Is Soma better than Tramadol

soma vs tramadol

Soma vs Tramadol Tramadol is one of the widely used medicine, it has a unique way to deal with pain, where it tries to numb all types of pain and amplifies the effects of Tramadol, causing a better effect on the pain-causing injuries. Practitioners do prescribe this medication to people suffering from acute pain, which … Read more

Chest pain can be a sign of heart attack

Chest pain

Is chest pain always a sign of a heart attack? People experiencing mild or severe chest pain automatically starts fearing that it is a sign of a heart attack. Subjected to what’s causing this pain, it might produce several different sensations. Mostly these signs are not related to your heart, but seeking a doctor’s advice … Read more

Soma Vs Valium

Soma vs Valium

Soma is used as a muscle relaxant and is one of the primary choices of physicians for treating their patient’s chronic pain. On the other hand, Valium is effective in relieving anxiety and muscle – ache, also it is one of the few prescribed medications by physicians for decades. The active agent incorporated in Soma … Read more

Causes of Flank Pain and its Treatment

Flank pain

Nowadays people visit doctors with a stitch or cramp near their abdomen or their back. So the question is what lives there. For this, you will first have to understand the anatomy of the human body.  So there are multiple layers of the external oblique and internal oblique from the surrounding of the core. So … Read more

Saliva Test kit for COVID-19 are now Available at Home by Amazon to Control the situation in the US

Covid test kit

With the Covid 19 second wave and a third surge of COVID-19 in the USA public experts state there still aren’t enough covid tests available to Coronavirus under control. “There’s a need for testing across the board,” Gigi Kwik Gronvall, senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, spoke with NBC News. According … Read more