Is Gabapentin A Controlled Substance?

Is Gabapentin A Controlled Substance?
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It’s a myth that people tend to not cure seizures, which is actually not true. People can treat seizures with the medication such as Gabapentin. It is always good to know about Gabapentin and its treatment for different conditions. You should also know if it’s a controlled substance or not. 

Every medication is defined from two ways such as a controlled or a non controlled substance. Controlled substances are basically derived by the abuses that can be made using the specific drug. In simple terms, the Government makes a thorough observation on the medicines that are considered as controlled substances such as Anti- depressants, opioids and others. These medicines are addictive and it can harm your health.

As we tend to talk about the particular Gabapentin medicine, there are many thoughts about why it is a controlled substance. First let us know about the uses of gabapentin and how the medication will work on you.

Gabapentin and its working in the body.

Many medications that treat different conditions are needed for better cure. Here gabapentin is a drug used in treating conditions such as partial seizures and nerve pains. This mostly happens due to Shingles (Viral Infection) and Restless Leg Syndrome (Chronic disease). 

Working process of the medicine is a game changer for any medicine to decide whether it’s a controlled substance or not. Gabapentin works directly on the brain and nerves by stopping the sensation that causes nerve pains in the body. As seizures occur due to low calcium in the body. Specifically for seizures Gabapentin works as an alteration system and produces better calcium. 

Gabapentin is not available over the counter as it is a prescription based medication. There are ways to Buying Gabapentin online, you can get it online from a certified online pharmacy but it is required to get a doctor’s prescription first.

Is Gabapentin a controlled or a Non-Controlled Substance?

In order to use it for treating seizures with gabapentin it is always necessary to consume a medicine in control. If at all you consume the medicine over the given amount of dosage then you can fall under danger. 

Gabapentin does fall in both the substance (Controlled and Non-controlled). You should know why Gabapentin falls under Non-controlled Substances, it is because most of the states have been given a green signal by the federal government about Gabapentin as a Non-Controlled substance. 

The situation doesn’t stop at this point, Gabapentin is also considered as a Controlled substance and does fall under Schedule 5 controlled substances act. You should know what all places Gabapentin is a controlled substance and why they have not been considered as a Non-Controlled substance.

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Why is Gabapentin a Controlled substance?

From the 50 states in the United States,  43 states have considered Gabapentin as a Non-Controlled substance, whereas in 7 states it is a Controlled substance. 

As of 2020, 7 States that count Gabapentin a controlled substance are as follows:

  • Alabama
  • Kentucky
  • Michigan
  • North Dakota
  • Tennessee
  • Virginia
  • West Virginia

Gabapentin is possibly considered an opioid in the above mentioned states. Opioids are addictive that might even take off your life due to overdose. People often opt for Gabapentin to treat pain and sometimes it becomes addictive. The Federal Government always observes through a monitoring system and changes that happen within people such as misuse or abuse. 

Observation is done using a monitoring program from the prescription people take. It is  necessary for people’s safety and to observe the usage of the medicine. Study states that Gabapentin is also revised as a Schedule 5 Controlled substance. 

What Exactly Is Schedule 5 Controlled Substance?

Schedule 5 drugs are always given a dangerous drug tag. People believe that if you are consuming any of the medicine that belongs to the schedule 5 controlled substance it can lead you to severe effects. In some senses it is a truth that, once you get addicted to the controlled substance you might face a lot of consequences. 

Schedules are classified by 1 to 5 variations. If a medicine has different uses or treats different varieties of conditions it falls under schedule 1 drug. Many people wont be abusing these medications because it has no single medical purpose. 

Whereas if the medication falls under schedule 5, It has various rules and regulations abide by the law and observed by the federal government. Controlled substance drugs have medical compounds that are harmful and have potential to be addictive. These medications need a compulsory prescription so that it cannot be abused or get addictive. (Tran, S., Lavitas, P., Stevens, K., Greenwood, B.C., Clements, K., Alper, C.J., Lenz, K., Price, M., Hydery, T., Arnold, J.L. and Takeshita, M., 2017)

Overcoming Addiction of Gabapentin Schedule 5 Controlled Substance Drug.

It is always necessary for you to be smart enough to get the right dosage and correct use of medicine according to the need from a medical practitioner. If at all you try to overuse the medicine that falls under schedule 5 then, it might create issues. 

There are chances of getting addicted or abusing a schedule 5 drug. Getting detox from such addictiveness is important for any person by getting into a rehab centre. If this is not taken care of then you might get more addictive and get severe effects.


Gabapentin works for the body and treats conditions like sudden disturbance in the brain (Seizures). Gabapentin medications work directly on the brain and help you get a calming effect. For getting the medicine you need to get the prescription from the doctor. 

As there were many misconceptions about Gabapentin being a controlled or a non controlled substance, here we tried to break it out and give you a proper understanding about it. Gabapentin is a controlled and non controlled substance depending on different states in the United states. 

As final words you need to know, always get consulted by the doctor and get rid of its negative effects on the body. There can be severe effects such as breathlessness and fever that will affect a lot on your health. Never overdose on gabapentin it may lead you to severe troubles.