Does Loratadine Raise Blood Pressure?

Does Loratadine raise Blood pressure
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Loratadine is used for the Allergies as the leading cause, with the class of Antihistamine. Loratadine is the medicine sold under the brand name Claritin. A study was conducted by Rodsarin Yamprasert et al. to observe if the blood pressure raises or not in terms of consuming Loratadine and ginger. 

To observe the random trial between Loratadine and ginger extract and its allergies and blood pressure output.

This study was conducted for six weeks. It included 80 people for this study, divided into two groups, each 40. Two groups were given the ginger extract and the Loratadine, 40 each.

Analysis was made to observe that the blood pressure rises due to consuming the medicine and the ginger extract. In this, 40 people were given a ginger extract of 500mg and 40 people with Loratadine with 10mg.

These two groups did not have any difference in the form of results. Both groups have a similar liver function, and renal function results from the blood analysis.

Both the groups did not have any effect on blood pressure as such. Thus, it states that blood pressure won’t be affected if the medicine is consumed.

High Blood pressure does not happen instantly or without reason, but it happens through the person’s body and develops eventually. It happens due to different reasons such as not getting much activity physically, Unhealthy habits.

Stress can be the reason for high blood pressure.There won’t be any issues with the person consuming the Loratadine with high blood pressure. It is safe for people who have heart disease (Salerno, S.M., Jackson, J.L. and Berbano, E.P., 2005).

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How Does It Work?

Loratadine is an antihistamine that works by obstructing the cells that are allergic to the body. There are various allergic symptoms in the body. If a person is allergic to something, it blocks. It is an over the counter medication you can also buy loratadine over the counter from certified pharmacy. 

Forms And Strengths

There are two different forms of Loratadine medicine, one is a tablet form, and the other is a liquid/ syrup form. Tablet consists of 10 mg, whereas the liquid form consists of 5ml or 1ml.

Ways To Take Medicine?

First, you need to read the label for a proper form of consumption, as there are two types of medicines. A tablet form and a liquid form, whereas a tablet form, have two different variations in consumption.

One is the standard tablet, and the other can dissolve in the mouth.

Regular medicine is where a person has to have it with water, and if the person finds it difficult to intake the drug, there is an option of breaking it into two.

Dissolving in the mouth is very easy for people to consume, wherein it doesn’t need water, and it can dissolve on the tip of your mouth.

A liquid form of medicine is more convenient for the kids, as it doesn’t take much pressure on the parents to make them have it.

When To Take?

There is no compulsion of the timing; Loratadine can consume it before or after food.

Precautions To Take In liquid Form

For proper dosage of the syrup form, The person has to use the correct measuring spoon or the syringe. Otherwise, get it from the nearby pharma medical. And do not use a regular kitchen spoon.


Two different forms of allergies can be cured with Loratadine

  • Rhinitis
  • Urticaria

Rhinitis allergies are related to the nose. Allergies affect the nose, such as running nose and sneezing.

Urticaria allergies are related to skin. Allergies affect skin problems such as rashes and itchiness.

Dose For Rhinitis Allergies


10 mg once a day

Highest dose: 10 mg/day


2 to 5 years: 5 mg consumed once a day

-Highest dose: 5 mg/day

Six and More than six years: 10 mg once a day

-Highest dose: 10 mg/day

Dose For Urticaria Allergies


10 mg once a day

-Highest dose: 10 mg/day


2 to 5 years: 5 mg consumed once a day

-Highest dose: 5 mg/day

Six and more: 10 mg once a day

-Highest dose: 10 mg/day

Who Should Avoid Taking Loratadine?

First, the person taking medicine should have a doctor’s prescription.
  • A person, more than 2 years of age, can take the medicine
  • If the person is allergic to loratadine medicine
  • If the person has any kidney liver problems
  • Have any allergies (Describe your allergies to a doctor)
  • If you about to get pregnant or in the planning
  • If you have diabetes (Because it contains sugar)
  • Breastfeeding women are not advised to take medicine because it is emitted in milk.

What Are The Side Effects?

If there are any allergic reactions from Loratadine on your body, the first thing is to consult a doctor or else visit the hospital as soon as possible. 

Allergies such as problems in breathing, the body starts to swell.

Stop!! And do not use unless and until said by the doctor.

These are the possible problems you might face, such as

  • If your heart rate is not normal
  • The extreme head starts aching
  • Feeling of you passing out.
  • Bleeding of nose
  • Sickness

Side effects which are standard with the intake of Loratadine

  • Normal headache
  • Feeling sleepy
  • Feel of puking
  • Stomach ache
  • Dried mouth
  • Anxiety

What If You Overdose It?

There won’t be much harm, but there are a few things which you will feel in your body, such as

  • Uneven heartbeats, getting high
  • Extreme headache
  • Feeling of drowsiness
  • Unusual body pains

Pros of Consuming Loratadine

  • Very mild side effects
  • Lesser drowsiness compared to another antihistamine
  • Available on over the counter pharma generic medical
  • Just have to take once in a day
  • It does Not affect much with other medications
  • It gives a quicker relief on different allergies

Cons of Consuming Loratadine

  • It should not be consumed by under the age of the 2-year-old kid
  • If any liver or kidney problem, then the dosage will differ
  • Not a good choice for every allergy
  • Not to consume alcohol when Loratadine is taken.


1- Amiodarone- Medicine used for the person who is having uneven heartbeats

2- Cimetidine- Medicine is used when the person is suffering from any stomach issues

3- Erythromycin- Medicine used as an antibiotic

4- Ketoconazole- Medicine used to treat fungal infections

5- If the person is suffering from different problems, such as peeing, medicines that make a person more sleepy, Mouth being dried, then the person might face these issues more.


Loratadine medicine is used for allergy issues faced by the person.

Visit a qualified practitioner before consuming the medicine and inform all your body history with the doctor to have a better suggestion as needed and exclude the side effects later (Martens, J., 1995).

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