Loratadine And it's overview

Loratadine is a medication that is a second gen antihistamine medication. It came into life and was patented in the year 1980. The medicine came into the market for people to use in 1988. Later the FDA gave approval for the medicine on 27th November 2002.

Loratadine has different brand names known as Claritin, Alavert, Claritin Reditab, ohm Allergy relief, Tavist ND, Wal-itin.

It has a drug class of Antihistamines. Loratadine is an over the counter medication, you can also buy Loratadine online from certified pharmacy.

With the help of loratadine you can improve your effects on your body of running nose, sneezing, watery eyes, skin rashes, itching, cold, and hives. Loratadine can make your health well and take off from the issues you are facing. It also helps people in curing the effects of chronic skin reaction (Haria, M., Fitton, A. and Peters, D.H., 1994).

Fexofenadine And it's overview

Fexofenadine came into life and was patented in 1979. It came into the market for the people to use in the year 1996. Later it got an approval from FDA on 25th February 2000. Fexofenadine has a brand name known as Allegra, Aller- Ease, Mucinex allergy, Wal-fex and many others.

Fexofenadine has a drug class of Antihistamine. Fexofenadine helps you overcome allergies which are caused by fever or flu. It is also used in treating symptoms related to skin such as hives and rashes which is caused from a condition known as chronic idiopathic urticarial older than 6 years of age.

It can also help you with symptoms of sneezing, watery eyes, throat infection, and running nose (Simpson, K. and Jarvis, B., 2000).

Loratadine vs Fexofenadine

Loratadine and fexofenadine both can be used for the same purposes of treating allergies. You will definitely be at a cause of treating it through medication but you have options to choose between the two because you can't take both the medicines at a time that might create problems for you.

Both medications have similarities which can work safely on your body and make you fit. Loratadine and Fexofenadine can help you with several other causes as well.

It is said that Loratadine works more efficiently compared to Fexofenadine.

There was a study made by the researchers B M Prenner et al. In which they have observed the efficiency of two medicines working styles and quick healing for the body.

It was observed by having 659 volunteer patients for the testing process. These patients were distributed in 2 different groups whereas one group was provided with fexofenadine 60mg and the other group was given loratadine 10mg. They were observed for 2 weeks straight by giving one dose for a day.

As a conclusion they found out that Loratadine worked better in terms of relieving the allergic reaction safely and the response time for the medication was fast compared to Fexofenadine (Clin Ther. 2000 Jun;22).

How Does Loratadine work?

Loratadine works by blocking the negative substances which produce allergies in the body. There are various allergies that are produced in the body due to various reasons and that can be cured with the formula of Loratadine.

How Does Fexofenadine Work?

You might be allergic to different reactions that are produced within the body. This blocks the histamines that are generated in the body and create positive cells through Fexofenadine. Allergy symptoms are very irritable and can be solved through medicine.

Age Restrictions for Loratadine

Children and adults who are more than 2 years of age can use loratadine. But Loratadine is not acceptable by many people due to its effects on the body.

Age Restrictions for Fexofenadine

Children with the age of 6-11 have mild reactions which can be healed. People who are more than 6 years of age can consume the medicine.

Availability and cost of Loratadine

Loratadine is available in many countries and even in the USA. You can get this at a price of 25.46 dollars for 20 medicines.

Availability and cost of Fexofenadine

Fexofenadine is available in the USA and other countries. You can get the medication at the price range of 13.99 dollars for 30 tablets.

OTC or prescription (Loratadine)

You can have loratadine directly from Over the counter and for a safer medication for your life you can have a prescription too from a doctor.

OTC or Prescription (Fexofenadine)

At First fexofenadine was sold as an Over the counter medicine for sneezing and itchy nose. Later due to its sleepy effects seen on people, it changed as a prescription based medicine.

How to Take Loratadine?

Loratadine should be taken by mouth. You can have the medicine with or without food as per your convenience and even suggested by the doctor.  If you are advised to use chewable tablets you should chew the whole tablet fully and then swallow it.

If at all you are advised to take the medicine in a liquid form, then use a proper measuring cup for the dosage suggested by your doctor (Haria, M., Fitton, A. and Peters, D.H., 1994).

How to Take Fexofenadine

You should not consume the medicine with any juices, it can create problems for you. Fexofenadine should be taken by mouth with a glass of water and consumed. You should take the medication at an allotted time (Simpson, K. and Jarvis, B., 2000).

Side Effects

There are many side effects for medicines. These side effects can harm your health and sometimes it can be more harmful for you if taken without the advice of a medical practitioner.

There are two types of effects seen after consuming the medicine which are known as normal effects that can be caused in common (it should be reported to your doctor) for a better suggestion for not getting severely affected.

Then there comes the severe effects that can harm your health fully. Severe effects can cause you harm and you might need a medical assistant in an emergency.

Normal effects that can be seen on your body with Loratadine

  • You might get mild headache
  • You might get a mild stomach ache
  • Your mouth can get dried up
  • You might get too tired and feel of sleeping throughout the day
  • Your mindset would get in a nervous mode.

Normal effects that can be seen on your body with Fexofenadine

  • You might have a mild headache
  • You might get cold
  • You might get sinus pain
  • You might get back pain in a mild way
  • Your throat might get sore

Severe effects that can be seen on your body with Loratadine

  • You might have breathlessness
  • You might have severe headache
  • Your heart rate might get low or fast
  • You might have severe headache
  • You might faint out

Severe effects that can be seen on your body with Fexofenadine

  • You might get feels of uneasiness
  • Your cough would get severe
  • You would have pains
  • You might get your ears blocked for some while.
  • You may get severe allergic reactions.

These are not the only side effects which you might face after consuming. There can be other side effects as well which are not mentioned here. Always have a discussion before taking a tablet for your betterment and not getting yourself into problems. Always try not to opt for medicine which is not prescribed.

Forms and Strength






Chewable Tablets


Orally disintegrating tablet

5mg, 10mg







30mg, 60mg, 180mg

Oral Suspension


Oral Disintegrated tablets




Allergic Rhinitis and Urticaria


10 mg once a day

Highest dose: 10 mg/day


2 to 5 years

5 mg consumed once a day

-Highest dose: 5 mg/day

Six years and more

10 mg once a day

-Highest dose: 10 mg/day


Allergic Rhinitis and Urticarial

Adult Dosage

180mg (Once a day)

60mg (two times a day)

Maximum Dose

180 mg per day

Pediatric Dose

6 years to 2 years

15mg (2 times a day)

2 years to 11 years

30mg (2 times a day)

12 years and older

180mg (once a day)

60mg (2 times a day)

Drug Interactions














Loratadine and Fexofenadine both medications have similar working processes and are effective for any body type. Both the drug should be purchased with guidance from a doctor to be safe.

Always have a third eye for the medicine to observe its consequences, which should not create a mess for your body throughout your life. Be safe with the medicine choice you want to opt for and have a greater life ahead.


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