Losartan, having active ingredients of losartan potassium, is an angiotensin receptor blocker and is mainly used to lower blood pressure. It performs its mechanism action by working on the angiotensin || hormones. Correspondingly, losartan is also used in reducing the risk of stroke among people with heart diseases. It also has the extra benefit of lowering the risk of long-term kidney damage among type 2 diabetes patients having high blood pressure.

Amlodipine is interpreted as a calcium channel-blocking agent. It is a heart medication used to lower blood pressure and is known to cause edema in the feet or ankles. Alongside treating high blood pressure, amlodipine is also used to cure angina (chest pain) and similar conditions triggered by coronary artery disease.

Can Losartan And Amlodipine Be Taken Together?

Losartan and amlodipine collectively fall under the category of anti-hypertensive drugs primarily used to treat hypertension or high blood pressure. Hypertension is a medical condition with persistently elevated blood pressure in arteries. It is regarded as an essential risk factor for the initiation of cardiovascular diseases.

Losartan is often consumed with amlodipine to take hypertension or high blood pressure to its lower level. But their combination is also somewhere considered irrational. Whether it is safe to take losartan and amlodipine together or not, to answer this question holistically, here is a detailed discussion of the combined effect of losartan (Cozaar) and amlodipine (Norvasc). For the combination you can buy losartan over the counter or online through telehealth pharmacy. 

The Proof Center:

A Study was conducted on rats to study the efficacy of losartan and amlodipine. The rats were hypertensive and introduced to this combination in 30mg of losartan and 3mg of amlodipine the medicine. The study continued for four week, there was already change in systolic blood pressure form the third week and simultaneously decrease in blood pressure in a positive view.

This suggest the effectiveness of the combination on blood pressure.

(Choi SM, Seo MJ, Kang KK, Kim JH, Ahn BO, Yoo M.)

Mechanism Of Action Of Losartan And Amlodipine

High blood pressure, in other words, hypertension, is a common condition these days. Proper handling is a prerequisite to prevent heart attack or further significant organ damage, such as the kidney. As described earlier, losartan and amlodipine validate the drop in blood pressure. Contrastingly, they have different modes of action.

Amlodipine works by changing calcium movement in blood vessels and heart cells which relaxes blood vessels, accelerating blood and oxygen supply to them and improving the blood flow to and from the heart. While on the other hand, losartan enhances blood flow by preventing the narrowing of the blood vessels.

So A combined way of tackling the condition.

Side Effects caused by Losartan + Amlodipine

Although effective in lowering blood pressure, medication-related adverse effects are also common. These are given as follows;

  • Sleepiness
  • Ankle swelling
  • Taste changes
  • Flushing (warmth in the neck, ear, face, and trunk)
  • Dizziness
  • Upset stomach
  • Tiredness
  • Palpitations (irregular heartbeat)
  • Hyperkalemia (increased blood potassium level)

Most of the side effects mentioned above gradually disappear with time and do not require any medical assistance. However, any of them persisting longer than usual demands medical attention. So don't forget to apply for it.

Drug Interaction Between Losartan And Amlodipine

It is depicted that when losartan and amlodipine are taken together play an influential role in lowering central blood pressure. Nevertheless, it has also been observed that people taking amlodipine and losartan often experience drug interaction. The combined effect is different in both males and females. 

Everyday interactions include chronic kidney disease in males and anesthesia in females. Back pain is also an ordinary onset among people taking losartan and amlodipine, especially in females 60+ years of age with high blood cholesterol and who also take metformin medication.

Interaction Of Losartan And Amlodipine With Other Implements

The compounded deployment of two drugs shows interaction with many other drugs, such as painkillers, high cholesterol-treating drugs, heart-related medicines, fluid retention drugs, other blood pressure-treating medicines, and drugs treating impotence. 

They also react with potassium supplements, high potassium food intake, juices, and grapefruit. Furthermore, they interact with kidney, heart, or liver problems, severe dehydration, diabetes, hyperkalemia, and low blood pressure.

Precautions To Use Losartan And Amlodipine Together

  • Avoid using alcohol while consuming losartan and amlodipine together to keep away from the risk of increased low blood pressure.
  • Do not put a stop to the medication on your own to escape from the onset of recurring symptoms or prevent th e worsening of the condition,
  • Abstain from potassium supplements to defend yourself against high potassium levels.
  • Because of the dizziness-causing side effects of drugs, it is also recommended not to operate machinery or drive until you retain your mental alertness.
  • Regularly check your blood pressure and seek the doctor's advice if you notice any fluctuations.

Diet & Lifestyle Advice

  • Avoid smoking and alcohol intake.
  • Reduce sodium input or quantity in your diet.
  • Eat healthy and natural food.
  • Cut down the processed foods high in sodium.
  • Maintain good heart health by exercising regularly.
  • Stay relaxed and avoid stress triggers to escape from the contributing factor of increased blood pressure.
  • Lose those extra pounds that are a fundamental factor in upsurging your risk of hypertension.

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To sum up, losartan and amlodipine can be taken together. But at the same time, their combo also has some side effects. That's why it is necessary to take along with doctor recommendations. Consult your doctor to decide on the dosage of these combination drugs based on your medical condition.

Make sure to inform your doctor about your liver or kidney problems before taking losartan and amlodipine. Reach your doctor or physician immediately in case of any allergic reaction to losartan + amlodipine. Breastfeeding or pregnant women should also prefer a doctor's prescription before the combination use of two.


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