Around 39 Million American people live with migraine pain, says the American Migraine Foundation. Due to less attention and diagnosis and late treatment facilities, there are various non-recorded numbers of cases of migraines.

As per the sources, Soma or muscle relaxers are not the primary line of treatment for migraines and Soma a scheduled and controlled medicine, is barely prescribed for migraines.

Whenever we are undergoing headaches, it just ends the vibe and energy of the work we are doing. Migraine pain is increasing daily due to several reasons like stress, tension, unhealthy diet, workaholic, Aura, etc. It affects the overall life of the individual.

Migraines happen when the blood vessels in the brain narrow down due to abnormal activity of the brain cells caused by Serotonin. It is treatable through several methods. It's always good to try those ways which help your pain heal for the long term.

Medical experts hardly prescribe Soma for migraines due to its addictive properties.

A Short Brief On Soma

Soma is an effective muscle relaxer and a widely used pain reliever. It numbers in one of the most prescribed muscle relaxers. The brand version of Soma consists of Painosoma, Prosoma, and Vanasoma. Carisoprodol is the main active ingredient behind fast relief. Being a controlled medicine, it is illegal and difficult to buy it without a prescription. You need a certified prescription. Always buy Soma online or offline through certified pharmacies only.

In our view, Soma is not used as primary medicine to treat migraines, but the sedation method can help if the doctor feels it is favorable to treat. The leading cause of not prescribing Soma for migraines is the abuse and addiction of Soma.

How Does Soma Work?

Soma is felt effective due to its sedative and depressing properties. As a muscle relaxant by name, it does not work directly on muscles; instead, it sedates the nervous system to halt the pain signals from reaching the brain. The slowing of CNS makes the person feel sleepy or sedative, and this effect is used to relieve the pain. Some doctors can hardly recommend Soma if it is found to be useful.

(Soma) Skeletal Muscle Relaxant As Medicine To Migraine

Though Soma relieves pain, it is also used for migraines; in Migraines, the muscles connected to the brain and skull are stiff. Due to Soma's depressing and relaxing muscle properties, it can help decrease the tension of nerves and relieve some pain.

It heals the pain, but the patient cannot use it due to its addictive properties. Instead, NSAIDs can be the first-line treatment for migraines.

Charles E. Argoff, M.D. The Director of the Comprehensive Pain Program at the Albany Medical Centre says :

Soma (carisoprodol) is not a proper choice because of its abuse and addiction. It is linked to many emergency department visits and dozens of deaths and is the only muscle relaxant classified as a controlled substance.

What Are The Exact Causes Of Migraine?

The exact cause and reason for Migraines are still not confirmed yet; as we said above, it differs from person to person, but the common thing is pain. It is a one-sided pain in the head.

Some feel it as a throbbing or stabbing headache. The stimulant can be anything. It can be visual, sunlight, stress, sound, fragrance, exercise or movement, etc. The muscle relaxer cannot help in fully treating migraine pain.

Types Of Migraines

Migraine With Aura: It occurs when there is a triggering signal such as lights, flashes, exposure to dark, and suddenly to sun. The patient can identify the triggering points and the upcoming pain.
Migraine Without Aura: It is the vice versa of the above point. This type of Migraine happens without any specific visual or other stimulants.
Migraine Aura Without Headache: Aura is experienced without any headache in this type.

People have various experiences of Migraine pain. The list goes on and on.

Comparison Between Soma and Naproxen On Acute Treatment Of Migraine

Soma is a prescription medication, whereas Naproxen is easily accessible to people through OTC and online pharmacies. There is a study present on research gate that states about Naproxen and Soma for acute migraine treatment. The final result of the study said Soma was superior in managing early migraine pain compared to Naproxen. The study was conducted and uploaded in January 2000.

Why Should You Not Take Soma For Migraines Regularly?

Migraine pain lasts from 4 to 72 hours. Soma works quickly, and the effect is eliminated at a faster pace; hence it cannot complete the pain requirement. Secondly, experts do not recommend using a muscle relaxer as a migraine medicine. There are high chances of Soma abuse and addiction to it.

People undergoing Severe Migraine daily use can lead rebound migraine conditions. Hence, Soma cannot be used regularly for migraines. Further continuation for a clear picture, muscle relaxers are not meant to treat migraines.

One of the main reasons is the abuse and addiction problem of muscle relaxers. The consistent use of Soma for migraines can create dependency and may cause soma side effects symptoms. If the doctor is prescribing, it will be a well-calculated dose.

How Many Doses Should Be Taken As Soma For Migraines?

As we already discussed, it is a minimal treatment for migraines; thus, there is no proper dosage regarding Soma for migraines. People misuse meds in various formats, which can throw their health into serious injuries or consequences. Excessive usage of Soma will worsen the side effects and land you in the hospital. The doctor tailors the dosage if prescribed off-label and in real cases it is hardly consulted.

Alternative Medications Used Instead Of Soma For Migraines

Migraine duration differs from person to person. Your medical expert is the prime authority to decide which medication will be the best for you. Below is the information researched for your health knowledge purpose.

  • Naproxen
  • Aspirin
  • Ibuprofen
  • Neurontin
  • Acetaminophen
  • Sumatriptan
  • Maxalt

Some Last Advice

Migraine is a growing concern and affects many people's daily lives. Otc or online pharmacies have made getting medicines at the doorstep easy. Soma, a muscle relaxant, is used for relieving pain though it is also used to free the tightening blood vessels in the brain to heal the pain of migraines. Due to the causes of dependency and addiction, Soma is hardly prescribed for migraines.


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