Medications are always prescribed to make you fit and healthy. It is a good source to get rid of the disease you are suffering from. At the same time, medications can also adversely affect your health if not taken as prescribed or abused. Overdose or under-dose of medicines can create complications for your health.

Treatments of certain diseases have been provoked in patients; however, these side effects vary in different patients depending on their health, diet, and surroundings. If the patient is also suffering from other diseases, these will be different.

 If you are wondering what the effects of drugs on our appetite level are, then you are at the right place. Here we will discuss the correlation of a drug named Gabapentin with the appetite of the patient taking this drug. Always use he medicine for good purpose don't abuse it.

Can Medication Change Your Appetite Level?

If you haven’t changed your physical activity or diet but are still facing changes in your appetite level, then certain medications can be a reason for this. Medications can increase and decrease the appetite level. Appetite stimulants can make you feel hungry, taking you to the condition of weight gain.

Contrary to that, appetite suppressants make you always feel full, and your appetite starts dying down, and you start losing weight. Some drugs that have increased appetite levels as a side effect include Dronabinol, Megestrol, antidepressants, seizure medications, and antihistamines. Appetite suppressants include adrenergic and serotonergic agents.

How Does Gabapentin Make You Hungry?

Gabapentin is a GABA analog, but it doesn’t mean it acts on GABA receptors. It is an anticonvulsant that can block alpha two delta subunits on the voltage-gated calcium channels on the presynaptic membrane in the neuronal tissues in the brain, thus reducing the excitability of neurons involved in pain perception. 

Gabapentin is mainly used in the treatment of epilepsy and post-herpetic neuralgia. Gabapentin is considered to have a stimulatory effect on appetite, but the ratio is significantly less.

Gabapentin makes you feel hungry by increasing your need. The mechanism for this is still under study and knowledge. But it makes you feel hungry by causing a hype in your appetite level. If you are a gym-holic, you must know that Corticosteroids also increase the appetite level.

Does Gabapentin Increase Your Weight Through Hunger Feeling?

Weight gain does not occur in all medicines. It certainly depends on the person, the type of drug taken, and the dose of the drug. As far as Gabapentin is concerned, it does cause weight gain in patients, but the ratio is significantly lower. An experiment showed that only two percent of patients gained weight as a side effect of Gabapentin, and eight percent of people experienced edema.

Increased appetite due to Gabapentin makes you feel hungry. In return, you eat more food and gain weight. It also causes fluid retention, which results in edema in the legs. As it is classified as an anticonvulsant or nerve relaxant, it may make you feel tired and sleepy, causing an inability to do any physical activity. This laziness can lead to weight

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How Many Doses Of Gabapentin Can Make You Feel Hungry?

As discussed everywhere, the side effects do depend on the patients. Side effects always differ from person to person, as with Gabapentin. A routine dosage of Gabapentin can make you feel hungry. It depends on the person’s appetite, diet, and physical activity. Long-term drug usage has more chances of making the person gain weight. But you will probably start noticing a difference in your weight within six months.

Is It Good Or Bad To Feel Hungry After Consuming Medicine?

Feeling hungry after taking medicine is wrong because it leads to weight gain. Weight gain, in any case, Is terrible. Medicine-related weight gain depends on the person, the type of drug, and the dosage of the drug. A few pounds increase doesn't harm much if you are a person with average weight. But, if you already weigh more than your BMI, an increase of a few pounds can cause complications. Here is a list of diseases resulting from weight gain

• Diabetes mellitus
• Liver diseases
• Heart failure
• High blood pressure
• Arthritis
• Infertility

What Is The Solution To Altered Appetite By Gabapentin?

If you feel any change in appetite, visit your healthcare provider so that he may give you an alternative to that medicine. Here are tips you can apply to your routine to normalize your appetite.

• Have a balanced diet
• Drink water before meals
• Eat food in small or required portions
• Avoid high-calorie snacks and turn to low-calorie snacks
• Do regular exercise

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Medicine-related weight gain can be a very deteriorating condition if not treated on time. You can overcome this problem by just changing your lifestyle and can save your life from severe ailments. Here we have sketched down the relationship between Gabapentin and weight gain. Gabapentin may be the reason for your weight gain, and how to treat that is all we have clarified for you. And the doubt that you can buy gabapentin online for weight gain is also cleared.


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