Ever been curious to know about how two medications would work on two different conditions at the same time if taken together? There will be a question: how would Meloxicam and Lisinopril react on your body and should it be taken or not?

You should know about meloxicam and Lisinopril work on what conditions.

Meloxicam is used as a saviour for treating pain like situations, joint stiffness, or swelling on the body. It mainly works as a tool for treating arthritis. Meloxicam belongs to the drug class of Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory drug (NSAID).

Meloxicam has various Brand names known as Anjeso, Mobic, Qmiiz OD, Vivlodex.

Some varieties that these brand medicines show up are as follows:

  • In adults Anjeso is used for treating moderate to severe pains.
  • Vivlodex should be used only within adults.
  • Qmiiz OD is used for adults and kids who weigh more than 132 pounds.

Lisinopril is used for conditions such as high blood pressure. It is a boon for many people who tend to face blood pressure issues. It is used between people who are older than 6 years of age. In other ways Lisinopril is used in treating conditions such as congestive heart failure within adults.

Lisinopril is not available over the counter as it is a prescription medicine. you can also lisinopril over the counter from a certified online or nearest pharmacy but it is recommended to get doctor's prescription first.

Lisinopril belongs to the drug class ACE Inhibitors. In simple terms ACE (Angiotensin- converting enzyme) drug class consists of medicines that help the veins and arteries to lower the blood pressure. Brand names of Lisinopril are Prinivil, Qbrelis, Zestril (Lancaster, S.G. and Todd, P.A., 1988).

How Do Meloxicam And Lisinopril Work On The Body?

As it is one of the strongest painkillers to treat pain. Meloxicam is an Anti-Inflammatory drug that works on the body by blocking prostaglandins which produce inflammation. Once the inflammation is controlled, it reduces the pain and stiffness in the body.

Lisinopril is the most preferred medicine to control high blood pressure situations. Lisinopril works on the body by blocking the production of the chemicals that harden blood vessels. Once the blood vessels are relaxed blood flows smoothly. This smooth flow of blood throughout the body will make your blood pressure in control (Kumar, B., 2015).

Can You Consume Meloxicam And Lisinopril Together?

You must have got a gist about the two different medications and how it works on the body. Let’s get on to the real question about whether consuming Meloxicam and Lisinopril is a good option to deal with?

Partially you can consume the medication together. This medication may affect your body in a way that it can create kidney issues. This problem may arise when you are consuming the medications too often or on a regular basis.

Consuming both medicines together can create situations like Lisinopril might reduce its working on your body. Lisinopril might stop working to lower the blood pressure (Kumar, B., 2015).

Precautions Before Consuming Meloxicam And Lisinopril

It is very important for you to keep in mind about the precautions you take before consuming medicines. This will prevent you from not getting affected by the side effects.


  • Do not use the medicine for a longer duration. It may cause you heart attacks.
  • Do not use the medicine if you have faced heart issues.
  • Avoid consuming alcoholic beverages
  • Consume with food intake to avoid stomach aches
  • If you are allergic to Meloxicam or Aspirin. (If you are allergic to Aspirin there is a chance of you being allergic to Meloxicam as well)


  • Do not consume, if you are pregnant.
  • It's not a good option for you to consume if you have angioedema.
  • Do not think of consuming If you are diabetic.
  • If you have any kidney issues avoid consuming.
  • Do not breastfeed if you are on Lisinopril medication.

Forms And Dosages


  • Tablet and capsule form: 5mg, 7.5 mg,10 mg, 15 mg, 30 mg/mL


  • Tablet Form: 2.5mg, 5mg, 10mg, 20mg, 30mg, 40mg.
  • Oral solution: 1mg/ml (Qbrelis)

Usual Dosage of Meloxicam

Adult Dose

Dose at start- 7.5mg (once in a day)

Continuity dose- 15mg (Once in a day)

Max dose- 15mg (once in a day)

Usual Dosage of Lisinopril

Dosage for Hypertension (Adult)

Starting Dose: 5mg or 10mg (Once a day)

Continuation Dose: 20 to 40mg (Once a day)

Max Dose: 80mg (Once in a day)

Congestive heart failure dosage (Adults)

Starting dose: 2.5 or 5mg (Once a day)

Continuation dose: Will be decided by the first dose

Max dose: Not more than 40mg in a day

Side Effects Of Meloxicam And Lisinopril

As the two medications work for the betterment, it has side effects that will affect your health.

Mentioned below are the symptoms that you might face:

  • Nausea
  • Urinating problems
  • Breathlessness
  • Cramps (Muscles)
  • Dizziness, Drowsiness
  • Heartbeats getting changed
  • Weight loss or gain.
  • Drowsiness

 If you are severely affected by the symptoms then get medical help.


Meloxicam and Lisinopril are saviours for some people. Other people may see the effects of lisinopril not working on their body. As meloxicam is used to treat arthritis and Lisinopril is used in controlling high blood pressure. Consuming Meloxicam and Lisinopril can affect your kidney to function properly.

Some of the Blood pressure medicines and anti-inflammatory drugs affect the health in a severe manner, but consuming Meloxicam and Lisinopril will not have much effect.

There are some of the side effects that you might observe such as weakness, dizziness and a few others. You should consult the doctor before consuming Meloxicam and Lisinopril. Both the medications need a compulsory prescription.


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