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LGBTQ Healthcare Dispairities
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Health care is a vital part of human life. Humans have evolved through transitions and have made enormous developments in various fields of life. Health care is such a developed field.

From using herbs to heal wounds to the transplantation of organs, we have come a long way. Still, blackness has created chaos in the fundamental foundation of Humans, i.e. Gender equality. 

“LGBTQ+”, the nature has given the power to survive, we humans created differences and lately in every field. LGBTQ+ was considered a mental disorder until 1973 in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual Of Mental Disorders.

After revolutions and various protests, it was removed, and with great enthusiasm, “THEY” were accepted. Still, after so many years, LGBTQ+ Healthcare Disparity is happening throughout the world.

Various reasons, thoughts, cultures, and stigmas enrooted together for causing Health care disparities in LGBTQ+. People in this community lack basic health care facilities and insurance; they even face problems like delayed prescriptions, pharmacies not providing medicines, etc. (Penner, L.A., Hagiwara, N., Eggly, S., Gaertner, S.L., Albrecht, T.L. and Dovidio, J.F., 2013)

So as a human, how do we discriminate against some other human healthcare needs? 

Overview Of LGBT Healthcare Disparity

Healthcare disparity refers to the discrimination done towards a sect of people by not providing healthcare facilities. The LGBT community is always outlooked through the mean eyes of stereotypes.

The LGBTQ community is in a developing and exploring stage. It has existed throughout human history. Due to some attitudes, views, and cultures, it has been outcast from the common hetero community.

Primary Health care, like pain treatment, medicines are not provided unless it is a preferred clinic or pharmacy. As a Telehealth service, we provide information and pain medication to decrease discrimination and build a positive community environment.

Health care disparity happens many times in this community. 

According to Rolling Stone, Ohio State has allowed doctors and medical practitioners, insurance, research labs, testers etc., to deny LGBTQ or any other human health if they don’t feel to provide or come under their opinion, views or religion. 

It’s like indirectly and strategically removing the basic needs of LGBTQ+ humans. 33% of Transgender refuse treatment due to fear of being harassed or negligence.

Due to such conditions, almost 51.8 percent of LGBTQ+ people are undergoing depression. 1 in 7 people identifies as LGBTQ+ among the Z Generation. (Cahill, S. and Makadon, H., 2014)

The rate of suicides and opiods abuse is also high. So Why is this disparity still happening?

Why Healthcare Disparity Happens With LGBTQ?

The complexities of something or some person make them viewed as different. Due to advancements in technology and research methodology, we got detailed information about the world, but still, the exact data regarding LGBTQ+ are pending in some senses. 

It happens due to some main reasons, which are as follows:

  • Healthcare facilities are not trained enough to provide for their unique needs; hence, the staff cannot cater due to a lack of knowledge or information on treatment.
  • Healthcare authorities still feel they need special care, but except for sexual health, medicines can handle minimal health problems like aches, fever and related diseases easily. Here, mentality defines the pace.
  • Healthcare insurance is still unavailable in most parts of the world for this community, making them helpless compared to others.
  • Laws which are used against them make them outcasted within the simple clinic facilities.
  • Prescription medicines and others are often delayed due to this. Gay men and lesbian queers go without having medication.
  • Mental pain like Anxiety and depression are neglected due to religious views or unacceptance of the community.
  • Unavailability of data regarding health. 

According to the newswise, pain physicians are ill-equipped to treat these people. 

Every Human body has some familiarity with pain medication. The usual beliefs and cultures make the disparities in all walks of their life.

HIV and STDs drastically hit the sexual health of the LGBTQ+ community. They still lack the ability to get the treatment from a well-equipped and skilful doctor. Due to such disparities, mental depression, Anxiety, and unacceptance have lost many lives in terms of suicides.

A research paper published in Researchgate in November 2021 states that LGBTQ+ peoples experience more pain than the heterosexual community. Pain like headaches, migraines, abdominal pain, digestive complaints, back pain, muscle pain, pain after surgeries etc.

As LGBTQ Healthcare Disparity is happening, essential pain medications or treatments are not readily available. (Aleshire, M.E., Ashford, K., Fallin-Bennett, A. and Hatcher, J., 2019.)

So How We As A Human Can Help Them? 

How Can You Help Them As An Ally?

“Ally” is a term used to describe friends who do not belong to the LGBTQ+ community but support with the utmost respect and as equal human beings.

You can be an ally to help them in many ways, especially  boost their mental and physical health, because we already know health is the utmost wealth. 

You can support them through donations, helping them get their primary health rights, educating them, and providing them with a secure environment to explore their world. 

Doctor as an ally will be an essential change in the fight against LGBTQ healthcare disparity. Lastly, a human can help a human.

Important Centers For LGBTQ+ Health

If there is a will, there’s a way. In this fight for humanity and equal healthcare, there are also great doctors and physicians in the hetero community and LGBTQ+ community that has opened clinics and health centres for their well-being. They are as follows:

  • Mazzoni Center Philadelphia
  • LosAngeles LGBT Center
  • Gay city- Seattle’s LGBTQ Center
  • Denver’s health LGBTQ+Health Services
  • San Diego LGBT Community Center

Many health care people are outing about the community’s wellness and fighting for these people’s primary pain treatment. Various online pharmaceuticals provide pain medication and others to support these people.

How Does Painosoma Help the LGBTQ+ Community?

The Internet is a vast ecosystem that has helped us connect globally and is the most equal and unbiased place in the virtual world, which is connected to real-world business.

Healthcare medications are readily available with just a click. Painosoma, a solution for pain medication, has always been there in pain times.

It has always kept open doors for our beloved LGBTQ+ people so that they can get pain medications and treat themselves without any fear of discrimination.

It provides various ranges of pain medications, especially for LGBTQ+ people that suffer from pain. If pain is equal for all, then why not pain medicine. That’s Painosoma, Human For Human

Happy Pride Month!

Pride month is a significant period to show your support for our unique community and treat them equally. Healthcare disparity is a concern still quietly grazing in our society. To remove this, we must change our perspective and choose equality in all terms.

Online healthcare or pharmacies are getting more noise as they provide medications without discrimination. That’s the change we want to see in every part of their life. Happy Pride Month!

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