Gabapentin is a drug used for people who have epilepsy, treating seizures. Neuropathic pains are treated with Gabapentin. There are different neuropathic pains caused by viral infections and herpes zoster in adults.

Gralise, Horizant, Neurontin, Gaborone. are the brand names for the medicine, whereas Gabapentin is a generic name. Drug class of Gabapentin is Gamma-aminobutyric acid analogs.

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How Does Gabapentin Help With Anxiety?

Gabapentin is a drug used in treating nerve pains. Anxieties have different issues involved, such as headaches, uneasiness in the body, fear of unrealistic things, and over imagination, leading to overthinking. Gabapentin works in a short form, which means Gabapentin does not operate fully on anxiety issues but works as a symptom reliever.

This study was made by Rachel K Berlin et al. for a psychiatric disorder. To study the Therapy in psychiatric disorders using Gabapentin.

There were 18 patients involved in this study. These 18 people are facing different anxiety disorders, in which one person was having Generalized Anxiety Disorder. These people were observed by giving the dosage of Gabapentin and diazepam every 3 months of follow-up. This study happened for 196 days keeping the patients in observation.

Gabapentin has a different mechanism that works for the body. It helps in overcoming anxiety issues but not wholly. It helps make the patients less effective with the anxiety issues but doesn't solve the whole anxiety issues. It helps in curing a few disorders of anxiety.

How Long Does Gabapentin Take To Work for Anxiety?

Every person takes a different time process in curing themselves. Individuals take as per their body's reaction to the drug, whereas the medicine can help the person heal within a week, or it may take months to get out of the situation depending on the reaction of the drug.

Gabapentin works around 6 hours after consuming, 3 to 4 times a day depending upon the doctor's prescription.

How Gabapentin Is Used To Treat Mixed Bipolar State?

Gabapentin has antidepressant and anti-maniac properties. It helps in some way or another by stopping the nervous system by blocking the chemical cells, which is terrible for the brain. This helps by treating some disorders if gabapentin is taken.

What if I Miss a Dose?

It's ok to miss a dose, but consuming it two can lead to problems. Have medications with a time gap suggested by the doctor; if you miss, then have the next dose but not double the older dose.

What if I Overdose?

There are different serious conditions built up for the person who has consumed double or overdosed. There are issues such as the person might have a doubled vision focus and lack of concentration to which a person might fall off and face many other problems. If you overdosed Gabapentin, or see any issues, call the doctor as soon as possible.

Forms And Strengths






100mg, 200mg, 250mg



Dosage (Partial onset seizures)

Adult (18-64 years)

Start of the dose-

900mg (300mg per dose)


Max dose- 2400mg- 3600mg per day

Child (12-17 years)

Start of the dose-

900mg (300mg per dose)


Continuity dose-

900mg - 1800mg (divided into 3 times a day)


Max dose-

2400mg- 3600mg per day

Child (3-11 years)

Start of the dose-

10mg-15mg per day

Child (0-2 years)

No dosage recommended

Senior Citizen (65+)

You will be prescribed as per doctors observation

Dosage (postherpetic neuralgia)

Adult (18-64 years)

Start of the dose-

Day1- 300mg

Day2- 600mg (300mg per dose)

Day3- 900mg (300mg per dose) (3 times)


Max Dose- 600mg per dose (1800mg per day)

Child (0-17 years)

There is no dosage recommended

Senior citizen (65+)

Dosage will be prescribed as per the doctor's observation.

Consulting a doctor would be prescribed so that the doctor can thoroughly check and give the dosage accordingly.

Dosage (Stabilizing mood or antidepressant)

Adults (18-64 years)

900mg- 2000mg a day


Max dose may increase from person to person

Senior Citizen (65+)

Dosage will be prescribed as per doctor's observation

Why Is Gabapentin Used For?

The Gabapentin drug treats nerve pains. It works against different problems such as rashes caused by chickenpox or viral infections, also called the herpes virus.

How Does Gabapentin Work?

Gabapentin works by electrical changes in the brain and activities that happen through the chemicals in the brain known as neurotransmitters. It creates cells that fight against changes and pains created within.

Ways To Take Gabapentin?

Two forms of Gabapentin

  • Capsule and tablet form- It should be taken with water directly (You need to consume the medicine within a few days if you break into two)
  • Liquid form- A dosing cup should be used when taking the liquid state. (Do not measure with a normal housing spoon)

Before taking Medicines

For proper guidance of consuming medicine, you should inform a doctor of all the previous and present medications you're taking.

  • Do not take Gabapentin if you are allergic to it.
  • If you're facing any liver issues
  • If you are a diabetic person
  • If you are facing kidney issues
  • If you have lung disease
  • If you do not breathe normally or your breathing rate is low.

What to avoid

There are a few things that should be avoided before taking Gabapentin. It might lead to severe situations in life.

  • While consuming Gabapentin, You should not take antacids before 2 hours of gap.
  • Don't consume alcohol with gabapentin 
  • You should know your body level, which goes ups and downs if you are driving , which can lead to problems
  • It might cause you problems if you're using heavy machinery or lifting heavy weights when you have Gabapentin.

What Non-Medication Therapies Treat Anxiety?

  • The person has to avoid the consumption of caffeine.
  • The person has to avoid consuming nicotine and alcohol to treat
  • The person should have the proper diet which has all the healthy products and a balanced diet.
  • The person's consumption of water should be high.
  • The person should make self fit by doing proper exercises and making the body strong.
  • The person should have a full-time sleep. (not less than 8 hours)
  • Muscles should be relaxed, for which the person has to get a massage.
  • A person should have a relaxed life to which the person should practice techniques such as meditation, breathing techniques, yoga, acupuncture.
  • People can take supplements given by doctors or suggested by the doctors.

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