Have you wondered why such a small structure, like a tooth, hurts that bad? Toothache visually seems small, but the pain it creates ruins the comfortable life. We can't even eat our favorite food. Not even we can focus on our things. Although there are solutions, which solution can be the quickest, fastest, and most readily available? That's Naproxen for toothache.

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Dental pain affects the soft & hard tissues of the mouth. It is aggravated by any injury or pathological disease associated with the nervous system. It is also called phantom tooth pain.

The dental pain many of us experience is caused due to numerous reasons resulting from pathological conditions and disease processes or injury, disturbance that carries to the enamel, cementum, dentin or gingiva, tooth root causes immense pain.

A toothache calls for a dental visit, but you may need pain relief at pace. Naproxen is an NSAID frequently used to treat dental pain. This drug reduces pain by reducing inflammation. Recently, it has been the dentist's favorite and favorite over-the-counter drug of choice, which is preferred for dental pain.

10 Causes Of Toothache That Mainly Disturb Daily Life

Constant tooth pain is hard to ignore. Pain in the tooth can be due to anything from a stuck popcorn between 2 teeth, a broken tooth, or any bacterial infection.

Why is a toothache that painful? Let us read some of the principal reasons:

  • A decayed tooth causes severe pain.
  • Gum diseases and gum pathologies
  • An abscess in and around the tooth
  • Fracture of the tooth
  • Certain conditions like MPDS where there is excessive teeth grinding are seen in children and adults when in an emotionally disturbed state.
  • Impacted 3rd molar tooth
  • Malalignment of the teeth.
  • Sensitivity to extreme hot and cold temperatures.
  • Orthodontic treatments like braces, post-surgical dental procedures like extraction, and
  • Root canal.

How Nsaids Are Helping Dental Pain Management?

Acute unbearable pain is the most common cause for anyone to visit the dentist. NSAIDs act by reducing the inflammation at the site of pain. Tooth pain causes swelling and inflammation of the face muscles, Pharmacological management is key to managing acute pain associated with trauma, infection, or surgery by providing a sufficient dose of Naproxen (NSAID) to minimize discomfort. With the ease of certified pharmacy online you can buy naproxen online for your toothache.

Is Naproxen For Toothache The Best Choice?

Naproxen indeed works by reducing swelling and alleviating pain. It works by blocking hormones that cause inflammation. It works to a great extent to relieve pain. Still, in some cases, the problematic tooth may demand some dental procedure or intervention which must be carried out. Such a toothache may not be relieved for a longer duration with just pain-killing agents. Hence the decision whether to conserve or take out can be done under a dental expert.

The Proof Center:

Nsaids And Opioids In Post-Surgical Dental Pain

Dental pain is primarily caused due to inflammation, and the same is with post-surgical cases. Studies and statistics show the superior efficacy of NSAIDs like Ibuprofen, Naproxen, Diclofenac, and Ketorolac for dental pain.

Opioids also may be used for the same but may show potential side effects like dizziness, vomiting, drowsiness, and nausea. Also, the excessive use of opioids may cause addiction. It may be that the appropriate combination of analgesic and NSAID may help reduce/ avoid the use of opioids.

Careful use of these NSAIDs is advised considering the co-morbidities in specific populations of patients like hypertension as naproxen can raise blood pressure. Read The Full Study Here

What Will Be The Perfect Dosage For Naproxen For Toothache?

For tablet & oral suspensions:

  • Adults: 1000mg/day in the form of 500mg twice daily. The dose is not more than 1000-1250 mg/day.
  • Pediatric: over two years, 5-7mg/kg body weight every 8-12 hours, do not exceed 1000mg/day. Here the dentist's guidance is mandatory. The dosages can vary as per the advice of your expert and examination of your condition.

Why Does Toothache At Night Hurts More?

There are various reasons for a painful tooth, but it usually appears to increase at night. This is because when we lie down/sleep, there is a rush of blood to the head/ brain, increasing the pressure and pain of the tooth. Also, while sleeping, we are idle and have fewer distractions to take our minds off the pain. Also, snacking and munching sweets late in the night lodges between our teeth and causes more sensitivity, do not forget to brush before sleeping. This will help reduce bacterial activity.

Can Naproxen Be Used At Night?

Imagine you are suffering from acute severe dental pain, and your tooth urgently requires a dental visit. Still, there would not be any dental consultation available at night. This is when naproxen can surely come to our rescue. Naproxen is known to reduce any dental pain of any intensity by reducing inflammation.

Is Naproxen For Toothache A Permanent Solution?

Naproxen is an NSAID that definitely is the first used to reduce dental pain, but getting an opinion from the dentist to identify the pathology behind the same is the primary goal. The cause of the swelling and pain of the tooth is essential, and the pathology and diagnosis are of utmost importance. Popping a pain killer for every recurring pain episode is definitely not a permanent solution.

What If Pain killers Are Not Working For You?

Painkillers are the most readily available tools for treating dental pain. Still, the pathologically affected tooth cannot be helped or treated with a pain killer for long. Few conditions of the teeth call for immediate dental procedure or intervention. If the pain is due to caries or cavities in the tooth filling, the cavity needs to be done, and if the tooth cannot be conserved, it needs to be extracted.

Similarly, an impacted wisdom tooth surely needs an oral surgeon's hand. Some teeth may require an RCT, Root Canal Treatment. This is done by removing the infecting pulp & filling it with sealing material. Also, antibiotic therapy needs to be given in cases of infection. Rest the dentist will take care of you.

Other Over The Counter Tooth Pain Relievers

Opioids were given to relieve dental pain, meanwhile, the opioid crisis raged up & deaths due to overdose were recorded high. The good news for dentists is they can recommend safer ways to get relief. A research study suggests OTC pain relievers work well but are always advisable to be taken under the dentist's guidance.

NSAIDs like

  • Ibuprofen,
  • Aspirin
  • Acetaminophen
  • Tramadol are the widely and readily available OTC pain relievers.


Naproxen surely can be the first drug of choice for any dental pain. It decreases the swelling and inflammation and pain caused by toothache.
Maintaining oral hygiene, proper brushing, flossing the teeth, regular dental visits and checkups, maintaining good general health, diet, and lifestyle & avoiding excess sweets should be adopted to maintain good oral health.

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