A narcotic medication is an opioid pain reliever. Soma is similar to an opioid; Carisoprodol (Soma) is classified as a controlled substance because it can lead to dependence and carries a risk for possible misuse. Let's look, is soma a narcotic drug?

A Short Brief Of Soma

Carisoprodol is a short-term medication used to treat muscle pain and discomfort. This medication is used along with other treatments, physical therapy, and rest. Carisoprodol is classified as a Schedule IV controlled substance in the US. A prescription from a certified doctor is mandatory to buy Carisoprodol.

How does Soma work?

Carisoprodol is a fast, effective medication that relieves muscle pain instantly. It works by blocking (the pain sensation) between nerves and the central nervous system. Its sedative and relaxing effects are the main reason behind their instant relief, but this effect may also have the potential to abuse and may cause addiction. So do not increase the dose or duration; use it according to the prescription.

Is Soma A Controlled Substance?

Yes, soma is a controlled substance in the US due to its active ingredient, Carisoprodol. It has been classified as Schedule IV controlled substance, which means it has a low potential to be abused and dependent compared to Schedule I, II, and III drugs.

Schedule IV substances have been accepted for medical uses, but their abuse potential may lead to physical or psychological dependence. This means the soma is available only with a prescription from the health care provider.

It's important to use soma according to the prescription and to follow the doctor's instructions to avoid the risk of soma side effects.

A Short Brief Of Narcotic Drugs

A narcotic substance influences mood or behavior and is consumed for non-medical purposes, especially drugs that are sold illegally. Narcotics come under the class of drugs that produce relief from chronic pain conditions. It works by reducing the feeling of pain, which happens in making a person feel relaxed. The drug has been used for decades to manage muscle pain, spasms, and other chronic disorders.

Opioids are the best choice of narcotics- derived from opium and are known as potential painkillers. When a person gets intolerable pain, taking opioids helps relieve the pain and reduce mental stress and anxiety.

Many countries produce a limited quantity of drugs, use and trade due to their abuse and misuse. Considering all the downsides, the drug is still being manufactured by pharmaceutical companies because of its ability to relieve pain.

The International Narcotics Control Board is vital in determining the mechanism of narcotic drugs in pharmaceutical industries. The potential for addiction relies on the intense use of narcotic ingredients in the manufacturing process. 

Is Soma A Narcotic?

Coming to the fact that Soma doesn’t come under narcotic drugs, but it has a few cases of dependence, abuse, and withdrawal in patients who have been using Soma for a very long time.

Carisoprodol is a Schedule IV controlled substance in the United States but is not considered a narcotic. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Soma 250 mg as a brand-new recommended dose of Soma for the relief of discomfort linked with severe, painful musculoskeletal diseases, such as backache. Hence you can buy soma online with a prescription through an authorized pharmacy as it is not a narcotic. Thus Soma is A controlled substance.

The Center for Drug Evaluation and Research also stated that dependence could be generated in patients with a long-term history of drug consumption. Also, the abuse percentage may get high if it interacts with other drugs when mixed. If the Soma has been mixed with CNS or alcohol, there can be adverse effects and a high possibility of addiction.

Addiction or symptoms also depend upon sudden or abrupt withdrawal after prolonged months of consumption. Hence, it is advisable that patients not stop taking the drug without the consultation of health care professionals, as it can cause critical withdrawal symptoms.

To safeguard yourself from addiction, misuse, abuse, or dependency on Soma, it is recommended to start the medication only after a doctor’s approval with an authorized prescription. Also, monitor the quantity of dosage you consume and consume only when needed.

Always listen and follow the health care professional’s advice, as they recommend taking Pain O Soma in a smaller quantity and for a duration of 2-3 weeks only for More Detail On dosage or soma overdose.


Soma is a muscle relaxant medication that is not classified as a narcotic or opioid. Soma works by blocking pain sensations between the nerves and the brain. However, it can still be habit-forming and lead to physical dependence if not taken as directed by a healthcare professional. It is important always to follow your doctor's instructions when taking Soma or any other medication.


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