Lacey, L.F., Thomas, M., Keene, O.N., Tanner, R.J.N. and Baber, N.S., 1991)

Furthermore, About Sumatriptan

Sumatriptan is used to relieve migraine pain and related headaches. It contracts the blood vessels to stop pain signals from reaching the brain. Sumatriptan calms the user through a drowsy effect.

If we observe the mechanism keenly, we can find it is similar to Alcohol, and perhaps Alcohol is not used for healing purposes. 

It is an over-the-counter medication that is available by prescription you can also get sumatriptan online from from a certified pharmacy or over the counter sumatriptan with doctor's prescription.

Though it has the same style of drowsy effect, it should not be mixed or consumed together. To get to the core of this situation, let’s dig deeper (Plosker, G.L. and McTavish, D., 1994).

A Toxic Solution Of Sumatriptan And Alcohol

Sumatriptan and Alcohol together is like taking a serious toll on health. Sumatriptan’s drowsy and dizzy effect and alcohol sedative element can throw you into hypersleep, depression, loss of body control, coma, etc.

The absorption and metabolism are carried out through the liver, and each body part is capable till a limit. The liver will undergo pressure to metabolise both things at once and can cause severe damage. 

Mental alertness activities seem impossible after the drowsy effect and can result in accidents. There are also other adverse effects of the Sumatriptan and Alcohol combo. It can induce migraine attacks and can result in chronic pain. 

It is better not to take Alcohol after Sumatriptan. Alcohol is highly interactive with Sumatriptan. (Fowler, P.A., Lacey, L.F., Thomas, M., Keene, O.N., Tanner, R.J.N. and Baber, N.S., 1991)

Alcohol: A Migraine Trigger

Alcohol provokes headaches which can make daily life difficult. Occasionally Alcohol in a limited amount causes less to no issues, but the problem lies with the heavy drinkers or addicts.

Alcohol is a migraine trigger. It can elicit two types of headaches in inpatients:

  • First attack within a few hours: People can face mild to severe migraine pain after an hour of consuming Alcohol. It can last for several hours.
  • Hangover Headache: Generally, pain arises after the hangover from Alcohol. The next day can be furious, backed by extreme dizziness, tiredness, dry mouth, etc.

How To Avoid Sumatriptan And Alcohol Interaction?

Interactions are called chemical reactions. Medicines are made up of chemical elements. When two ingredients are mixed, it affects the body, which can be helpful or destructive.

Alcohol and Sumatriptan interactions happen due to the CNS depressing mechanism. It makes the person more sleepy and unconscious.

Avoiding interactions is possible by following simple patterns

  • Don’t drink before or after your Dose.
  • Avoid taking other depressants or sleep medications.
  • Don’t take sedatives unless prescribed
  • Maintain a dosage pattern and monitor your drinking habit.

How Do Sumatriptan And Alcohol Affect The Body Part?

Sumatriptan And Alcohol together are a toxic combination. It affects and causes severe illness and damage to the organs. 

  • The Brain: The CNS depressant solution interferes with communication pathways, and dizziness makes it complicated to perform motor functions.
  • Heart: Drinking excessive Alcohol can severely damage your heart functions—issues like High blood pressure, stroke, cardiomyopathy, etc.
  • Liver: The liver is under constant metabolism pressure and breaking down the chemicals. There are chances of liver damage, alcoholic hepatitis, and cirrhosis.
  • Pancreas: The toxic substances can cause inflammation and swelling, indirectly affecting digestion.

How Should You Take Sumatriptan Without Alcohol? (Dosage Of Sumatriptan)

The dosage that you should know of Sumatriptan for avoiding interactions:

  •  For Migraine 


Starting Dose: 25-100mg

Continuation Dose: 25-100 (Not less than 2 hours after consuming the first Dose)

Maximum Dose: 200mg in a day

Nasal Spray:

Starting Dose: 5-20mg

Continuation Dose: 5-20mg (Not less than 2 hours after having the first Dose)

Maximum Dose: 40mg in a day.

Nasal Powder:

Starting Dose: 22mg

Continuation Dose:11mg- 22mg (Only if needed)

Maximum Dose: 44mg in a day.


Starting Dose: 3-6 mg

Continuation Dose: 3-6mg (Only after 1 hour of having the 1st Dose)

Maximum Dose: 12mg in a day

  •  For Cluster Headache


Starting Dose: 6mg

Continuation Dose: 6mg (Only if needed. Use it after an hour of the first Dose)

Maximum Dose: 12mg.


The human body is a natural creation, not a ground for medical experiments. Alcohol and Sumatriptan are highly interactive with each other. 

Excessive Alcohol can permanently harm your health. When mixed with medicines, it will induce unwanted consequences. It is better to maintain a line between recreation and fitness.


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