Lasting longer is the utmost part of everyone's sexual life. Men use various techniques and medications to achieve significant duration. However, the proper remedy for ED PE is available. Still, some have found new meds that help stay longer in bed, but is it a myth or truth?

A muscle relaxer is used to relieve the musculoskeletal pain caused by injuries, bruises, and strains. It has less connection with fulfilling the sexual time. Though some users have used it and increased time up to some extent.

Is It A Myth Or Truth That Muscle Relaxers Make You Last Longer In Bed?

Myth or truth situations take place when it is not a verified formula for the cause. In this case, some people noticed that muscle relaxers can be used to increase sex drive. Technically, a muscle relaxer is not made to treat sexual dysfunction. It is created to relieve muscle pain

Possible connection of lasting longer in bed and muscle relaxer is

Various other medicines and treatments can help you enhance your sexual life and, apparently, the time needed. In the medical world, there is no place for myth. It creates misinformation and misguidance and leads the masses into hazardous situations. Understanding accurate information through verified sources is better for making a wise decision.

Muscle Relaxer And Painful Ejaculation

There might be instances of other websites and sources saying it is valid. Still, it can possibly create jeopardy in the form of severe side effects. Muscle relaxers have heart palpitations in which the blood pressure is increased or decreased rapidly and blood pressure. Sexual dysfunction or impotence is a rare possible effect that can aggressively affect your body, sexual life, etc.

Using a muscle relaxer for sex drive is not a permanent solution.
If you found it is useful in your sex life please use it under the guidance of your doctor.

Can Muscle Relaxers Increase/Decrease Your Sex Drive?

The answer to the question is it depends. Due to the side effects of skeletal muscle relaxants and their primary usage, it seems otherworldly to use it.

Many muscle relaxers can make you sleepy, dizzy, and tired, which is not helpful during intercourse. Sex drive increases when the penile muscles are stiff and there is also delay in ejaculation. The muscle relaxers have the possibility of relaxing the muscles called corpus cavernosum and also alter in neuro and muscular connections which can decrease the stimulation.

Some sources also say premature ejaculation also happens due to Anxiety. The same can be treated with a muscle relaxer and indirectly delay ejaculation time. However, the anxiety is also an off-label use or indirectly short treatment. Collectively, there is nothing more correct than medical consultation.

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Misinformation and misguidance can mislead the user into another door of side effects. Muscle relaxers are not the appropriate medicine for your sexual life. Although some people who are also less in number had experienced a delay in ejaculation, still without any medical guidance, using a muscle relaxer for climax delay should be consulted with you health or sex expert.


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