Diclofenac is the medication that came into life in the 1960s. It was first introduced in the United States of America in 1988. Later it was approved by the FDA on 26th November 2002.

The drug class for Diclofenac is a Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID).

Brand name for Diclofenac is Dyloject, Cambia, Zorvolex, Zipsor, Voltaren, Cataflam, Voltaren-XR.

Diclofenac is a drug used for treating pains that are caused due to arthritis. There are two types of arthritis that help treat Diclofenac: rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

It helps to treat pains that have a range of mild to moderate.Brand name: Cataflam has an additional inputs for treating menstrual cramps

Voltaren has additional inputs for treating ankylosing spondylitis (bones in the spine get curved).Cambia has additional inputs for treating migraine attacks, and it will only treat headaches that have started recently (Tang, W., 2003).

Celebrex and Its Existence

Celebrex is the medication that came into life in the 1990s. It was first used as a medicine in the year 1999 by most people. But it was approved by the FDA on 31st December 1998.

The drug class for Celebrex is Cox-2 Inhibitors, a class for NSAID. Generic name for Celebrex is Celecoxib. 

Celebrex has a combination of treating different issues for the body, such as pains and other issues in the body. Mostly it can cure people facing ankylosing spondylitis, menstrual cramps, and arthritis.

Celebrex is one of the medicines that help children more than 2 years of age fight against rheumatoid arthritis. You can buy Celebrex over the counter from a certified online pharmacy. Celebrex is also used for treating inflammation because it has non-steroidal anti-inflammatory elements in the drug (McCormack, P.L., 2011).

Diclofenac vs Celebrex

Both the medicines have the components of the drug class, which is NSAID. This helps the person cure the pains and their inflammation which might be caused due to different reasons.

It cures the most effective disease caused in people, such as arthritis. Arthritis can be caused due to many reasons that affect the bone severely and swell up within joints that can be more painful.

According to a study by F McKenna et al. about the working process and effectiveness of two medicines such as Diclofenac and Celebrex in treating OA (osteoarthritis) was observed.

In this observation, 600 people were volunteer patients suffering from knee OA. These patients were divided into two groups, one group was provided with Celebrex 100mg, and the other group was provided with Diclofenac 50mg.

It was observed for 6 weeks continuously, and effects were being noted.The final output of the whole study says that Celebrex 200 mg has the same effect compared to Diclofenac 150 mg.

It has more relieving strength to the patients and helps them cure OA. Compared to Diclofenac, Celebrex can be more powerful to use and can help safely (Emery, P., Zeidler, H., Kvien, T.K., Guslandi, M., Naudin, R., Stead, H., Verburg, K.M., Isakson, P.C., Hubbard, R.C. and Geis, G.S., 1999).

How Does Diclofenac Work?

Every human body causes pain due to some bad substances. Diclofenac works as a shield to protect you from the pains and inflammation in the body which are caused due to bad substances (Tang, W., 2003).

How Does Celebrex work?

Celebrex works by overcoming substances that cause inflammation in the body and negatively affect hormones. Pains are the foremost thing that is easily affected by a person caused by arthritis, or any other can be cured with Celebrex (McCormack, P.L., 2011).

Age Restrictions for Diclofenac

Diclofenac is a medication that is not recommended for people to use under 14 years of age. It is not advised for children to consume Diclofenac for migraine attacks.

Age Restrictions for Celebrex

Celebrex is a medication that is not recommended for children below 2 years of age. It is not yet fully observed that the age group is lower than 2 years old.

Availability and Cost of Celebrex

On average, you can get Celebrex oral capsule for 180 dollars for 10 capsules of 200mg. This price for the medication is only available in cash and not for insurance plans. It is available in the US and other countries, but making the drug more powerful is still in progress.

OTC or Prescription Diclofenac

Diclofenac is only available with a prescription. There are side effects that have been seen if not taken with a doctor's consultation. 

OTC or Prescription Celebrex

Celebrex is only available with a prescription. You can get it through over the counter for a lower dose of the medicine.

How to Take Diclofenac?

For consuming Diclofenac, you need to have milk with it and swallow it directly. If you want to consume the medicine with water, it is advised to take it after the meal.

If you consume the medication with any food intake, it can make your body well and not affect you much.

How to Take Celebrex?

The doctor will tell you to consume Celebrex once or twice per day. You can consume the medicine with or without food intake if the dosage is 200 mg.

If you are consuming more than 200 mg, you should eat something to balance the internal process of the medication.

Side Effects of Diclofenac

For every medication, there are side effects mentioned by the doctor. To avoid getting into serious trouble, you need to inform all the other medications and things you consume for a better understanding.

Two types of side effects that might affect your body once you consume the medicine are known as normal/ casual effects and severe effects.

If you suffer from severe effects, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible not to make it more severely affected.

Severe effects which can be caused by consuming Diclofenac are as follows:

  • If you have breathlessness.
  • If you are facing problems during urination
  • If you have severe stomach aches.
  • If you are puking blood out.
  • If you are facing rashes that cause more redness throughout the body.

Severe effects which can be caused by consuming Celebrex are as follows:

  • If you are gaining weight quickly.
  • If your skin gets red in color or irritates the whole body.
  • If you have a severe stomach ache.
  • If you are feeling tired and have weakness in the body.
  • If you are suffering from urinating

If you are facing any normal side effects, you should inform the doctor and be in touch with them for medical guidance if required.

Normal effects which can be caused by consuming Diclofenac are as follows:

  • If you have a mild headache
  • If you are feeling sleepy all-day
  • If you have mild pains in the body.
  • If you are feeling bloated
  • If you are sweating.

Normal effects which can be caused by consuming Celebrex are as follows:

  • If you are suffering from gas
  • If you are having a feeling of vomit.
  • If you are feeling sleepy all day.
  • If you have a runny nose.
  • If you have a sore throat.

Above side effects should be kept in mind, and there are other side effects as well that are not mentioned here. For proper guidance of the medicine and its usage, talk to a doctor.






Delayed release tablet

25mg, 50mg, 75mg

Extended release tablets



18mg, 25mg, 35mg

Oral solution















Difference and Similarities of Diclofenac and Celebrex



There is no confirmation about the interaction with food or alcohol.

Inform the doctor about your alcohol intake before consuming the medicine.

Disease interaction may include :




Renal Toxicity

Fluid Retention

Disease Interaction may include:

Heart failure





361 drug interactions have been observed

387 drug interactions have been observed

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Both the medicines have safe properties, yet it has some negative effects that some people might encounter. Comparatively to diclofenac, Celebrex works more effectively for arthritis and you can also buy Celebrex over the counter by submitting the prescription to the pharmacy or a telehealth service.

It is always recommended to get the perfect medicine for your health-related issues; otherwise, it can cause severe effects. Always be thoughtful in selecting the medicines after consulting a doctor.


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