How we react, act, walk, swim, run, jump, make love, etc. have a common and standard biological element that pushes us to achieve these things, i.e the blood. Metaphorically pumping blood makes things possible. It's an essential part of living life. Just as while you blush your facial muscles get filled with blood or when you feel cheerful or active the blood gushes more through the veins of the body thus depicting how important it is.

Medicines play a role in enhancing life. However, these same effects also in other stances too, just as Toradol affects blood pressure.

Medicines availability depends upon the prescription or as per the are where your pharmacist lies. As now medicine are available online through legit certified pharmacies you can also get online or Toradol over the counter with prescription.

Toradol (Ketorolac)

Toradol is the trade name of a medicine called Ketorolac Tromethamine. It is generally a painkiller and is used to relieve moderate to severe types of pain. The way Toradol acts on the body is still unknown. However, some studies have suggested that It blocks the activity of the COX (Cyclooxygenase enzymes), and inhibits the synthesis of prostaglandins, which ultimately results in pain and inflammation reduction.

Toradol is used is reduce pain following surgical procedures (especially in adults), kidney pain due to stones, and anal pain due to hemorrhoids. One of the off-label uses of Toradol is to relieve migraine headaches.
Everything needs a push or clearly called a pressure to move forward and make things work the same applies to the blood.

Knowledge Of Blood Pressure You Should Know About

Blood pressure is a direct measure of energy that the heart uses to pump blood throughout the blood vessels in the body.
Blood pressure is measured in millimeters of mercury (mmHg) and expressed in two digits.

  • Systolic blood pressure - the pressure at which the heart pumps blood
  • Diastolic blood pressure - the pressure when the heart rests between beats

For example, systolic blood pressure is the upper reading in 140/90 mmHg, that is 140 mmHg. Your diastolic pressure is the lower reading, which is 90 mmHg.
Blood pressure is considered normal when it is 120/80 mmHg

  • Hypertension or high blood pressure is considered above 140/90mmHg
  • Hypotension or low blood pressure is defined as 90/60 mmHg or less.

Coming to the main motif of how Toradol affects the blood pressure.

Does Toradol Affect Blood Pressure?

Yes, several randomized studies have revealed that Toradol affects blood pressure. One of the side effects of Toradol is that it can increase blood pressure.
Toradol can cause an increased risk of cardiovascular thrombotic events, myocardial infarctions, hemorrhagic stroke, and heart failure.

Toradol-induced high blood pressure is associated with patients who have past cardiovascular disease or hyper tension. Thus It affects blood pressure.

How Does Toradol Affect Blood Pressure Or The Heart?

Unfortunately, the exact mechanisms whereby Toradol may raise blood pressure are not fully elucidated. Limited studies are available and suggest that it may interfere with the control of vascular resistance and the regulation of extracellular blood volume.

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like Toradol, block the production of prostaglandins; and thus may affect circulatory control. Prostaglandin is a major contributor to cardiovascular homeostasis. Indeed, many clinical trials show that blood pressure may rise during treatment with Toradol.

Toradol may elevate blood pressure and increase hypertension-related morbidity. However, further study is required to confirm the underlying mechanisms by which Toradol increases blood pressure.

What FDA Says About (Ketorolac)Toradol During Hypertension?

FDA releases paper for the information to the masses in order to protect their health and make a good societal health impact. As per the paper Toradol has an effect on the blood pressure instead it can make a worse effect on the existing hypertension i.e it can increase the pressure thus affecting cardiovascular health. In the continuation FDA also had release warning after studies of Toradol effect in cardiovascular health. Get The Paper here

Another study/Analysis from the National Library Of Science suggests that Toradol affects cardiovascular as well as Gastrointestinal.

Should you take Toradol if you have high blood pressure?

Simply, you should avoid the use of Toradol if you are already hypertensive as it may elevate blood pressure. Toradol causes marked blood pressure elevation in hypertensive patients and may potentially increase hypertension-related morbidity.


Toradol is a medicine from the class of medicines called NSAIDs. Many types of research and clinical trials support that, it may elevate blood pressure. It is not considered safe because of its serious cardiovascular side effects. Various small surveys and research studies support that there is an association between Toradol and high blood pressure. But it is still doubtful, as it has not involved a wide variety of clinical trials and lacks reliable data.

However, it’s a strong painkiller whose efficacy is similar to that of other NSAIDs.


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