Around 33 out of 100 adults in the US start their day with unhappy faces. Reasons might differ from person to person, but the most common cause is that these folks spend more time struggling on their toilet seat with constipation.

Constipation is one of the reasons that ruins the overall mood and productivity of the day. Medicines are to ease the human body's illness, but what if the medications that treat one problem lead to another problem? 

Toradol causes constipation due to its mechanism. Let us find out how?

Toradol: A Pain Reliever

Pain is a part of human life. A pain reliever is a great escape from pain in this busy lifestyle.

Toradol is a pain-relieving medicine. It treats fever, migraine, injury pain, muscle pains, back pain, tooth pain, etc. You can order Toradol over the counter from a certified online pharmacy through a valid doctors prescription.

It is a prescription-based medication and is more powerful compared to others. The generic name for Toradol is Ketorolac (Rowe, B.H., 2013).

Toradol Is An NSAID

Toradol is an NSAID (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs). NSAIDs are drug class that provides short-term treatment for pain management. Surgeons prefer to give Toradol for relieving surgical pain.

Toradol inhibits the COX1 and COX2 enzymes flow and halts the production of prostaglandin (pain hormones). COX1 and COX2 are the protective linings of the intestines (Perlmutter, A., Miller, L., Trimble, L.A., Marion, D.N., Vaughan Jr, E.D. and Felsen, D., 1993)

How Is Toradol Causing Constipation?

Nature has designed a splendid human digestive system. It is intricate and also easy to understand at the same time. Pain reliever plays with the chemicals of the system. Although it is helpful, the same chemical can arise different problems. Let's understand it.

Inhibiting the enzymes can relieve pain but slug down the bowel movement as less water is present in the intestines, resulting in stiff and dry stools.

To simplify, Toradol prevents the flow of water to the digestive tract. Consequently, softening of the bowels and movement are hampered. Putting it all together, we can say that Toradol causes constipation.

What Should I Do If I am Consuming Toradol?

According to our research and data, we bring you simple sorted steps to overcome constipation which are as follows.

To avoid constipation :

  • Take Toradol with food as food acts as a lubricant for the linings of the stomach.
  • Don't lay down for 15-20 mins after meals to prevent difficulty in digestion
  • Limit Toradol's use to the number of days prescribed.
  • Include exercise as a daily habit in your lifestyle.
  • The use of dietary fiber in the diet is helpful for smooth bowel movements.
  • Avoid taking medicines that interact with Toradol like Aspirin, Probenecid, etc.
  • Always be hydrated.

Toradol: Pregnancy And Breastfeeding

Pregnant /Breastfeeding women should avoid Toradol. Its presence can affect the baby's health during prenatal or during lactation

According to our source "EHealthMe," a phase IV study was conducted on Toradol and constipation. Around 7452 people having side effects due to the use of Toradol were analyzed and out of which 281 people (3%) faced constipation.

Was Toradol Recalled And Stopped In The US?

The reason behind the discontinuation of Toradol in the US was the presence of small black oily particles found in the medicines. Toradol was recalled from markets between March 2018 and Feb 2019. However, the generic versions are present. (Epstein, N.E., 2019).


Constipation is a rising problem for people consuming Toradol. Consume Toradol as per prescription. NSAIDs inhibit the enzymes that lead to slow bowel movements and constipation. Changing your daily routine, diet, and medication will help you overcome your constipation.


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