Weight gain from skeletal muscle relaxant is usually not common because it is not the side effects that usually happens. Weight gain from Methocarbamol (Robaxin) is not found as a major side effect. Another reason for weight gain can be your decreased mobility and diet in parallel with the consumption of Robaxin (Methocarbamol).

Robaxin is the brand name of Methocarbamol. One of the most effective skeletal muscle relaxants you can find Robaxin online from certified online pharmacies. It works by blocking nerve impulses and the pain signals sent to your brain. It causes the functions of your Central Nervous System to slow down.

During the treatment of Robaxin, some people may gain weight. However, there is a lack of in-depth research on this, and you may have to consult your doctor for more information.

Does Muscle Relaxant Cause Weight Gain?

Muscle relaxers are used on people who have muscle strains or injuries. There is less known possibility of weight gain through these medicines. However if you face water retention issues after consuming muscle relaxers you should have to see a doctor.

The Proof Center:

Note: The observations are based on study. There can be different experiences to different peoples. People who take Methocarbamol gain weight, especially if they are female, 60+ years old, and have been on the drug for less than a month.

The phase IV clinical trial examines who takes Methocarbamol and gains weight. It was built by eHealthMe and is updated on a regular basis, based on FDA reports of 11,903 people who have experienced negative effects while taking Methocarbamol. The study can be used as a second opinion when making health-care decisions.

eHealth enables anyone to launch a phase IV clinical trial to detect adverse medication effects and assess effectiveness using big medical data and AI algorithms. Their research has been cited in over 600 peer-reviewed journals, including The Lancet, Mayo Clinic Proceedings.

How Does Robaxin Cause Weight Gain In Some People?

Robaxin and other muscle relaxers act as central nervous system depressants that cause a sedative effect or prevent your nerves from sending pain signals to your brain. The sedative effect can cause people to feel drowsy and sleepy resulting in a lack of willingness to indulge in physical activities.

There is also the healing of injury as a factor to be taken into consideration which needs us to rest and can cause us to gain weight.

How Much Weight Do People Gain From The Use Of Robaxin?

Short-term use of Robaxin can cause a slight weight gain of 2 -3 pounds as you heal and recover from your injury. Long-term use of Robaxin can cause more significant weight gain as you tend to decrease overall physical activities under the influence of this drug.


The primary purpose of Robaxin is to eliminate the pain and relax the muscle. The administration of Robaxin has some impact on weight gain. Weight gain can be a result of non exercise and high intake of foods simultaneously with the muscle relaxers.

Inappropriate usage of Robaxin can result in conditions like faints, seizures, or death in some cases. This medication may be a source of both physical and mental relief, but you have to take it under proper medical supervision for a better outcome.


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