People with hypertension problems find it very challenging to maintain blood flow in the body. Sometimes it can result in unwanted consequences.

Losartan is not an over-the-counter medication in America; although you can buy Losartan online from a certified online pharmacy, it’s recommended that you should get a doctor’s prescription first.

Losartan has played a significant role over several years; it has helped many patients manage their hypertension problems. So, it’s suitable for all BP patients, but how long does it stay in your body? To quell this curiosity, we can have a little glimpse of Losartan.

A Brief About Losartan

In simple terms, Losartan is a medicine used to bring down high blood pressure levels, or you can say “Hypertension”. It is used for kidney problems caused by diabetes. Losartan is an Angiotensin receptor blocker.
In layman’s terms, it blocks the hormone Angiotensin, relaxes the vessels, and thus regulates blood pressure. This information appears to be more than a snippet; now, lets move on to the main topic.

How Long Does Losartan Stay In Your System?

If we want to know the staying period of medicine, first, we should know how much medication is absorbed or metabolized in the body. You may also have heard the term “Half-Life”. It is a parameter or can be called as metric to calculate the time in which half of the medicine is metabolized or used in the body.

Losartan takes about 2 hours to reduce it by half. After that, there is a metabolization period in which the medicine is converted into nitrates that drop blood pressure. Metabolization is carried out by liver itself, takes about six to nine hours.

Overall, Losartan takes about 24 hours to completely get out of the system. Depending on the dosage pattern you are following.

Losartan Precautions

Pregnant women should not take this medicine when planning to get pregnant. It can affect the baby.
It would be best if you avoid medicines that contain potassium.

This medicine makes you feel dizzy, so avoid drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana because both alcohol and marijuana would increase dizziness.

Does Alcohol Increase The Staying Period?

Although there is no evidence that alcohol lengthens a medicine's staying period regarding this type of medicines, you should not drink alcohol while taking Losartan It can cause a drop in blood pressure, leading to dizziness and fainting. This may progress to an irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia).

A Glance At Dosage Patterns Of Losartan

  • Adult: 50mg once a day (can be increased to 100mg after monitoring)
  • Paediatric: 0.7mg and also depends on the blood pressure response.
  • For Left Ventricular Hypertrophy (Enlarged Heart): 50mg daily
  • Nephropathy in Type 2 Diabetic Patient: 50mg daily can be increased to 100mg (depending upon Blood pressure response).

Side Effects That You Should Know About Losartan

Medication is a solution for conditions in a good way, but what makes it worrying are its side effects. There are two types of side effects of Losartan.
Severe side effects from the Losartan medication that may require emergency help are as follows:

  • Burning sensation during urination
  • Chest Pain
  • Losartan may make your moods change
  • You might feel muscle weakness

Casual Side Effects That You Might See After Taking Losartan Are As Follows:

  • Mild headaches
  • Low energy in the body
  • Legs or back pain
  • Dry cough
  • Insomnia

You should be aware of these symptoms and be wise to take medicine as per the advice given by the doctor. If you feel any of the side effects getting severe, do get medical help.

Can Overdose Slow Down The Metabolism Time Of Losartan?

There are chances that if you overdose on the medicine, the quantity in the system also rises, and the liver will have to do more work to find the blood units to metabolise the medication and do the other work. It is better not to take more than the prescribed amount of medicine.

Can Losartan Affect Kidneys?

Losartan consumers have fewer complaints about renal conditions, though there have been some instances of increase in creatinine levels in the kidneys. You should see a medical expert if you face this condition.


Losartan is a good medicine for hypertension. Losartan takes about 24 hours to get out of the system completely. However, other factors like alcohol and quantity can change the duration. An overdose of Losartan can cause renal problems and affect the metabolism rate.



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