What Is Toradol?

Toradol was invented in the year 1976, Later it came into the drug market in 1989, and on 16th May 1997 FDA approved the medicine.Generic name for Toradol is Ketorolac.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are the drug class of Toradol.Toradol helps people in recovering from Back pain , it also helps in tooth pain and Migraine . These pains might differ from mild to severe.

Toradol is a medication that is used post-surgery mostly. This medicine helps the patient who has been through surgery to relieve pains.

Toradol helps you get your painful life to a fit life by overcoming pains in the body. You are suggested not to consume the medication for a longer time. You can also get Toradol over the counter from certified online pharmacy but it is advised to take doctor's prescription first.

Toradol cures inflammation by an anti-inflammatory substance produced in the medicine (Buckley, M.M.T. and Brogden, R.N., 1990. Ketorolac. Drugs39(1), pp.86-109).

What Is Zofran?

Zofran was put into trials in the mid-year 1980s. Later it got patented in the US in the year 1987 September. Lastly, the FDA approved the medication in 1996.

Generic name for Zofran is Ondansetron.5HT3 receptor antagonists are the drug class of Zofran.

Zofran is a medication that deals with patients suffering from life-threatening issues such as surgery, cancer chemotherapy, and radiation.

If someone is suffering from these kinds of issues, there is a possibility that people may get affected by nausea and vomiting, which Zofran helps in recovering.

Zofran is used to fight diseases that may affect the body. Zofran can be used with other drugs as well (Stiakaki, E., Savvas, S., Lydaki, E., Bolonaki, I., Kouvidi, E., Dimitriou, H., Kambourakis, A. and Kalmanti, M., 1999).

Can You Take Toradol and Zofran?

There are no interactions that will harm your health on a higher note. But it also doesn't mean that nothing will happen after consuming Toradol and Zofran together.

A study was with the help of FDA data by ehealthme.com. Clinical data helps to know different researchers' opinions and results as proof.

In this process, 950 people volunteered for the observing process of two medicines consuming Toradol and Zofran. Interactions are common that can affect someone's health. Results showed like after consuming Toradol and Zofran, females had emotional discomfort, and Males were suffering from anxiety.

For what Toradol and Zofran Together can Help?

Toradol has a different composition compared to Zofran. This helps both the medicine to fight the pain together.

There are different things that can be cured with Toradol and Zofran together, On the main instance, hangover-like situations can be handled. Hangovers are something people face when they are stressed or have limitless alcohol.

A headache starts to happen when the hangover kicks in, which can be cured with the two medications together. With headaches, Toradol and Zofran can help recover from muscle aches.

How does Toradol Work?

Toradol works by stopping the pain sensations to the person and releases natural substances in the body that can help you fight pains. Inflammation can be overcome with medicine.

Swellings can be reduced with the medicine and pains, which are relatable sources. Toradol is not recommended for severe pains. (Eichner, E.R., 2012.)

How does Zofran Work?

Zofran works by sending signals to the brain to overcome the vomiting sensation from the body. Serotonin is a message sent to the brain in the digestive system and throughout the nervous system.

Zofran stops the chemicals produced, which causes nausea and vomiting (Vreeman, R.C., 2009).

Forms and Strength




Oral solution

50ml (4mg)

Oral disintegrated Tablet

4mg, 8mg


4mg (2ml)


4mg, 8mg, 24mg


2mg (2ml), 2mg (20ml)











Age 17-64

Dose at start- 10mg (4 times a day)

Max Dose- 40mg per day (4 to 6 hours of gap)

Age more than 64

The person can take 10mg followed by 10mg at 4-6 hours of gap not exceeding 40 mg


Chemotherapy (Adults)

Severe nausea and vomiting

24mg (30 minutes before chemotherapy)

Moderate nausea and vomiting

8mg (30 minutes before chemotherapy)


8mg (8 hours after the first dose)


8mg 2 times a day (12 hours of gap) for 2 days

Radiation Therapy

8mg (1 or 2 hours before therapy)

8mg (8 hours after 1st dose)

1 or 2 days after therapy

After Surgery

16mg (1 hours before anesthesia)

Children (12 to 17 years)

Chemotherapy (Moderate nausea and vomiting)

8 mg (30 minutes before therapy)

8mg (after 8 hours of first dose) for 1 to 2 days

Children (4 to 11 years)

Chemotherapy (Moderate nausea and vomiting)

4 mg (30 minutes before therapy)

4mg (after 4 to 8 hours of first dose) for 1 to 2 days

Side Effects

Two different side effects can affect a person's health. These side effects should be taken care of and have a vision. Every side effect should be told to the doctor, whether it's a normal side effect or a severe one.

Severe side effects can affect your health in a greater form that can worsen your health. So do inform your health that you may feel after consuming the medicine.


Normally side effects that can be seen on a person are as follows:

  • A person might feel a nausea
  • A person might have a mild stomach ache
  • A person might have a problem with proper digestion
  • A person might have a mild headache
  • A person might feel sleepy all-day

Severe side effects that can be seen on a person are as follow:

  • A person might feel problems in breathing normally
  • A person might get rashes on the skin
  • A person might vomit blood
  • A person might have a severe stomach ache
  • A person might get improper urination or dark-colored urine.
  • A person might have a yellow vision or the skin becoming yellow.


Normal side effects that can be seen on a person are as follows:

  • A person might feel constipated
  • A Person might have a mild headache
  • A Person might feel sleepy all-day
  • A Person might feel tired.
  • A Person might have a confused state of mind.

Severe side effects that can be seen on a person are as follows:

  • A Person might have a severe stomach ache
  • A Person might have severe chest pain or feeling of stroke
  • A Person might have yellowing skin and vision
  • A Person might have blurriness in their eyes
  • A Person might feel things that are not present there (Hallucination)

There might be other side effects, which are not mentioned here. For proper knowledge about the side effects, you should inform the doctor.

Apart from these side effects, if you have any severe issues that are making your life unstable, do take emergency help.


Toradol and Zofran together don't have interaction. That doesn't mean it will not affect other medicine. Every body responds differently according to the mechanism and body type.

These are the individual interactions that you might face if you are consuming individually, such as














Toradol and Zofran both medications need a compulsory prescription. You cannot get the medicine directly from over the counter. Medications used together don't have much impact on your life. These medications should not be used on a higher dose.

Consult a doctor for a proper dose if you want to take it together. Never be in a hurry to consume the medication and not keep yourself at risk.


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