Ketorolac or Toradol is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug used to treat moderate to severe pain like rheumatoid arthritis, back pain and menstrual pain and also can be used as a short or acute treatment of Fever.

Fever leads the body temperature to rise, which you can feel on the skin. Fever occurs when the hypothalamus in the brain moves the temperature from your average body temperature upward, you can feel the changes in the temperature or the chill feelings you got before the Fever.

Is Fever Good Or Bad?

Fever happens when the body senses an infection or danger, which is not bad. The rising temperature can help to kill the infection. The mucus caused by Fever can also help trap the bacteria or infect the virus.

A fever can be called an unwanted thing as it decreases minerals, vitamins and energy. It can disturb the flow of daily life. The significant part of a short-term fever is you can quickly treat it with medication like Nsaid. Long-term Fever should be consulted with the doctor as the fever reasons can vary.

How Is Toradol For Fever Effective?

NSAIDs are used as a short and acute treatment for Fever. It has the properties to heal the body from Fever. Toradol works by stopping the production of hormones that causes inflammation and pain. Toradol can cure the Fever caused by inflammation from rheumatoid arthritis or other common fever reasons.

However, Toradol (Ketorolac) is not studied clinically for Fever as it is and says the tests tend to be different. Although ketorolac has shown effective results compared with acetaminophen for fever reduction.

Intravenous Ketorolac (Toradol) Or Intramuscular Is Useful

According to a study mentioned in the Journal of Emergency Medicine, a test was conducted to test the antipyretic properties of Toradol through an intravenous system, a total of 43 patients aged between 18-35 years. Per their discussion of the results, the intramuscular system dropped the Fever more effectively than the intravenous. There were also mentioned oral tablets being another option for effective fever relief.

Imp Note: Request to take consideration of the doctor if they prescribe intravenous, tablet, or intramuscular Toradol. Read the Full Study Here.

Which Other NSAIDs Can Be Used To Treat Fever?

NSAIDs have multiple uses, which can also be on the label and label. Fever reducing is such a use of Nsaid. There are also other options you can try out under the guidance of a doctor and the status of your Fever:

  • Tylenol
  • Ibuprofen
  • Aspirin
  • Naproxen

Fever Temperature

The Normal Body Temperature in Fahrenheit is about 97.5 to 98.9

The Fever temperature consists of the following:

Rectal Ear temperature of 100.4 F, i.e. 38 C
Oral temperature of 100 F, i.e. 37.8 C
Armpit= 99F i.e 37.2 C.

Which Thermometer Is Accurate To Measure Fever Temperature?

The thermometer craze rose during the pandemic as Fever was one of the signs of the virus. A thermometer has been an essential instrument in households since the early days. Still, the trend rose to great in covid times. Thermometers such as Digital, Infrared, and mercury thermometer.

Clinically there were no differences in accuracy; however, a slight change was observed in electronic or digital thermometers. The infrared thermometer was in significant trend as it was accurate without getting in contact with the body as the mercury or digital thermometer was.


Toradol for Fever can be found as a treatment, although as per the journal sources, it is not clinically approved. It can be called another applicable antipyretic property of Nsaid. Please consult with your doctor if your Fever stays for a long time. Nsaid like Toradol is the acute or short treatment for Fever.


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