Medicines are consumed orally and then later on. It is transported to the stomach for absorption. The gut plays a vital role in the absorption of the drug.

Many times our doctors prescribe medication with food and probably without food.

There are many reasons behind it. Have you ever asked your physician about it? If not, you will get your answer now!

Gabapentin is prescribed medicine. You must order Gabapentin online through a reliable telehealth company to safeguard your safety. It is also called an anticonvulsant. Drugs that treat seizures, epilepsy, neuropathic pain etc. It is an effective medicine for treating nerve pain.

Coming to the main topic, why are they prescribed to be used on full and empty stomachs?

Why Are Medicines Taken On An Empty Stomach?

Initially, food is the main constituent of life. Without food, there will be no energy and proteins, indirectly, survival. It is an excellent irony between food and medicine, i.e. both are essentials for survival.

When taken with a full stomach and vice versa, medicine changes. An important point to keep in mind is when your physician prescribes it with food, it means the food is necessary to protect the stomach from harmful effects of the medicine and thus peacefully break down the drug for further process.

Secondly, when prescribed on an empty stomach, the medicine is easily broken. (Grannell, L., 2019)

Can we take Gabapentin On an Empty Stomach?

As we earlier said, Gabapentin is taken with or without food. NO effect was found on the lining of the stomach. However, it can differ from person to person because the food culture and your digestion system nuances matter a lot in the process.

People have experienced adequate strength when Gabapentin is consumed on an empty stomach and vice versa. This situation is because some digestion processes that include bile and enzymes are blocked by the food and reduce the effectiveness of the medicine.

This situation can be the opposite for some people. We can conclude from the above that Gabapentin can be taken with or without food unless there is a circumstance in health found out by your health expert during the examination.

The factors affecting absorption are the critical element in this confusion of yours. (Rimawi, I.B., Muqedi, R.H. and Kanaze, F.I., 2019)

What Type of Foods Should Be Avoided While Taking Gabapentin(Neurontin)?

While consuming Gabapentin with food, some foods have to be avoided due to their interacting properties, leading to side effects or severe consequences. It is better to have additional ideas before trying unconsciously.

Alcohol should be highly prohibited. Many people have the habit of drinking and consuming medicine. The Gabapentin and alcohol interact, leading to heavy drowsiness, loss of motor control, confusion, etc., turning into fatal or severe accidents.

Grapefruit juice is widely used for fitness as well as health purposes. It interacts with Neurontin and increases the amount of medicine in the bloodstream, which is not required and affects the metabolism action.

Avoid spicy and salty foods. Dry mouth effects can be experienced and can increase the severity of it.

The Other Reasons To Try Gabapentin With an Empty Stomach

Reasons are the answers to human curiosity. Here, some legit things to be taken into consideration are as follows:

  • It reduces the side effects of Nausea and poor guts problem.
  • Reduce stomach irritation, burning, acidity, ulcers etc.
  • Ensures that the medicine is absorbed correctly.
  • Ease in breaking down drugs for further process.
  • Effective performance of medicine

How Should Gabapentin Be Consumed? (Dosage)

As you are now fully aware that you can consume with and without food, let's know about its doses:

Adult Dose for Epilepsy: 12 and above

300 mg on 1st day one time

300mg on 2nd day two times

300mg on 3rd day three times

The time gap between doses should not exceed more than 12 hours.

Pediatric Dose for Epilepsy : 3 to 12

The dose is based on body weight.

10 to 15 mg compared with bodyweight divided into three doses

Under three years = it is Not recommended.

Are There Any Brands of Gabapentin Taken With Or Without Food?

Although the generic versions are the same, the brand differs in its type through some essential effecting qualities or dosing system.

In the case of Gabapentin, Gralise & Horizant should be consumed with food, and the Patient can take Neurontin without food.

The brands are prescribed as per your condition, and subsequently, you can consume them with or without food.

Does Gabapentin Work Great With Food?

It depends on your absorption system. Food, bile juice, and digestive enzymes can help absorb the bloodstream and indirectly increase the peak performance of the medicine.

Then again, some people also experienced effective results when taken without food. Please follow the advice and prescription.(Rimawi, I.B., Muqedi, R.H. and Kanaze, F.I., 2019)

Side Effects Of Gabapentin When Taken On Empty Stomach Or with Meal

The side effects of Gabapentin on an empty or full stomach depend on person to person and their choice of treatment.

  • Mood changes
  • Swollen arms and legs
  • Blurred vision
  • Dry mouth
  • Difficulty getting an erection
  • Weight gain
  • Memory problem
  • Dizziness


Medicine taken with meals or without has quite a different effect on the condition. Gabapentin has a new era approach in both scenarios.

Although some foods can interact with it, it's better to take precautions and consume the medicine with proper protection.



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