Does a muscle relaxer help you with menstrual cramps?

Does a muscle relaxer help you with menstrual cramps

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No one can go through pain as women bear during menstrual cramps. 90% of the women suffer from these pains  

There are different stages for a period cramps, changing from mild to severe. Have you heard about muscle relaxers used for period cramps, if not? Let us know about muscle relaxers helping you with managing menstrual cramps.

You can use muscle relaxers like cyclobenzaprine, Tylenol, Skelaxin and Methacarbamol for Menstrual Cramps

Causes of Menstrual Cramps?

Menstrual cramps happen due to muscle contractions in the uterus or womb, this process of contraction in ovarian muscles prevents from getting oxygen to your uterus and causes you pain and cramps. Blood vessels present in the ovaries, contracts strongly within the ovarian muscles.

Menstrual cramps are defined medically by the term Dysmenorrhea. To understand this in a better way lets get into the details. (Harlow, S.D. and Park, M., 1996)

Dysmenorrhea (A medical term)

Dysmenorrhea is a term used for menstrual cramps, it causes pain in your body, makes you feel irritated, and mood swings.(French, L., 2005.)

There are two types of Dysmenorrhea :

Primary Dysmenorrhea

Primary Dysmenorrhea is a condition related to menstrual pains it happens before you get periods or while you are on periods. Pain is caused due to the lining of your uterus by the natural chemicals called prostaglandins.

On the very first day of your menstrual cramps, you would face pain at slightly unbearable level. Gradually it will lessen your pain as menstrual cycle is completed.

Secondary Dysmenorrhea

Secondary Dysmenorrhea happens due to reproductive organs disorder. It gets more severe, and the duration of the pain increases in comparison to regular pain.

It starts before the menstrual cycle and slowly the pain level increases, and it continues for few days even after your menstrual cycle ends.

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Will Muscle Relaxers Help Period Cramps?

Muscle relaxers are medicines that work for some people and differs individually in treating menstrual pain.

With the muscle relaxers, the primary Dysmenorrhea can be cured. It will help you overcome pain.

Secondary Dysmenorrhea is difficult for you to get cured entirely with muscle relaxers. It can somewhat help you in relieving pains. (Calhoun, A. and Ford, S., 2008.)


Menstrual cycle in women happens due to hormonal changes in the body. Muscle relaxers act as a tool during menstrual cramps, pain can be intolerable but muscle relaxers can be a saviour in overcoming pain.

Menstrual pains cannot be cured entirely unless menstrual cycle is completed.