Zanaflex (Tizanidine) vs Soma (Carisoprodol)

Zanaflex (Tizanidine) vs Soma (Carisoprodol)

What Is Tizanidine?

Tizanidine is a medication used to treat spasms and elevated muscular tone caused by multiple sclerosis, stroke, or a brain or spinal injury. Tizanidine belongs to the skeletal muscle relaxant class of drugs. It works by allowing the brain and nerve system to slow down their actions, relaxing the muscles.

What is Soma?

Soma is a prescription medication that doctors usually given to people who have muscle spasms, discomfort, or other related issues. Soma is a muscle relaxant that acts on the central nervous system. While it is well recognized that the medication is efficient in reducing the amount of muscle pain a patient may be experiencing, medical specialists do not appear to completely understand how the drug works to achieve these results.

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Tizanidine vs Soma: Which one is better?

There is a scarcity of data comparing skeletal muscle relaxants to one another. A systematic review looked at 46 trials, most of which were focused on low back pain or neck disorders. The placebo-controlled trials were completed more than 15 years ago and included 17 on cyclobenzaprine, six on Tizanidine, four on carisoprodol, and four on orphenadrine. (See S, Ginzburg R).

Soma was found to be more effective than diazepam at reducing muscle spasms and improving overall and functional status in patients with low back pain in one research of moderate quality. Another trial that compared Tizanidine to chlorzoxazone for back spasms found no significant differences.

Some studies of good quality were included in a different systematic review. There was no difference in outcomes (muscle spasms, muscle discomfort, tension, tenderness, and functional status) between cyclobenzaprine and carisoprodol, chlorzoxazone, and Tizanidine, and diazepam and Tizanidine in these trials.

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Strength and Dosage for Tizanidine

Tizanidine is available in three strengths: 2.29 mg, 4.58 mg, and 6.87 mg tablets.


The initial dose is recommended to be 2 mg. Because Tizanidine’s efficacy peaks at around 1 to 2 hours after a dose and fades between 3 and 6 hours after a dose, treatment can be repeated as needed at 6 to 8 hour periods, up to a maximum of three doses in 24 hours.


To achieve a sufficient reduction in muscle tone, the amount can be steadily increased by 2 mg to 4 mg at each dosage, with 1 to 4 days between dosage increases. The daily intake should not be more than 36 mg.

Strength and Dosage for Soma

Strength and Dosage for Soma

Soma is available in two strengths: 250mg and 350mg tablets.


Soma should be taken in doses of 250 mg to 350 mg three times a day and at bedtime. 

Soma should be used for no more than two or three weeks at a time.

Drug Interactions for Tizanidine

Tizanidine is primarily metabolized in the liver by the CYP1A2 enzyme. Tizanidine levels in the body can be increased by drugs that block or inhibit this enzyme. Increased medication levels might cause sleepiness and dizziness, among other side effects. CYP1A2 inhibitors like ciprofloxacin and cimetidine and birth control pills containing Ethinyl estradiol should be avoided when taking Zanaflex.

Drug Interactions for Soma

Consult your doctor before taking any other sleep-inducing medication, such as allergy medications or narcotic pain relievers. Other substances that slow the brain’s functions, such as alcohol, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, and opioids, interact with Soma. Do not consume alcohol while taking this medication. This drug has the potential to become addictive. Do not exceed the recommended dosage.

Can you take Tizanidine and Soma Together?

When the drugs Zanaflex (Tizanidine) and Soma (carisoprodol) are taken together, they might cause addictive side effects such as drowsiness and cognitive impairment. Both are categorized as muscle relaxants; therefore, taking both is termed a “double therapy.”


Nonetheless, while Zanaflex and Soma are both muscle relaxants, their mechanisms of action are slightly different, and it’s possible that using both could provide additional benefits. However, before combining the two, you should consult your doctor.


Both these medications- Tizanidine and Soma are used for muscle spasms. According to the study conducted, it was observed that Soma was more effective as compared to Tizanidine. But before taking any of these medications, please consult your doctor and tell them about your medical history in order to prevent negative effects.

Soma (Carisoprodol) For Anxiety – Is it the Right Option?

Soma (Carisoprodol) For Anxiety – Is it the Right Option?

Soma belongs to the class of drugs known as centrally acting skeletal muscle relaxants. It belongs to the group of muscle relaxants known as carbamates.
Soma can help relieve pain, lower muscle tension, and reduce anxiety when prescribed but is often used as a recreational drug due to its potent effects. Alcohol consumption is a dangerous synergy that increases soma effects, which makes the combination a risky combination.
The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has not approved Soma to help with anxiety.

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Why is Soma not Good for Anxiety?

Why is Soma not Good for Anxiety

Soma is the brand name for the prescription carisoprodol a muscle relaxer with sedative properties that dampens central nervous system activity.
Though Soma reduces anxiety is not recommended for a longer span as it is not approved for anxiety by the administration.
If you have anxiety trouble communicate to your doctor, they will prescribe the most suitable drug for you.

What is Soma originally intended to be used for?

The medication works by affecting the communication among the nerves in the central nervous system. It is a drug prescribed to relax the muscles and relived the pain from it—injuries caused by sprains and strains. The drug may be addictive if misused and can be caused dependency. It acts in the brain and doesn’t relax the muscles directly.
Mixing the Soma drug with alcohol can exacerbate undesirable and dangerous side effects such as dizziness and judgment. The risk of abuse of Soma pill comes from taking more carisoprodol than prescribed and from drowsiness or dizziness. These side effects can be exacerbated in cases where the pill is abused.

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If not Soma, what are some other drugs one can take to Calm Anxiety?

There are a total of four major classes of drugs used to calm anxiety;
they are –
• Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs): This class of drugs can ease average to severe depression symptoms and are relatively safe.
• Serotonin-Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitors (SNRIs): This class of drugs treats depression and can cure anxiety disorder and long-term pain.
• Benzodiazepines: These drugs are used to calm a person by raising the level of the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA in the brain.
• Tricyclic Antidepressants: these are second-line drugs next to SSRI. They are primary used as antidepressants to manage depression.
• Ketamine (Eskatimine): This drug is used before surgery to put you to sleep.
• Consult your doctor before taking any medications. Your physician will observe your situation and will prescribe the right drug for you.
• Remember that drugs usually take around 4-8 weeks to work to become fully effective.
• Sometimes, one will need a combination of antidepressants.
• Side effects may vary as it depends on the drug you are consuming, and once your body gets to adjust to the drug, it will improve.

What are Some Natural Remedies to Calm Anxiety?

What are Some Natural Remedies to Calm Anxiety
  • Get some sleep: get quality sleep for yourself. Avoid sleeping late, watching tv in bed, using gadgets on the bed, etc.; try sleeping early so that you will appear fresh in the morning.
  • Meditate: The primary goal of mediation is to eliminate negative thoughts from your mind and replace them with peace, positivity, and mindfulness. Meditating every day can benefit you in a great way.
  • Eat healthily: Monitor your eating habits. Exclude processed foods from your menu. Stay hydrated and consume stuff rich in complex carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables, and thin proteins.
  • Avoid consuming alcohol: Alcohol is a natural sedative. It may calm you down for a while but then will hit you vigorously. It may also develop alcohol dependence.
  • Stay active: Hit the gym, walk around, exercise, do yoga, or meditate but keep yourself active as much as possible. It is not a short-term fixture, but it will serve you hours later too.


Muscle relaxers can help relieve pain, lower muscle tension and reduce anxiety due to its calming effects when prescribed by doctors, but is often used as a recreational drug due to its potent effects.

The maximum recommended dose of some is 350 mg. The drug is prescribed for people undergoing muscle pain affected by a sprain

The drug generally works within 30 minutes and lasts for 4-6 hours.

Though Soma can be an adequate cure for Facial flushing, sleeplessness, nausea, and abdominal discomfort, it may be addictive and carries the potential for abuse. Misuse of the drug can cause a heart attack or stroke and can also cause sudden death.

Benzodiazepines support in managing many anxiety disorders, including panic dysfunction, generalized anxiety dysfunction, etc. Some examples of these drugs are- alprazolam (Xanax), chlordiazepoxide (Librium), clonazepam (Klonopin), diazepam (Valium), and lorazepam (Ativan).


Dean L. Carisoprodol Therapy and CYP2C19 Genotype. 2017 Apr 4. In: Pratt VM, Scott SA, Pirmohamed M, et al., editors. Medical Genetics Summaries [Internet]. Bethesda (MD): National Center for Biotechnology Information (US); 2012-. Available from: Accessed on 10/08/2021


Duoflex, a carisoprodol tablet, is indicated to relieve discomfort associated with acute painful musculoskeletal disorders. Duoflex can be used for a short period (two to three weeks), but sufficient evidence of efficacy after prolonged use has not been provided for these conditions due to the short duration between dosage and administration.

Carisoprodol is an oral muscle relaxant used for recovery, physical therapy, and short-term relief of acute painful muscles and skeletal disorders in adults. The intensity of the side effects of carisoprodol tends to decrease as the therapy continues as is the case with many other medications. However, for patients undergoing therapy, it can have a range of calming side effects that can affect patients’ ability to operate firearms, motor vehicles, and other machinery of various kinds, to take alcoholic medicines, and, in some cases, to consider Carisoprodol alternative medicines.

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What are the Active ingredients of Duoflex Pills?

What-are-the-Active-ingredients of Duoflex Pills

It comprises Bisacodyl as its active ingredient. It belongs to the group of stimulant laxatives that help to treat constipation.

It operates by stimulating the action of the intestinal walls, making them incur and defecate easily.

These are usually recommended to stop and manage short-term constipation. Carisoprodol, Diclofenac, Chlorzoxazone are the active ingredients in Duoflex pills.

What are the Side effects of Duoflex Pills?

If you are concerned about side effects, discuss the risks and benefits of each medication with your doctor. Your doctor may need to change the dose of your medication or monitor you closely. Side effects are adverse reactions to the drug when taken in normal doses. The following side effects have been reported in up to 1% of people taking the drug. The side effects of a drug are determined by several factors, such as the severity of the disease or the condition of the individual patient. In a common condition such as fever, the same dose of paracetamol (500 mg) as the drug is used for the patient, but the drug may be available in different doses.

Some common side effects-are

Some common side effects are-

  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • Headache
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Gas
  • Mild stomach pain or heartburn
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea

If you are experiencing some different side effects then it is recommended to visit to your physician.

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Warnings and Precautions for Duoflex pills.

Take care of these things while taking the medications: –

  • The medications may cause dizziness so make sure you don’t drive and do activities that involve machinery which involves alertness until you know how to react to it. 
  • Avoid consuming alcohol while you are on this medication. 
  • Consult your physician or pharmacist if you have any doubts or issues. 
  • As the medicines will make you dizzy and it may increase in fever, alcohol or hot weather. To prevent this, sit and stand slowly especially in the morning. 
  • Take the medicines as recommended by the doctor. Never raise your dosage on your own.  
  • If elderly people are treated with these medications, then they have to be more cautious as they can be more sensitive to it. 
  • The medication should be used with extreme caution in children below 16 years old, the safety of the medication is still not been established. 
  • Women in pregnancy or breastfeeding should discuss with the physician about the risks and benefits before taking the medication. 
  • Severe stomach ulcer or bleeding can occur with the use of Diclofenac. Taking it for a longer time, smoking, or consuming alcohol can increase the risk of side effects. 
  • Do not use aspirin while you are taking Diclofenac unless your doctor tells you to. 
  • Check with your physician or pharmacologist before you take acetaminophen while you are using Diclofenac. The uncertainty of liver difficulties may be increased.
  • Do not switch between different forms of Diclofenac unless your physician tells you to.
  • Some brands of Diclofenac include gelatin and should not be consumed by individuals who are allergic to bovine proteins.
  • It is important to consult a doctor regarding medication and pills. No, it is not recommended to take tablets with milk. 
  • The prolonged or excessive intake of these tablets may expose you to the risk of extreme dehydration in severe cases.

How much Consumption of Duoflex is Safe?

Consumption of duoflex pills

Do not increase your dose or use any medication longer than prescribed. The risk is higher if you have a substance use disorder, such as overuse or drug or alcohol dependence. Tell your doctor if you or someone in your family drink or consume large amounts of alcohol, take or use street drugs, take prescription drugs excessively, have an overdose, or suffers from depression or other mental illness.

The recommended dosage is 200 mg and Diclofenac Sodium 50 mg. In the ingestion of a 50 mg tablet, the mean plasma concentration is 1.5 mcg /ml (5 mcmol / H) which is reached on average at 2 hours.
Drinking alcohol or taking any of these medications, especially Soma and Tramadol, increases the risk of serious or life-threatening side effects.

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Is Carisoprodol (Soma) a Controlled Substance in the USA

Is Carisoprodol (Soma) a Controlled Substance in the USA

A controlled substance is a drug or medication that is labeled as illicit due to its addictive nature. The government restricts its manufacture, use, and possession. Such medications can only be acquired through a doctor’s prescription that too when is considered extremely necessary.

Because of Soma’s potential for abuse, Soma is a controlled substance in 18 U.S. states: 

  • Alabama       
  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Hawaii
  • Indiana
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Nevada
  • New Mexico
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Washington
  • West Virginia
  • Wyoming. 

The U.S. drug enforcement agency listed Soma as a drug of concern and is conducting hearings to determine whether it should be classified at the federal level as a control substance. 


Is Soma a Schedule 1 drug?

is soma a schedule one drug

In December 2011, the Drug Enforcement Agency decided to control the drug as a Schedule I controlled substance under the Controlled Substances Act (C.S.A.). The D.E.A. (Drug Enforcement Agency) published a final rule (76 FR 77330) in the federal register that makes carisoprodol a Class I controlled substance.

Later on January 11, 2012, the D.E.A. (Drug Enforcement Agency) classified carisoprodol as a schedule IV controlled substance at the federal level. The final rule is that as of January 11, 2012, all prescription drugs containing carisoprodol must comply with 21 C.F.R. SS 130604. The medicines must also contain the information required under 21CFR. 
Schedule I drugs consist of medications or substances guaranteed to cause extreme addiction and pose a high risk of abuse.

What kind of drug is Carisoprodol?

Carisoprodol is a muscle relaxant that blocks pain sensations in the nerves of the brain. It is often used in resting and physiotherapy to treat skeletal muscles such as pain and injury. It is also used for recovery, physical therapy, and other measures to relax muscle strains and sprained muscle injuries. 

Carisoprodol is the most active and prominent substance present in Soma. Carisoprodol subject is to abuse, dependence, withdrawal, abuse, and criminal diversion. As Soma induces a calming effect, other C.N.S. depressants like alcohol, benzodiazepines, opioids, and tricyclic antidepressants may be additives.

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Is Carisoprodol 350 mg a Narcotic?

is soma narcotic

The typical 350 mg dose is unlikely to cause any prominent side effects except drowsiness, mild to significant euphoria, and dysphoria, but these effects are short-lived due to the rapid metabolism of carisoprodol with meprobamate and other metabolites and are largely due to its inherent anxiolytic solid effect, strong enough to produce its primary metabolite meprobamate, which is falsely blamed for the intense effects of the metabolite.

Although Soma is not a narcotic such as opioids, benzodiazepines, or barbiturates as a controlled substance, it can be used with these drugs in combination to enhance its effect with significant negative effects.

The overconsumption of carisoprodol and other medications will make you drowsy or decrease your breathing rate and can cause severe side effects, which could even lead to death. Some medications may affect your blood level or other medications you take, which may exacerbate side effects or make the medication less effective.

Suddenly halting the use of carisoprodol will make you experience severe withdrawal symptoms like insomnia, vomiting, abdominal pain, headaches, tremors, twitching, ataxia, hallucinations, and psychosis.

Does Carisoprodol make you high?

Yes, carisoprodol can get you high, but the effects won’t be severe as Soma does not fall in the narcotics category of medications. 

When utilized for the treatment of musculoskeletal pain will give a brief euphoric phase while taking effect to relieve muscle tension. The intensity of its speedy action provides users a high, euphoric feeling known as a soma-high feeling. Due to its toxic effects, doctors usually prescribe carisoprodol for up to three weeks.
Misuse of the drug carries the risk of overdose, leading to death due to C.N.S. depression (respiratory diseases), hypotension, seizures, and other overdose disorders. 


Yan Li, Chris Delcher, Joshua D. Brown, Yu-Jung Wei, Gary M. Reisfield, Almut G. Winterstein, Impact of Schedule IV controlled substance classification on carisoprodol utilization in the United States: An interrupted time series analysis,
Drug and Alcohol Dependence,

Top 8 Carisoprodol (Soma) alternatives in 2021

Top 8 Carisoprodol (Soma) alternatives in 2021

Carisoprodol which also goes by its brand name Soma is a powerful muscle relaxant used to treat musculoskeletal pain. The intensity of its rapid action gives users a high, euphoric feeling known as a soma high feeling.
Because of its sedating nature, Soma can sometimes be addicting. If Soma is consumed in high doses, it can intensify its effects and result in the patient feeling the same after-effects that doing drugs causes and become addicted.
Here are eight effective alternatives for carisoprodol that serve the same purpose with varying functions and effects:



Brand name: Robaxin

Methocarbamol is one of the alternate medications prescribed in place of Soma. It is used as a muscle relaxant.

It is used along with physical therapy to treat musculoskeletal conditions.

Top 8 Carisoprodol (Soma) alternatives in 2021

Common Side effects:

  • Mood swings
  • Heartburn
  • Indigestion
  • Belching (burping)
  • Insomnia
  • Stomach pain
  • Nausea

Side effects to look out for:

  • Chest pain
  • Black or tarry stool
  • Dark urine
  • Diarrhea
  • Changes in skin color
  • Hives developing on body parts
  • Puffiness in the face
  • Ulcers or sores forming in mouth or lips
  • Vomiting blood


  • This drug should not be used in early pregnancy and breastfeeding. It may harm an unborn baby.
  •  Patients with a history of seizures, kidney diseases, or myasthenia gravis should let their doctor know before intaking.
  • Do not consume medication with alcohol as it may cause serious side effects.
  • Avoid driving or doing anything that requires you to be alert as drug impairs and delays your thinking and actions.
  •  Do not use methocarbamol if you are allergic to it.


  • Take the dosage strictly as prescribed by your doctor or physician.
  • Methocarbamol is consumed by either taking tablets orally or through an injection.
  • Oral: these are taken by mouth. The initial dose is 1500 mg; it should be taken four times daily. Which is later reduced after 2 to 3 days. 
  • Injection: this is injected into a muscle. They are not administered subcutaneously only for IV (intravenous) and IM (intramuscular) administration.

For IM: 500 mg into each gluteal region
For IV: inject undiluted iv into the vein at a rate of 300 mg /minute



Brand names: Flexeril, Amrix, Fexmid

Cyclobenzaprine is an alternative for Soma for muscle relaxation.

It is used to minister muscle spasms and help reduce pain caused by any sprain or injuries.

Common side effects:

  • Fatigue
  • Xerostomia (dry mouth)
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Drowsiness
  • Constipation
  • Confusion or nervousness
  • bloating
  • Blurry vision

Side effects to look out for:

  •  hallucinations
  •  Eyes or skin yellowing
  • Irregular heartbeats
  • Seizure
  • Hives/skin rash
  • Depression
  •  Vomiting


  • For pregnant females, this drug should only be used if it is extremely necessary, so clarify with your doctor then proceed for consumption.
  • As this drug is associated with tricyclic antidepressants, it has a tendency to be excreted in human milk, so caution is required.
  • Avoid alcohol.
  • Causes confusion and drowsiness, so participating in risky activities is not advised.

Inform your doctor know if you have any of the following:

1. thyroid disease
2. heart diseases
3. liver disease
4. glaucoma
5. victim of heart attack
6. enlarged prostate
7. trouble with urination

Do not consume if you are allergic to it or have


Medically recommended dose of cyclobenzaprine is 5 or 10 mg thrice daily for IR tablets (Immediate Release tablets are formulated to dissolve or disintegrate after swallowing.)
15 or 30 mg once daily consuming extended-release tablets (extended-release tablets are formulated so that the medication dissolves slowly over time, this causes fewer side effects to taking place in the body)



Brand name: Skelaxin

Metaxalone works as a skeletal muscle relaxant. It takes effect by blocking nerve impulses in the brain. It is prescribed for muscle pain caused by injury, sprain, and fibromyalgia. It consists of sedative properties.

Common Side effects:

  • Constipation
  • Drowsiness
  • Feeling nervous
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Feeling anxious

Side effects to look out for:

  • Anxiety
  • Stomach, back, leg ache
  • Nosebleeds
  • Black, tarry stool
  • Bleeding gums
  • Diarrhea
  • Puffy face
  • Hives
  • Loss of appetite
  • Twitching
  • Vomiting blood
  • Chest pain


There is no data provided regarding the safety of pregnant or breastfeeding women consuming metaxalone. Ingesting is not recommended.

  • Not to be consumed with alcohol.
  • Not to be consumed with Central Nervous System (CNS) Depressants. It might increase the sedative effect on the body.
  • Patients suffering from liver damage should be careful
  • Nursing/ breastfeeding mothers should not consume as drugs are prone to be excreted in breast milk.
  • Look out for signs of Serotonin Syndrome(SS).

Signs include:

  • Agitation
  • Hypertonia
  • Clonus
  • Diaphoresis
  • Hyperreflexia


The suggested standard dose is intaking one 800 mg tablet 3 to 4 times daily.



Brand name: Zanaflex

Tizanidine falls under the category of central alpha-2-adrenergic agonists. Can be used to reduce muscle spasm related to spinal injury as well as pain caused due to muscle spasm.

Common side effects:

  • Asthenia (unusual weakness)
  • Bradycardia (slow heart rate)
  • Burning sensation during urinating
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Xerostomia (dry mouth due to medication)
  • Fever
  • Lightheaded
  • Constipation
  • Sore throat

Side effects to look out for:

  • Kidney stones.
  • Hallucinations
  • Itchy skin
  •  Severe sleepiness
  • Skin, lips, fingernails turning faint blue


  • Medication is expected to be excreted in breast milk, so breastfeeding and nursing women are not suggested to consume Zanaflex.
  • There is no practical research data about pregnant women so not ingesting is better to avoid risks to health.
  • Drinking alcohol is not advised.
  • Partaking in operating machinery, driving etc is risky and should be avoided to not cause bodily harm.
  • Tizanidine causes allergies in patients like urticaria (hives) and anaphylaxis.
  •  Patients suffering from renal impairment should be careful.
  • Patients suffering from hepatic impairment should be careful.


  • Capsules can also be consumed by opening and sprinkling it in food.
  • Medication is available in tablet as well as capsule form.
  • A starting dose of 2 mg to be taken thrice in 24 hours.
  • Dosage can be increased steadily from 2 mg to 4 mg.
  • Total daily dose should never exceed the limit of 36 mg.


Brand name: Kemstro, Gablofen, Lioresal

Baclofen, also known as Lioresal, is a skeletal muscle relaxant that is effective in treating muscle pain and is prescribed for spinal cord diseases and sclerosis and for flexor spasms, concomitant pain, clonus, and muscular rigidity.

Common side effects:

  • Insomnia
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Frequent urination
  • Weakness
  • Drowsiness

Side effects to look out for:

  • Seizure
  • Swelling in face or throat
  • Fever
  • Hallucinations
  • Shortness of breath
  • Hives
  • Tingling or numbness in limbs


  • Causes withdrawal symptoms.
  • Practicing activities which require motor control, alertness, and balance should be avoided when under the influence of medication.
  • Patients suffering from renal impairment should be careful. 
  • May increase risk of ovarian cyst.
  • Pregnant or nursing women should NOT consume. Consuming baclofen during pregnancy will harm the offspring’s mental state.
  • Not appropriate consumption for below 12-year-olds.

Inform your physician know if you are suffering from any of the following:
1. Mental illnesses
2. Epilepsy (stroke)
3. Nervous system disorder
4. Kidney disease


  • The medication is provided in tablet form as well as in a solution.
  • Recommended dose for the solution is 5ml thrice a day for three days day (not more than 80 mg in a day that is 20 mg 4 times a day.)
  • Recommended dose for tablet is 5 mg thrice a day (not more than 80 mg in a day that is 20 mg 4 times in a day.)

Oxazepam and Diazepam


Brand name: Serax and Valium respectively

Oxazepam and diazepam both belong in the benzodiazepine class of drugs. Drugs that fall under the benzodiazepine class are a group of nervous system depressants. They are prescribed for the treatment of conditions such as anxiety, seizures, insomnia, panic attacks as well as spasms. They work as sedatives by inducing calm effects.

Common side effects:

  • Menstrual changes
  • Increased interest in sexual intercourse
  • Decreased interest in sexual intercourse
  • Excessive salivation
  • Diplopia (seeing double)
  • Constipation

Side effects to look out for:

  • hallucinations
  • side or lower back pain
  • nightmares
  • vomiting blood
  • seizures
  • agitation
  • dark urine
  • black, tarry stool
  • trouble concentrating
  • irregular breathing
  • fast heartbeat


  • Benzodiazepine use is advised to be avoided for childbearing females. Benzodiazepine puts the child at risk for withdrawal symptoms. It causes birth defects
  • Drug gets excreted in breast milk. Thus, consumption during the breastfeeding phase is NOT recommended.
    Should not be consumed with the combination of alcohol or grapefruit/ grapefruit juice.
  • Practicing activities which require motor control, alertness, and balance should be avoided when under the influence of medication.
  • Increase suicidal thoughts
    Withdrawal symptoms may occur after prolonged use of medication.

Not suitable for people with the following:

  • History of substance abuse
  • Respiratory conditions
  • Glaucoma
  • Liver diseases
  • Kidney diseases

Misuse of these drugs can result in overdose, addiction and even death.

For Oxazepam:

  • Standard dose for users is 10 mg to 15 mg tablets orally 3 or 4 times daily.
  • Increased dose for users is 15 mg to 30 mg orally 3 or 4 times daily.
    For Diazepam:
  • Oral: 2 to 10 mg taken orally 3 or 4 times a day
  • Parenteral: 2 to 5 mg IV / IM in 3 to 4 hours
    Or 5 to 10 mg IV / IM in 3 to 4 hours.
    Depending on the severity of the condition.


Brand name: Paraflex, Lorzone
Chlorzoxazone is a muscle relaxant used to treat skeletal muscle conditions like pain, muscle spasms, and injury.

Common side effects:

  • Nausea
  • Drowsiness
  • Vomiting
  • Headache

Side effects to look out for:

  • Skin rash
  • Nausea
  • Dark urine
  • Yellowing of eyes and skin
  • Fever
  • Fatigue
  • Anorexia


  • There is no practical research data about the safety of pregnant women when consuming chlorzoxazone. Therefore should only consume if the physician advises so.
  • Should not be consumed with alcohol.
  • Patients with a history of drug allergies should be cautious about intake.

The standard dose is 375 mg tablet 3 or 4 times a day
For better results, the dosage can be increased from one to two tablets (750 mg) 3 or 4 times a day.



Brand name: Norflex, Invagesic Orphenadrine is a skeletal muscle relaxant.
Orphenadrine is generally prescribed for the treatment of symptoms of muscle spasms as well as for other conditions such as migraines. Its inducing effects are similar to Carisoprodol effects known for producing euphoric feelings in the mind.

Common side effects:

  • Anxiety
  • Itchy skin
  • Numbness around mouth, hands or feet
  • Dilated pupils
  • Muscle weakness
  • Trembling body
  • Confusion

Side effects to look out for:

  • Chest pain
  • Laboured breathing
  •  Hives
  • Sores or ulcers in the mouth
  • Fever
  •  Hallucinations
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Glaucoma
  •  Abdominal pain
  •  Vomiting


  • Orphenadrine should be prescribed to pregnant women only if
  • Desperately required.
  • Practicing activities which require motor control, alertness and balance should be avoided when under the influence of medication.

Patients suffering from the following conditions should be careful with this medication:

1. Tachycardia
2. Coronary insufficiency
3. Cardiac arrhythmia
4. Cardiac decompensation

Contraindicated in patients with the following:
1. Glaucoma
2. Pyloric stenosis
3. Stenosing peptic ulcers
4. (BPH) Benign prostate enlargement
5. Myasthenia gravis
6. Cardio spasm


  • Orphenadrine medication is available in tablet form as well as in injections.
  • Tablets: Orphenadrine 100 mg extended-release tablets should be taken orally twice a day (100 mg 2 times a day)
  •  Injection: Orphenadrine 60 mg IV or IM parenteral injections to be injected every 12 hours (60 mg IV/IM every 12 hours)
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How Carisoprodol 350 mg gets you high?

How Carisoprodol 350 mg gets you high?

Let’s start by understanding what this medication is and its purposes.
The carisoprodol drug is a powerful muscle relaxant that is used to treat musculoskeletal pain. The intensity of its rapid action gives users a high, euphoric feeling known as a soma-high feeling. Due to its potent effect, doctors usually prescribe Carisoprodol for at least three weeks.
 The suggested dose of 350 mg of the drug is not likely to cause any side effects and produces mild, bearable euphoria and brief dysphoric feelings.

Painosoma is the generic brand name for the prescription drug carisoprodol, a muscle relaxant with calming properties that dampen the central nervous system. The generic version of the drug contains aspirin as well as the drug itself. It is a Vanadom or muscle relaxant that is prescribed to relieve symptoms of muscle pain. SOMA, soprodols, vanadom, and opioid painkillers are all brand names for the muscle relaxant Carisoprodol and the opioid painkiller codeine. 

Doctors often prescribe Soma in conjunction with rest and physical therapy to relieve muscle tension and pain associated with injuries such as sprains and strains, but some people misuse the drug due to the feelings of sedation and relaxation that it induces.

How Carisoprodol 350 mg gets you high

How does Soma feel like?

Soma is a sedative, and its primary function is relaxing muscle pain and inducing calming and euphoric effects in the patient. It helps relax muscles in the body that decreases pain when taken in the standard dosage. Because of its sedating nature, Soma can sometimes be addicting. If Soma is consumed in high doses, it can intensify its effects and result in the patient feeling the same after-effects that doing drugs cause.

Therefore, due to its sedative, relaxing and euphoric effects, Carisoprodol can be addictive, especially in higher doses and with prolonged use. Those who take it regularly, even if they take a prescription drug, can become addicted over time.

Does Soma get you high?

Yes, Carisoprodol can get you high, but the effects won’t be severe as Soma does not fall in the narcotics category of medications. When used for the treatment of musculoskeletal pain will induce a brief euphoric phase while taking effect to relieve muscle tension.
Side effects of Carisoprodol include drowsiness and excessive sedation. Carisoprodol can be taken three times a day until bedtime and should be taken daily for 2-3 weeks.

The effects of side effects induced by Carisoprodol may vary in different individuals.

  • Older adults may be more sensitive to side effects of the drug, such as drowsiness and confusion. If any of these effects persist or worsen, inform your doctor or pharmacist. 
  • It is riskier if you have a substance use disorder, like drug or alcohol dependence. The risk is even higher if it is taken with multiple medications or abused in high doses. Withdrawal is more likely if you have been taking Carisoprodol for long periods of time and at high doses.
  • Individuals who consume Carisoprodol by combining it with other medications or in higher doses or for an extended duration of consumption will feel extreme effects and will suffer from severe side effects. Because the drug works so well, a certain amount is needed to get into the body over time. Increasing the amount of medication in the body can cause more side effects. 

How do people Abuse Soma in different ways?

Soma (Carisoprodol) abuse and dependency is found extensively in adults and teenagers. Due to its sedative, relaxing and euphoric effects, Carisoprodol can be addictive, especially in higher doses and with prolonged use. Those who take it regularly, even if they take a prescription drug, can become addicted over time. In some cases, auto is the active ingredient in Soma, and abuse or dependence in patients with long use and a history of drug abuse has been reported. 

People consume Soma in various forms in ways they find convenient. They sometimes increase the doses to increase its effects. 

⦁ Smoking Soma

Smoking is another common way of intaking Soma. Consumers combine powdered Soma with tobacco or cannabis, roll it in paper and smoke it to get the high euphoric effect.

⦁ Snorting Carisoprodol

Snorting Soma is a conventional way of consuming Soma to get high. Snorting Soma is a common way of intaking it in which people obtain possession of Soma in powdered form and forcibly inhaling the content so it enters the bloodstream quicker.

⦁ Injecting Carisoprodol

Injecting Soma, an alternative way of intaking Soma. Carisoprodol is combined with hydrocodone for this method. Doctors medically inject their patients to treat skeletal muscle injury. Recreational injecting Soma of this combination in the body has resulted in death and overdoses.

How long does it take for Soma to kick in?


When taken medically on the advice of a doctor or physician for pain-relieving function, 

Carisoprodol takes up to 30 minutes to start showing its effects.
At a prescribed dose, the therapeutic benefits of Soma work within 30 minutes. 

Doctors often prescribe Soma in conjunction with rest and physical therapy to relieve muscle tension and pain associated with injuries such as sprains and strains, but some people misuse the drug due to the feelings of sedation and relaxation that it induces.

Soma’s function takes effect instantly if consumed through other recreational means (snorted, injected, smoked) and in high doses, which is not recommended as it can lead to death, overdose or addictions (if consumed for a longer period). 

Soma with the Drug cocktail

Soma is available through OTC (over the counter) as a prescription drug Carisoprodol or illegally. Soma with drug cocktails is found in bars, dance clubs.

⦁ Houston cocktail

Houston cocktail, also known as the Holy Trinity, contains a combination of Carisoprodol, hydrocodone, and alprazolam (benzodiazepine). This mixture is considered lethal for consumers. The Carisoprodol, along with the hydrocodone component, is used to induce a severe euphoric feeling, and alprazolam which is a benzodiazepine variant gives a relaxed and calm effect.

⦁ Las Vegas cocktail

Las Vegas cocktail is a modern combination of an opioid, a muscle relaxant, and a benzodiazepine product such as Soma and Xanax. Since these are potent in nature, standard doses of each are mixed. This combination gives a hyperactive feel that feels similar to getting drunk is often found in social surroundings, especially parties or raves.

Carisoprodol Addiction

The sedative and relaxing effect of the medication can be addictive for some users who later abuse Soma in recreational ways to experience intensified euphoria and relaxation. This can be harmful as it would later result in life-threatening complications, which would require prolonged therapy and rehab.

The use of Carisoprodol and other medications in excess that make you drowsy or slow your breathing can cause dangerous side effects and even death. Some medications may affect your blood level or other medications you take, which may exacerbate side effects or make the medication less effective.

This medicine can be passed into breast milk, which can have undesirable effects on infants.

How Carisoprodol 350 mg gets you high

Abruptly halting the use of Carisoprodol will have you experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms such as:

  •  Insomnia
  •  Vomiting
  •  Abdominal Cramps
  •  Headaches
  •  Tremors
  •  Muscle Twitches
  •  Ataxia
  •  Hallucinations
  •  Psychosis

Follow prescription instructions to reduce the risk of soma abuse and dependence. Follow the instructions on your prescription label or read the medication guide or usage instructions. It is important to inform your doctor if you have a history of substance abuse before taking Soma. 


How Long Does Soma (Carisoprodol) Stay in your System?

How Long Does Soma (Carisoprodol) Stay in your System?

Painosoma is a generic brand pain medication that is sold in the market, while Carisoprodol is its generic name. The medication has muscle relaxing properties that create a barrier wall against the painful sensations transmitting between the nerves and the brain. 

Soma shows better recuperation results when combined with rest and alternative therapy. The standard carisoprodol schedule is for up to three weeks; no practical results have been demonstrated for long-term use until now. Also, it is not advisable to consume for more than three weeks, as it can be habit-forming.

Muscle spasms, strains, tension, muscle injuries, and sprains are some of the primary disorders treated using Soma. It develops relaxing sensations that help a person combat pain. Read on to know its mechanism and how long does Carisoprodol stays in your system. This information is subjective to market research; for personal usage, consult with your clinician. 

two people conversation on how long does carisoprodol stay in your system

How Soma Affects Your System?

How Soma Affects Your System

Soma performs by affecting the transmission between nerves and the central nervous system. Carisoprodol is an active agent that contains meprobamate, which breaks down in the body. Its mechanism helps regulate the calming signals in the brain, affecting the pain intensity by overcoming the discomforting feeling. The tablet stays in the metabolism for up to six hours, once released, its properties within thirty minutes of consumption.

The half amount of medication to excrete from the system differs from person to person and the route of consumption. For the oral route, it takes one to three consecutive hours, however in case of injection, the hours may change. Also, an individual’s metabolism is what plays a crucial role in eliminating half of the tablet from the system. 

Carisoprodol 350mg Precautions

Carisoprodol, when interacted with other drugs, could lead to a severe impact on your health condition. It is advisable to have a word with your doctor regarding your current medications or past medical history. Tell your physician about other complementary medicines you may use for strength or muscle building, such as vitamins, muscle gaining supplements, steroids, or protein powder. Combining carisoprodol, aspirin, and codeine may also lead to serious drug interactions. 

Do not forget to inform, if you had a history of addiction, abuse, or have used anti-depressants and tranquilizers in your past. This proactive discussion will help you to protect yourself from drug interactions and adverse reactions.

If you are an asthma patient or had lung disorders, you should try to have alternative medication which will have a lesser impact on respiratory depression. Also, stop drinking adulterated drinks while you are on course, as Carisoprodol 350 mg may get you high, with boosted sedative feeling. 

Before initiating your first dose, make sure to read the label carefully. Verify the expiry date and look for ingredients to know if you are allergic to any of them. Read the doctor’s private prescription and follow the instructions given to avoid Carisoprodol abuse


Few generic preventive measures include:

  • Do not get carisoprodol for sale from any street vendors, as it can cause damage to your system.
  • Do not take during pregnancy or lactation as it may affect the baby’s health.
  • Those who are depressed and have other mental disorders avoid using this drug.
  • Older adults above 50 years of age should go for alternative medication other than Soma.
  • Carisoprodol and alcohol are not an excellent combination for your health; avoid it.
  • Do not drive or operate heavy machinery, as it can have a drowsy effect. 
soma stay in your system

Carisoprodol side effects

Carisoprodol side effects

Get professional help if you find odd behavioral changes in your system. Due to its potential meprobamate molecule, there might be a chance of your body reacting weirdly. Therefore, record all the changes observed and tell your doctor so that he could take preventive actions accordingly. 

Soma side-effects include drowsiness, head pain, irregular pulse rate, confusion, slow thought process, diarrhea, skin rashes, and frustration. Immediately bring your doctor to notice your skin allergy, hives, respiratory depression, swollen face, lips or tongue, throat itching.

Stick to the exact prescription as directed to avoid adverse effects. Contact your doctor if you have seizures, hallucinations, shivering, sweating, fast heartbeat, muscle twitching and stiffness, fever, acidity, or weakness.

To avoid the following severe side effects:

  • Follow the doctor’s guidelines.
  • When stopping the medication, intimate your expert. The sudden stoppage may lead to additional withdrawal symptoms.
  • Avoid extending the dose to prevent tolerance and dependency. 
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How Long Soma Stays in Your System?

For a single dose to completely eliminate, eleven hours is the estimated hours defined. Few metabolites loiter in the system and survive up to four days. Again, the time fluctuates depending upon the individual’s metabolism speed. As observed among the older people, the elimination duration increases due to delay in the excretion process.

Meprobamate and carisoprodol can be screened in the blood and urine test after several days from last consumption. In blood samples, it may detect up to one day after the previous dose. However, hair test tenure is the longest; the results may show positive up to a month after last consumption.

For those going for an employment drug test, carisoprodol will not necessarily show in the urine test. However, if you have consumed more than the standard dose, then in such case carisoprodol drug test can result as positive.

The test results vary on biological factors such as age, gender, weight, height, medical history, or combination medication record. To get more precise test results, disclose your several dose consumptions to your lab technician. 


Inside story of the drug Carisoprodol

Inside story of the drug Carisoprodol

Carisoprodol is identified under the generic brand name Painosoma. It is a prescription-based medicine mainly used for treating numerous human muscular-skeletal disorders. Soma 350 mg is highly used among adults to treat muscle spasms or injuries. Also, it is one of the well-known anti-depressant brands that works centrally by developing the soothing effect with less potential for addiction. With the convenience of an online pharmacy, you may buy Pain O Soma 350 mg with US-US shipping and for other international shipping, you may avail of multiple discount alerts on all your medicinal products using verified online pharmacists.

Inside story of Carisoprodol

History of Carisoprodol

The inside story of the drug Carisoprodol was narrated by a group of pharmacologists in the United States. On 1st June, numerous American pharmacists from different states were gathered at a University located at Wayne State in Detroit, Michigan, in the year 1959. The gathering was scheduled to talk over a new drug that would contain sterile and muscle relaxant properties.

After a healthy discussion, Mr. Frank Berger came with an antiseptic drug named Carisoprodol developed at Wallace Laboratories.

The origin of this drug is derived from the existing metabolite known as meprobamate. It withholds the sedative substances along with a barbiturate effect. The extent of these substances is added more safely and efficiently to treat the syndrome.

Carisoprodol is a muscle relaxant with less potential for dependence and addiction if consumed in an adequate proportion for the acute duration.

Medical genuine uses

Medical genuine uses

FDA duly approves carisoprodol for genuine medical uses related to the human skeletal disorder. Many people suffering from back, neck, or spinal pain find it difficult to concentrate at work or school. Sometimes, their pain also shifts from acute to chronic condition, making it tough to fulfill daily household chores and restricted mobility.

In such cases, this drug acts as a discomfort relieving agent related to painful muscular disorders. As carisoprodol is marketed with the brand name Soma available from 350 mg onwards is mainly used as a muscle relaxant. Along with its spasms relaxing properties, it also exhibits a soothing effect by relaxing the painful sensations entering the peripheral nervous system.


Many physicians prescribe this medication for those suffering from anxiety and tension, as it releases tranquilizing effects present in the parent compound belonging to the benzodiazepine class of drugs. It is also indicated to help with muscle spasms, spasticity, injuries, sprains, strains, and inflammation by relaxing the affected area.

Apart from this, health-care practitioners also consider it as a suitable drug for myofascial syndrome along with proper rest and alternative physical therapy for better results.

Mechanism of action of a Schedule Drug

Carisoprodol performs centrally by relaxing the muscle spasms indirectly by calming the pain outrage travelling from the nerves to the nervous system. Its parent agent is classified under schedule substance IV in 1970 due to its narcotic effect and marketed under several carisoprodol brand names such as Pain O Soma, Carisoma, Prosoma, and many others.

The primary meprobamate is responsible for altering the painful sensations in the interneuron activity in the spinal region by forming a descending network in the brain. This metabolite is also in charge of spreading the therapeutic effect by making a person feel relaxed by creating a wall against painful signals.

However, meprobamate may turn into an abusive agent if overdosed. Therefore, it is highly recommended to consult your doctor regarding the dose regimen and do not use this medication for a prolonged duration.

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Medical administration

The suitable dose of Soma hybrid is one to two tablets four times a day, applicable for adults. A single pill is composed of a mixture of Carisoprodol 350 mg.

Although it is an active muscle relaxant, it is not suitable for children below 16 years of age and older people above 65 years of age due to its sedative effect.

The maximum daily measure of Soma should not be more than 1600 mg, and the weekly prescription should not be exceeding up to two to three weeks.

It is available under the generic brand known as Soma 350 mg, which you may have with or without a meal as per your doctors’ advice and if you do not have gastrointestinal problems.

As per the blister instructions, you may have Pain O Soma 350 mg along with proper rest and diet and physical therapy such as yoga or exercise for adequate recovery.

How is it supplied and stored?

Carisoma 350 mg tablet comes in a two-layered white, circular-shaped, engraved with SOMA on the saffron layer with 37 WALLACE 2001 belongs to a tranquilizer and muscle relaxant class of drugs.

For storage, you may store the bottle at a room temperature of 68-to-77-degree F; also, make sure to protect it from moisture and keep your container tightly locked after every use.

Abuse of the drugs

abuse of the carisoprodol

Carisoprodol contains an active compound known as meprobamate, which belongs to the abusive class of drugs. But FDA has scheduled it under the tranquilizing medications category due to its muscle calming properties.

Although, many abusive cases have been suspected after its post–marketing survey. The primary reason for its abuse was due to prolonged consumption.

Another cause of dependence was due to the patient’s previous addiction, medical history, or other combination of drugs.

To decrease the prospect of abuse or dependency, one should take carisoprodol with care and with health-care expert’s advice.


For those taking other anti-depressants should not take Soma for more than 2 – 3 weeks of duration. As primarily acute pain is resolved or treated within two weeks. Also, abrupt stoppage should be avoided after chronic use as it may lead to withdrawal symptoms.


The common adverse effects have been administered post-FDA approval for the use of Soma medication. This reaction occurs after the interaction of drug with the human system:

  • Effect on central nervous system: Drowsiness, vertigo, head pain, tremor, anxiety, tension, frustration, seizures, and insomnia.
  • Effect on the cardiorespiratory system: Postural hypotension, irregular breathing, respiratory depression, facial redness, or flushing.
  • Effect on the gastrointestinal system: Vomiting, stomach pain, nausea, hematologic, leukocytosis, and diarrhea.

The above adverse effects can affect both physically and psychologically; therefore, alerting exercise such as driving or riding should be avoided for life safety. Also, overdose or prolonged use should not be done to prevent effects on the peripheral nervous system.

However, if you are experiencing severe sedation sensations, quickly seek professional help to prevent further fatal issues.


Overdose of Soma develops depression, respiratory depression, hypotension, delirium, hallucinations, blurred eyesight, euphoria, restricted mobility, brain tumor, coma, or even death.

A few cases of CNS problems have been reported after an excess dose of Carisoprodol. This overdose mainly occurs due to consuming multiple anti-depressants simultaneously or consuming Soma without prescription and alcohol.

It is highly advisable to make ethical use of this medicinal drug and always follow the guidelines given by your physician and read the generic information provided on the label to be aware of the pros and cons of the medicine.


Anon, 1997. Carisoprodol. Environmental Health Perspectives, 105, p.283. Available at:

10 Best Brands of Carisoprodol in 2021

10 Best Brands of Carisoprodol in 2021

Muscle spasms are a genetic syndrome that is found in most adults. However, Muscle spasms should diagnose this disorder on time to avoid any fatal issues and live a pain-free life.

As most of the sufferers try to cure it using home remedies, while others visit their nearby healthcare service providers who recommend a medication that may help in providing relief from pain and discomfort.

Soma 350 mg is preferred by most physicians as it works both physically and psychologically. As it is effective due to its active agent known as Carisoprodol which helps in contributing sedative properties and blocking the pain sensation.

It also has various versions that cure the affected area within few hours and is widely used in many countries with different brand names. To know the detailed information about each brand, its manufacturers, and the composition, keep reading.

Carisoma from Wallace (Rivella)

The medication Carisoma from Wallace (Rivella) is used to treat moderate aches, cure minor conditions like tooth pain and migraine, etc. The Manufacturer, CRT-CARTER-WALLACE, supplies high-quality medication to treat the symptoms of pain (Suares, D., 2016). The salt composition helps to treat spasms. Furthermore, it is essential that the medication needs to be stored safely, out of children’s reach. Composition: CARISOPRODOL-175MG+CAFFEINE- 32MG+PARACETAMOL-325MG Estimated Price: 17.40

Soma well 350

Soma Well 350 is best known for its muscle-relaxing effects and blocking the sensation of pain in the body; it is manufactured by Global madex giving high-quality medications to the consumers.

It works on the sprain. To prevent the medication from getting expired, the medication needs to be stored in a dry place. 

Composition: Combination of codeine and aspirin

Estimated Price: $0.51

Soma-Dol 750

Soma-Dol 750 is a medication that treats discomfort caused by pain; this medication is generally used with other treatments to ease the spasms caused by pain or an injury; the manufacturers’ Molecule Impex trading company this brand provides effective Soma-Dol 750 tablets.

Composition: Composed to protect from sun rays

Storage: Store in a cool and dry place

Estimated Price: $0.51

Prosoma 350

Prosoma 350

Prosoma 350 is known to treat skeletal muscle problems, which cause severe pain due to skeletal injuries; it also relieves stress, the Centurion Laboratories are the manufacturers that provide effective discomfort treatments; it is one of the main salt compositions found in Prosoma 350.

Storage: Keep it in a cool and dark place, away from the sun

Estimated Price: $0.70

Pain o soma 350

Painsoma 350 medication is a muscle relaxant that generally treats various types of muscle pain and stops the pain sensations signals to the brain, the manufacturer of pain o soma 350 is HAB Pharma, the salt composition found in Pain o soma 350 is Carisoprodol U.S.P 350mg, it is important this medication needs to be kept in a dry and cool place away from any moisture.

Composition: Carisoprodol U.S.P 350 mg

Storage: Keep away from moisture in a cool place.

Estimated Price: $0.51 per pill

Soma (Carisoprodol) available at a discounted rate


Carisoma is an effective medication to eliminate the pain of the muscles; the medication is known to stimulate the mind, the manufacturer of this highly effective medication named Carisoma is Wallace Pharma. These types of medication shall be stored between 10 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius.

Composition: Caffeine 32mg, Carisoprodol 175mg and, Paracetamol 325mg

Storage: Keep at room temperature for 10-30 degree Celsius

Estimated Price:  $4.8 pill


Arisoma is one of the best medications to cure muscle spasms within few days; it stops the signals from the brain to prevent pain; the manufacturer of this medication is Wallace pharmaceuticals; it is a well-known brand of pain relievers, Carisoprodol is one of the major compounds used as a salt composition.

Storage temperature: 15 – 30 Celsius

Estimated Price: $ 4.8


Somaflam is best known to cure acute pain caused in the muscles and other musculoskeletal conditions; it stops the nerves from controlling signals from the brain, Wallace pharmaceuticals are one of the manufactures. 

Composition: Carisoprodol 175mg, Ibuprofen 400mg

Storage Temperature: 15 degrees to 30 degrees Celsius

Estimated Price: 24.95


Emflam is known to reduce swelling of the joints, relieving pain due to any aches like backache, severe migraines, dental problems, or a muscle sprain. The medication is known for its analgesic effects; Emflam is manufactured by Merck Ltd, The composition found in this medication is Ibuprofen. This medication needs to be stored in a cooler place.

Storage Temperature: 10 to 30 degrees Celsius

Estimated Price: 19.13



Vanadom is a muscle relaxer that directly blocks the pain sensation within few minutes and completes relief to the patient; it helps reduce fever and stress a time, the medication was founded by Healthy Life Pharma Pvt. Ltd, The salt composition found in Vanadom is Carisoprodol, this medication needs to be kept in a cool and dry place under 30 degrees Celsius.

Storage Temperature: Keep under 30 degrees Celsius

Estimated Price: $17.18

The 2410 V Round White Pill

The 2410 V Round White Pill

It is a round white pill engraved with 2410 V numerically and addressed by Carisoprodol. Vintage Pharmaceuticals Inc is the supplier of this medication, which comes in 350 mg. Carisoprodol is used in treating muscle cramps and can be classified as a muscle relaxer drug.

Mechanism of Action

The functioning of Carisoprodol in releasing the feeling of discomfort related to acute or long-term chronic conditions is undefined. Its mechanism starts acting centrally, which shows its efficacy in calming the pain sensations and blocking the pain signals from entering the peripheral nervous system. It is not meant to work its magic on affected skeletal muscle directly; instead, it provides pleasure.

2410 V pill contains an active agent known as meprobamate, which possesses anxiolytic and tranquilizing effects. These properties eventually let the person feel calm and relaxed amid chronic ache. However, the extent to which the substances of meprobamate are safe and efficient is unknown.

The health-care service providers have advised consuming a low dose of medication initially as it helps in dominating the plasma level, assisting in fewer ill-effects, improved efficacy, and health safety. Also, FDA has approved this medication under the Controlled Substance Act by Scheduling it as class IV.

Many users have a generic question: “What is the 2410 V Round White Pill used for?” Carisoprodol is a less abusive pain-killer recommended by physicians for treating short or acute muscular or injury-based pain. It has the dual ability to relax the muscles and the feeling of pain and discomfort. However, in the FDA’s records, it is approved only for the acute period and not for prolonged-term usage.

As per the stated guidelines, the appropriate duration for consuming Soma is of two to three weeks. If a person consumes for more than three weeks may increase the chance of misuse, mistreat, dependency and addiction.

Although it is classified under the controlled substance class of drugs, practitioners are advised to prescribe the medication after examining every patient’s health condition to avoid unwanted health issues.

Most physicians do not initially prescribe Carisoprodol until other pain-killers have been tested, and alternative activities such as yoga, therapy, or exercises are ineffective. However, while authorizing a muscle relaxer such as Watson carisoprodol, individuals are intimated about the potential ill-effects.  Some common effects may include nausea, drowsiness, lack of concentration, and many others.

They also advise to consult them in case of drawbacks or symptoms a patient suffers through. It may help treat at an earlier stage either by alternative medication or some other medication to control the ill-effects.

The-2410-V-Round-White-Pill (1)
Counter muscle pain at a low-cost with Carisoprodol

The 2410 V Round White Pill Dosage

The regular dosage of 2410 V is 350 mg, which varies from person to person. The chronic condition also contributes to deciding the actual dose for any person. The ultimate goal is to protect a patient from experiencing feelings of elation. 

On the other hand, The patients may also discuss their previous medical record, past health instances, their allergy count, or if they are on any supplements. This pre-information will help the physician in analyzing the accurate dosage and avoiding unwanted risks related to health. The prescribed dosage of Carisoprodol is 250 – 350 mg, three times a day. This dosage might be continued for the duration of two to three consecutive weeks.


The 2410 V Round White Pill


You may get it in two strengths, but the product will be identical. The tablet is in white crystalline color, circular in shape, imprinted with SOMA 250 and SOMA 350.

The 2410 V Pill Side Effects

Will the 2410 V Pill (Soma) Get you High?

As the misuse of medicinal drugs is recognized a lot in the US, people are always fascinating to know if Soma gets you high.  Although, mistreat of medicine does not necessarily mean that a person is dependent on it. In simpler terms, an increase in the risk of addiction is also dangerous.

Yes, Soma may make you high if you fail to abide by the prescription provided by your healthcare service provider. Taking more than the prescribed dose or increasing the dose duration may result in a person getting high. Other reasons may include a combination of different drugs with Carisoprodol or mixing Soma with alcohol.

Like any other medications, Carisoprodol has its set of ill effects on the following region of the human system.

  • Central Nervous System

Vertigo, head pain, depression, drowsiness, seizures, insomnia, syncopation.

  • Hematologic

Reduction or increase in WBC, RBC, and platelets

  • Gastrointestinal

Nausea, irregular motions, discomfort belly

  • Cardiovascular

Cardiopulmonary arrest, orthostatic hypotension, and flush skin.