Flexeril is a muscle relaxant used in conjunction with physical therapy and rest to treat muscle spasm associated with acute musculoskeletal conditions. It's generic name is Cyclobenzaprine and It is classified as a skeletal muscle relaxant although it is structurally similar to tricyclic antidepressants.

The drug was FDA approved in 1977 for the treatment of muscle spasm. It is available by prescription in generic form.

Flexeril is used to treat conditions related to the skeletal muscle, such as pain, injury, or spasms. It acts on the central nervous system to produce its muscle relaxant effect thereby reducing pain in certain muscles.

Flexeril is available in oral formulation: A 5 mg and 10 mg tablet. Most patients are started on a 5 mg tablet thrice a day which can be increased to 10 mg three times a day depending on a patients’ condition and clinical response. It should be used only for short periods (up to two or three weeks) because there is inadequate evidence that prolonged use provides additional benefits.

Flexeril And Weight Gain

Muscle relaxers like Carisoprodol and Flexeril depress your central nervous system and slow down many of the processes that make your body function. The medicine is generally prescribed for the short term of around 5-7 days.

Short-term use of these medications can begin a slight weight gain of 2 to 3 lbs. as you lessen your activities to recover from your injury. Prolong use or abuse of these medicines can provoke more significant weight gain as you remain to undergo a decrease in your overall physical activities.

Can Muscle Relaxers Cause Weight Gain?

Muscle relaxers do not typically affect weight directly, however some weight gain have been reported because they reduce mobility coupled with reduced physical activity from the underlying problem.

Side Effects Of Flexeril

Common Side Effects

Serious Side Effects

Dry mouth Arrhythmia
Tiredness/Fatigue Syncope
Abdominal pain Hypotension
Nervousness/confusion Hepatitis
Unpleasant taste Seizure


  • Flexeril should not be used in people with thyroid disorder, heart block, congestive heart failure, arrythmia or recent heart attack.
  • Do not consume if you have taken MAO inhibitors in the past 14 days.
  • The safety of the medicine has not been established for people under 15 years old.
  • Avoid taking alcohol while taking Flexeril or other medication.


Flexeril is a prescription medication which acts on the brain to relax the local skeletal muscles, thereby relieving pain from muscle spasm and injuries.

Always consult your doctor regarding any of the information concerning health issues and/or medications.

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