Tizanidine is an oral drug having the generic name Zanaflex. It is used as an antispastic agent with a more favorable tolerability profile. It is an effective therapeutic alternative for spinal injury or multiple sclerosis patients. It is primarily indicated in conditions like cerebral palsy, myelopathy, nausea, vomiting, sclerosis, spasticity, or cerebrovascular accident. Tizanidine is a promising drug because it has protection against drug-induced ulcers. Perhaps, it causes some sort of drop in blood pressure. (Tizanidine Overview)

Common Reasons For Decrease In Blood pressure

Blood pressure is divided into two, systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Systolic blood pressure is the pressure exerted on the vessels when the heart beats, and diastolic is the pressure exerted on vessels when the heart relaxes. 120 mmHg is the normal systolic, and 80mmhg is normal diastolic blood pressure. There is some reason that causes a decrease in blood pressure.

Age is the factor that causes changes in blood pressure. In old age above 60, systolic blood pressure increases, and diastolic blood pressure decreases, which weakens the heart.

Drugs like alpha-blockers and antihypertensive agents interact with tizanidine and cause a decrease in blood pressure (hypotension). All muscle relaxers reduce blood pressure by relaxing the vessel's musculature and assisting with antihypertensive medicines.

How Does Tizanidine Lower Blood Pressure/ Hypotension?

Tizanidine is a muscle relaxant, and all muscle relaxants affect blood pressure. They all reduce blood pressure by relaxing the tight vessels. When tizanidine combines with any other hypertensive agent, they cause more decrease in blood pressure. It depresses the muscle reflexes and causes a sympatholytic effect with decreasing blood pressure.

When diastolic blood pressure gets below 60mmhg, the patient feels uncomfortable, tired, or dizzy, leading to frequent falls. Low blood pressure means intense pressure in the coronary artery, so the heart will lack blood and oxygen, causing ischemia, weakening of the heart, and leading to heart failure. Monitor blood pressure more frequently when you feel any symptoms of dizziness or fainting. Take the dose of this medicine with the guidelines of your health care provider.

Can Tizanidine Interactions With Other Medicines Lower Blood Pressure?

Tizanidine can cause low blood pressure, resulting in drowsiness and fainting, leading to shock. Your doctor may prescribe the lowest dose of this medicine that suits you. Tizanidine interacts with all other antihypertensive drugs because they assist in lowering blood pressure and results in severe hypotension.

If you are already taking antihypertensive medications, your doctor may monitor your blood pressure more frequently to reduce the risk of hypotension. Tizanidine should not be used with other medicines that decrease muscle tone because they both act similarly and cause severe low muscle tone. Tizanidine can make you sleepy and causes a sedation effect, so taking tizanidine with antidepressants can increase the sedative effect. Ask your doctor immediately if you feel any sign of fainting, lightheadedness, drowsiness, or nausea.

What Should You Do When Hypertension Occurs Due To Tizanidine?

Initially, take tizanidine 2mg orally every 6-8 hours daily. It should be no more than three doses in 24 hours. As high blood pressure is a problem, the same low blood pressure is also a problem. Treat low blood pressure more carefully because it is fatal. It leads to ischemia of body organs and leads to shock.

Salt intake is the best treatment to do immediately when your blood pressure falls. Salt is directly linked with the elasticity of the vessels and tightens the dilated vessels so take salt immediately to increase blood pressure.

How To Naturally Balance Blood Pressure Without Stopping The Medication?

To balance the blood pressure without stopping the medicine, we should change our lifestyle and diet. Monitor blood pressure daily to check for any minor changes with medications. Balance in salt intake is as important. The ideal salt intake is 3-6mg per day. More than this can cause high blood pressure. Belo are the some notification you can consider to take care of your blood pressure and ultimately heart.

  • Lifestyle Changes from obese to fit
  • Maintain your salt and sugar intake or especially fast food.
  • Stop smoking, Control alcohol consumption
  • At least exercise or do yoga for 10 mins a day
  • Start consuming more fresh food with less oil
  • Take a weight control challenge.
  • Have a stress free point of view towards any point in life.

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Tizanidine is a muscle relaxer used to treat muscle spasticity or pain like back pain, neck pain but it also lowers blood pressure when combined with antihypertensive drugs. Low blood pressure leads to severe problems, so You should ask your health provider before taking any medication. Monitor your blood pressure daily to reduce the chance of low blood pressure, and manage your medicines according to your condition.


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