Flexeril is a prescription-based muscle relaxant usually taken along with other medical treatments like rest and physical therapy. The way Flexeril works is by targeting the central nervous system. The drug causes the brain to change the way pain signals are sent across the body.

The half-life of Flexeril is usually around 18 hours. It should generally leave your body after about four days since the last dose is taken. However, these are average numbers, and there can be differences.

On average, Flexeril has a half-life range of 8037 hours. You can buy Flexeril online from the certified online pharmacy with a doctor's prescription before consuming any medications.

The amount of days Flexeril stays in your system depends on the half-life of Flexeril. If the half-life of Flexeril is around 8 hours, then it will usually take at least two days for the body to eliminate the drug; if the half-life is approximately 37 hours, then it will take 8 1/2 days for the body to eliminate the drug. In most cases, it takes around four to five days for Flexeril to leave your system (Darwish, M. and Xie, F., 2009).

Factors Influencing The Stay Of Flexeril

The stay of Flexeril can be influenced by various other factors, just like other drugs. The three main factors affecting how long Flexeril stays in your body are age, body weight, and hepatic functions. For example, it will take longer for an elderly patient and also patients with impaired hepatic function to eliminate Flexeril from the system.

Metabolism rates of the body also affect the stay of Flexeril in your system. Usually, patients having a high metabolism rate eliminate the drug more quickly and people with higher body weights. Another factor that influences the stay is the amount of drug intake. If a patient is taking high dosages of Flexeril or is taking the drug more frequently, it will eliminate the drug more slowly than the usual rate because it accumulates in the body (Winchell, G.A., King, J.D., Chavez‐Eng, C.M., Constanzer, M.L. and Korn, S.H., 2002).

How Does Flexeril Work?

Flexeril belongs to a class of medicines called muscle relaxants. Flexeril contains the active ingredient cyclobenzaprine, a muscle relaxer that works in the central nervous system (CNS), indirectly influencing the motor neurons.

It relaxes the muscles by reducing the muscle hyperactivity on the motor system, the nerve cells that directly connect to the skeletal muscle and are responsible for muscle contraction. It effectively treats muscle strains and sprains by relaxing the ultra-tight muscles (Cyclobenzaprine: a possible mechanism of action).

Side Effects Of Flexeril

Common Side Effects  Severe Side Effects
Headache Chest pain
Dry mouth Pain
Drowsiness Sudden numbness
Upset stomach Balance problems
Constipation Slurred speech

Seek immediate medical help you see any of these symptoms to avoid any fatality. Apart from these, you should also seek help from a medical professional if you start getting an allergy or see symptoms of serotonin syndrome like agitation, hallucination, fever, sweating, shivering, twitching, loss of coordination, fast heartbeat, etc.


Flexeril is an effective medicine used in the short term to treat a musculoskeletal medical condition. The time taken for Flexeril to be eliminated from the body differs from person to person. There are various other elements too that influence the stay of Flexeril in the system.

Although on average, it takes around 4-5 days for Flexeril to leave your system entirely. Although Flexeril is an excellent drug, it can get addictive after a point and hence should be used only if your doctor prescribes it.


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