Gabapentin is an anticonvulsant drug and also an anti epilepsy medicine. Useful to bring change in pain relieving methods and peace in the life of patients. While using medicine there are certain Gabapentin warnings and precautions which are helpful for the potent use of it. 

These are meant to be followed to avoid the side effects of medicine. Side effects create uneasiness and harmful signs on the health of the consumer, every patient's traits, health condition is different and so as it affects the drug mechanism and probably generates its reaction in form of side effects. 

Gabapentin side effects can disturb several systems like nervous system, digestive system, respiratory system, mental health, muscle etc.

How Much Gabapentin Dosage Creates Side Effects?

The average normal prescribed dose of gabapentin is about 300mg and 1800mg is the limit that should not be exceeded. Some people are allergic to gabapentin therefore a small dose of gabapentin also affects them, whereas on a practical basis people who are consuming more than 1800mg which is the highest dose are experiencing severe side effects and possibly the dependence and addiction of gabapentin.

Side Effects Of Gabapentin

Common Side Effect Of Gabapentin Severe Side Effect Of Gabapentin
Disbalance and Clumsiness Anxiety
Drymouth Suicidal Thoughts or ideas
Constipation Depression
Nausea Insomnia
Dry mouth Allergic issues 

What Will Be The Effect After Sudden Discontinuation?

Discontinuation of gabapentin or any medicine happens when the user finds himself/herself in a serious health situation which is of course caused by side effects or in another case the course is completed.

Gabapentin has the potential of making the user dependent on it in other ways. If the user is completing the course it should not stop in a sudden manner. The above effects are intensified. Just as :

  • Extreme Dizziness or Somnolence
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Constipation
  • Breathing Problems
  • Misbalanced Walking 
  • Lack of focus
  • Sweating
  • Muscle pain

Note: If You are getting medication through without prescription or over the counter there are chances of defective medicines, always prefer to get gabapentin online through prescription and FDA verified medicines. Gabapentin OTC is available only with prescription.


Gabapentin Side effects should be tackled with proper guidance and good medicine practice, gabapentin use can be done effectively when you have a medical check up and it is a prescribed one. Side effects can happen and also be solved. In extreme situations of side effects, call 911 or your nearest emergency services.


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